How You Can Keep Spinning During Your Pregnancy

Is spinning your exercise of choice? No need to give it up just because you are pregnant!

In the last couple weeks a lovely expectant mother has been attending my spin classes at Toronto’s Quad Spin Studio. I am always excited to meet another fit mom-to-be and I was super happy to see that she was taking all the necessary precautions before starting the class. She introduced herself to me, received her doctor’s approval for physical activity and informed me of any discomforts. Did I mention that she is expecting TWINS? How exciting!

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t hop on an indoor cycling bike for 30-60 minutes. The following six tips will help you through your spin class regardless of what stage you are at in your pregnancy.

1. Inform your trainer that you are pregnat

Even if you are still in your first trimester and not telling anyone, for your safety it is best to tell your instructor. They will then be able to keep an eye on you in the case you suddenly find yourself feeling dizzy or winded. Remember, being pregnant is something completely new to your body and you don’t know how your body will respond.

2. Choose the right bike

Choose a bike near the back so that if you need to slow down or even come off the bike to use the restroom you won’t be the center of attention for the rest of the class. Try to sit near a fan to get that extra bit of cool air blowing in your direction to avoid overheating.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Take in as much H2O before, during and after class, as much as 20 ounces of water at each point. Who cares if you need to hop off the bike to take a bathroom break? Some experts say that dehydration lead to preterm labour so stay hydrated.

4. Adjust the bike to your own personal prenatal settings

If you suffer from lower back pain than keep your body more upright. Adjust the seat closer to the bars and lift the handlebars higher. As your belly starts to grow you will likely change the settings of your bike again. Some studios even have high bars for really tall riders or in this case pregnant riders.

5. Avoid moveable (realryder) bikes

Many new spin studios are introducing the moveable bikes that allow you to angle the handlebars in a right or left direction. This type of motion while spinning can cause you to pull a muscle or ligament in your stabilizing core muscles. This is called round ligament pain and can actually be quite painful if severe enough. Stick to regular spin bikes.

6. Be in control of your own workout

No one knows what your body feels except for you. Kudos if you can make it through an entire 60-minute class but don’t be afraid to cool down and finish at the half way mark. Furthermore, just because your instructor is encouraging you to go harder and spin faster does not mean you have to. Always remember, this is your body and your workout.

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