Animal Themed Nursery: 17 Super Cute Ideas

Do you love animals? If yes, then you should consider having a baby or toddler room with cute animal themes.

From cuddly toys to wall art, these rooms are filled with adorable items that kids will absolutely adore.

Animal Themed Nursery: 17 Super Cute Ideas

Animal-themed nurseries are becoming increasingly popular.

Parents want their children to develop a strong bond with animals early on, and they believe that having a room dedicated to them will help foster this connection.

There are plenty of ways to create a fun and unique animal-themed nursery.

Whether you choose to go with a classic look or something more modern, there are countless options out there. Here are some of our favorite ideas.

Into The Wild

This theme is perfect for those who love nature. The wild animals in this nursery are inspired by Kenya.

The beautiful artwork on the wall depicts a giraffe, an elephant, and some beautiful birds.

This exotic theme is continued with the rest of the room, as it contains a lion stuffed animal, a tall giraffe, and some elephant-themed furniture.

If you are going for an exotic animal nursery theme, this bedroom is ideal.

Black And White Farmyard Children’s Prints

If you want to teach your children about farmyard animals, but don’t have the space for an entire farmhouse theme, try these gorgeous black and white-themed prints.

These prints look simple yet are incredibly effective.

They contain adorable black and white pictures of animals, namely a dog, sheep, cow, and cat, in a minimalist design.

Plus, they even feature colorful prints of what these animals say, allowing your baby to better recognize these animals.

Squirrel Themed Room

Do you love squirrels? We certainly do! In this room, we see a very cute squirrel surrounded by acorns.

This squirrel aesthetic creates a really cozy room that your baby is certain to adore.

This idea can be used for any age, so if you’re looking for a way to bring a bit of humor and warmth into your child’s room, this is the perfect option.

Ocean Rescue Nursery

Are you interested in creating a room that has a calming oceanic feel? Then this is the right choice for you.

It features a lot of blue colors, which makes it seem like it was designed by the sea itself.

There are also lots of sea creatures featured here, allowing your baby to learn about animals that live underwater.

The stuffed animals, which include lobster, whale, and octopus, look really friendly.

What’s more, you can easily add to this theming by adding nautical details, like in this fantastic picture.

Jungle Nursery

Jungle-themed nurseries are extremely popular among parents because they allow babies to explore different kinds of animals.

This jungle-themed room contains a few animals, including a monkey, elephant, zebra, and tiger.

The room also features a bright color scheme, which most babies and kids will love.

Our favorite decor item in this nursery is the jungle-theme mobile, which looks super cute.

Animal Bubble Theme

Want to give your kid a warm and comforting feeling? Then this theme is just for you.

It uses a lot of soft yet vibrant colors to create a soothing atmosphere. These colors are expressed in the form of bubbles.

The room also features some amazing animals in a cartoon style, adding to the enjoyment of this nursery decor.

Arctic Nursery

This next nursery design features an arctic theme. It’s one of our favorites because of its simplicity and coziness.

The arctic theme is created using a lot of cool colors, such as light blue, white, and gray.

It also shows some lovely cartoon arctic animals, including a penguin and a walrus.

The bear stuffed animal is the perfect finishing touch to this fantastic design.

Animal-Themed Nursery

If you want to make sure that your little one gets enough sleep, then you should consider using a similar design to this room.

The design is not overly complex, mainly featuring subtle colors such as white and gray.

Yet, it looks super inviting. We particularly like the animals on the wall and the round lion rug.

Bunny Nursery

Bunnies are always fun to watch, especially when they hop around or play with other bunnies.

So why not let your baby experience all the joy of watching bunnies through this beautiful bunny-themed nursery?

The room features a lot of rabbit decor, including a stuffed animal and some adorable portraits.

Modern And Moody Dog Nursery

When it comes to pets, dogs are some of the most beloved animals.

If you love a cute dog, this may be the nursery theme for your little one.

Though it is aimed at children, it still manages to look stylish.

The dark green, brown, and cream compliment each other perfectly.

Furthermore, who could dislike this sensational dog print wallpaper?

Safari Animal Nursery

If you appreciate koala bears as much as we do, you’ll cherish this design.

This beautiful wallpaper features koala bears climbing on trees. Yet, the room contains a lot more than just a koala bear.

In fact, there are several types of animals featured here, including a horse rocking chair and a toy bear.

As a result, your baby can play for hours.

Underwater Nursery

We are so excited about this underwater nursery!

The room is filled with lots of interesting details, including different types of sea creatures.

If you want to educate your child about whales, dolphins, and other underwater animals, this relaxing room will be ideal.

Bear Design Nursery

This nursery has a very sophisticated design. However, it is quite appealing nonetheless.

The room features a lot more than just bears; it also has a starry wall covered with the night sky.

To us, this is the perfect room for your baby to fall asleep in.

The bear theme has allowed some super soft textures to be involved, making this room feel homey and comfortable.

Wildlife Nursery

Simple yet effective, this wildlife design is wonderful. The room features a few simple elements, but they’re done well.

A few birds hang over the cot in the form of a mobile.

There’s even a badger stuffed animal, which your baby can cuddle and play with.

Monkey Child’s Bedroom

This delightful wall features mischievous monkeys hanging from vines. It’s a great way to introduce your baby to nature.

The overall design is simplistic, allowing the monkey prints to take center stage.

It is certain to grab the attention of your baby.

Jungle Safari Nursery

This is perhaps one of the most detailed jungle safari scenes we have ever come across.

It is a fantastic representation of what a real jungle would look like.

The room features an elephant, giraffe, and many other animals.

Your baby can dream about these amazing creatures while they sleep.

Ocean Nursery

Last but not least, we have this gorgeous ocean nursery.

The room features a few sea creatures on a mobile suspended over the cot.

This ocean theme can be used for either a baby girl or baby boy. Like most of the nurseries in this list, it is fairly gender-neutral.

The theme continues through the rest of the room, which is ornamented with coral and a model ship.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Design My Nursery?

First things first: You need to decide if you want a traditional nursery or a modern nursery.

Traditional nurseries tend to feature pastel colors and floral patterns. In comparison, modern nurseries often feature bolder color schemes and geometric designs.

You should then think about the theme of your room. What do you want your baby to learn about?

Once you have done this, you can start adding stuffed animals and decorative items.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think that the animal theme is one of the most versatile ones available.

It can be used in any type of decor and it works well for babies and toddlers alike.

We hope that you enjoyed reading about all the different types of animal nurseries!