9 Brilliant Baby Bottle Storage Ideas

How often, as a parent, do you feel like you have nowhere to store your baby’s bottles?

Not only are they bulky, but there are some safety factors to consider, like the fact that the bottles should always be kept upright and away from heat sources.

9 Brilliant Baby Bottle Storage Ideas

This is to prevent bacteria growth, avoid choking or suffocation and keep the liquid cool.

With so many other things needed for your baby, like clothes, nappies, toys and the like, it might often feel like you’re drowning in a sea of clutter, struggling to find something you’re looking for or keep things tidy.

With that in mind, here are 9 brilliant and easy ideas for storing your baby bottles.

Plastic Drawer Organizer

You can use this plastic drawer organizer to keep all your baby’s bottles in one place.

It is super simple to make and it means your baby bottles can be kept out of sight, for a more clutter free look.

You can use multiple dividers or different sizes to store other bits, like clothes or nappies neatly in your drawers too.

Drying Rack

A drying rack is perfect for keeping your baby’s bottles clean and dry. The best thing about this organizer is that it is really versatile, so can be used to store other things.

9 Brilliant Baby Bottle Storage Ideas

A drying rack does take up quite a bit of counter space but can be kept right by the sink for added convenience.

Most drying racks are plastic and so easy to wipe down after any spills!

Hanging Bottle Holder

A hanging bottle holder is very useful when you want to keep your baby’s bottles safe and neat. It also looks pretty cute!

Hanging bottle holders often come in various shapes, sizes and designs, so you can buy one that fits in with your decor, for a more subtle look.

There are a number of tutorials online, if you fancy making one yourself. They can be made from cardboard, cloth or a multitude of other materials.

Shower Caddy

If you want to keep your baby bottles organized, then this shower caddy is the perfect solution for you.

It’s super handy because it has several compartments where you can put your baby bottles.

Most shower caddies are easily transported so you can keep them anywhere in your home.

Some even come with suction cups attached, so that you can fit them easily to any surface, but if not, you can always buy these separately and attach them yourself.

You can find a shower caddy at any hardware store.

Sliding Basket Organizer

This organizer is a great addition to your sliding basket and excellent for storing baby bottles. It’s easy to move around and it keeps everything nice and tidy.

Brilliant Baby Bottle Storage Ideas - Sliding Basket Organizer

It often has separate tiered compartments that allow you to store both bottles and other items.

You can get an organizer at any craft store or online, at an affordable price!

Over The Door Rack

An over the door rack is a wonderful storage option for your baby bottles. It is both very portable and versatile and can be hung anywhere in your house.

These racks are usually made of plastic and very sturdy, with multiple compartments, so you could keep the bottles in one and lids or teats in another.

A Rolling Kitchen Cart

Another clever idea for keeping your baby bottles organized is a rolling kitchen cart.

You can roll it up and down stairs, so it will always be available. And can be kept in a cupboard or out in the kitchen for easy access.

A rolling kitchen cart is a great place to store not only baby bottles, but any other things your baby might need, clothing, nappies, etc.

Plastic Bins

Plastic bins are another great way to organize your all of you baby bottles. They come in different sizes and shapes, which makes them ideal for organizing.

Plus, they’re inexpensive, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank when buying them.

They can often be bulky, so might take up more space than other organizers, but they do have a lot of storage space, so they can hold more!

A Mug Holder

Mug holders are an affordable option and have separate prongs that will allow you to separate each baby bottle individually.

Meaning they are great for storing them as the bottles can dry out properly after being washed and the risk of bacterial growth is reduced.

A mug holder won’t look out of place in your kitchen either and can be kept right on the kitchen counter for your convenience.

Summary: Which Organizer Is Right For You?

We’ve gone through a myriad of baby bottle storage ideas so far, but which one is right for you?

For a more subtle, decorative look, the mug holder, plastic drawer organizer, hanging bottle organizer and over the door rack is probably going to achieve the best look as they aren’t bulky and don’t take up too much space.

However, if you want maximum storage and convenience, the drying rack, plastic bins and rolling cart are the best options for you, as they provide the most space, allowing you to store more bottles and other items, like nappies or toys.