Stepping Up The Potty Training Game

Why potty training is more than just teaching our kids about using a toilet

Potty training can be an interesting time for parents and kids and while in theory it seems to be a pretty simple process (get your kid to pee in a bowl, done and done), there is a surprising amount of science and growth that comes with potty training. 

Over half of parents surveyed (nearly 750) by Kandoo said that teaching their kids (six or younger) about proper hygiene is one the most important parts of developing an overall sense of independence in their child. Since potty training starts so young (between 18 and 24 months and even younger in Quebec), it’s one of the first independent moves a child will take.

So how can you put your kids on the road to independence? Almost all parents surveyed (83 percent) said that using words or actions of encouragement are the best way to foster independence in their children.

Parents also said that independence has a significant impact on other aspects of a child's development. Fourty-eight percent found that independence boosts their child's confidence and self esteem, while 34 percent found that independence helped with their child's social skills and integration. A quarter of the parents surveyed said that a stronger development of independence even helped in their child's academic achievement. 

If having control of their hygiene fosters independence and independence has such amazing results for kids, what can we as parents do to help our kids along that path? It all starts with the first step... potty training!

To smooth along the potty training process, here are some tips and tricks that will help your child foster good hygiene habits and take their first steps towards independence.

Potty Training Tips

1. Establish a routine with that encourages your child to use the potty throughout the day. Have them try it out in the morning before breakfast or at night before bed.

2. Give lots of positive reinforcements like stickers or clapping. Even if nothing happened, your child will feel good about their effort.

3. Be patient. Remember that very child is different and sometimes the pressure of a parent looming over the toilet can be scary. 

4. Encourage proper hand washing after every potty training session. Have your child scrub their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds and have them sing a nursery rhyme or two to help. Rinse and dry well for squeaky-clean hands and a good habit for life.  

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