The App That Promises To Translate Your Baby's Cries

A new research-based app promises to translate your baby’s cries so you can effectively help them

There are some pretty amazing apps for parents out there—the virtual bubble wrap app that aims to keep busy hands occupied and the SitorSquat app to help you find the nearest bathroom at any given time. And those are just a couple that run the gamut from entertaining to could-be life-saving.

But there's a new app on the market that hopes to take some of the stress out of new parenting. The new "Baby Translate" claims to do exactly that: translates your baby's cries so you can figure out why your baby is crying, via your phone. The app was developed at the National Taiwan University Hospital Yunlin by from a team of researchers that wanted to help new parents without medical knowledge make more accurate assessments judgements for the wellbeing of their baby, in the moment. Aside from eliminating some stress in worrisome times, it might also help build a parent’s confidence and allow them to get to know their baby quicker.

How does it work? Once your child starts crying, you use the app to record the sound for 10 seconds. The sound will then be uploaded to the app database, where it gets compared with a selection of over 200,000 different sounds the researchers compiled, then the results will be returned to you (in about 15 seconds) as one of 4 different statuses—your baby is either hungry, has a wet diaper, sleepy or in pain.

The app apparently has an accuracy rate of 92% for infants under two weeks old, according to feedback from users thus far. For babies aged 1-2 months, accuracy has proven up to 84%. For a 4 month old baby, accuracy can be up to 77%. Not bad right? Considering new parents hadn't previously had the ability to make research-backed judgements about their baby's cries at all, having the ability to do so, in your home, whenever you want, could be a game changer for a lot of new parents. 

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