12 Holiday Sleep Tips To Keep Your Kids Rested

The holidays are upon us and can disrupt your child’s sleep routine leaving everyone in need of a good night sleep. Sleep consultant, Liane Mamo provides her 12 holiday sleep tips.

On the twelfth day of holidays, my true love sent to me…. a good night’s sleep. 

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is quickly approaching and between the family dinners, holiday parties, evening Santa Claus parades, and travel it can definitely affect your child’s sleep. Here are 12 holidays sleep tips to help keep your child rested…

holiday sleep tips

1. Be flexible, but firm

Seems simple right? In reality, your schedule and routine may be thrown off by travel plans and other events. Be flexible with it as much as you can, but still be firm with trying to fit in naps or an earlier bedtime when you can.

2. Create a sleeping environment

If you’re staying at Grandma’s, Aunty Lou’s, or in a hotel, bring the tools your child needs to create an environment that promotes sleep. Pack their sound machine, crib sheet with the familiar smell of home, and anything else from their nursery to encourage the ideal environment.

3. Travel around sleep

Take a look at when you plan on leaving for your travels, whether hitting the road or catching a flight. If you’re driving, try to leave 30 min before a scheduled nap. If you’re flying, try booking flights when you can guarantee at least one good nap at home so your child is rested. 

4. Get help

Family time is the perfect opportunity to sit back and let the aunts or uncles, grandparents or cousins take over the bedtime routine. Enjoy it! 

5. Keep the bedtime early

If scheduling isn’t allowing your child to nap then always keep an early bedtime. Besides, the earlier your child is down for the night, the more adult time you have with family!

6. Stay on schedule the best you can

Easier said than done, but do what you can to keep as much of your schedule as you can, especially if you’re going away for a long period of time.

7. Now is not the time try any new sleep training

When schedules are changed and with a full house of relatives either staying at your place or you at there’s… now is not the time to try new methods or approaches to get your child to sleep. It’s hard to be consistent with a house full of family and inconsistent schedules.

8. Don’t overschedule

Sit back and take a look at your holiday schedule. Have you agreed to too much that every day your child’s sleep schedule will be changed? Keep your eye on things and if you need a day or two at home to keep your child rested, go for it.

9. Make the best of room sharing

If you have to share a room, try to find a place in the room for the crib as far from your bed as possible. A white noise machine near the crib (on low) will also maintain a stable sound and help eliminate any wakings due to noise from roommates.

10. White noise machine is a MUST

If you don’t have one, make sure to ask to Santa. Having something to muffle out external noises such as a dinner party or your loud family members will be a lifesaver to keep your child on track with their sleep.

11. Explain to the family why sleep is important to you and your child

We all know everyone has their opinions and I personally have taken some grief from family on why my child has to go to bed so early or when visiting is cut short due to naps. Explain to them why sleep is important and that you want your child’s time with the family to be the most happiest and fun, which won’t happen with a tired child.

12. Have fun and celebrate

At the end of the day, the holidays happen once a year, family comes together and that’s what’s important. Don’t stress yourself out over any missed sleep. With an early bedtime and jumping right back into your routine when you return, you’ll be back on your way to a happy, well-rested baby.