Are Vibrating Bassinets Safe? (Safety Guidelines)

Bassinets are known for helping your baby sleep better as it provides them with more comfort, but is there a way to make bassinets more comforting for your baby?

A vibrating bassinet may not have been something that you have ever heard of, but they are becoming increasingly popular with parents around the world.

Are Vibrating Bassinets Safe? (Safe Guidelines)

As vibrating bassinets are becoming very popular due to their ability to settle your baby quickly and effectively, how safe are they?

When you purchase a bassinet, your first concern is to make sure that it is safe and secure for your baby, so does a vibrating bassinet meet this requirement?

This article will explain how vibrating bassinets work and how safe they are for your baby to sleep in.

Find out more about them here and how secure they can make your baby feel so that they can have a good night’s sleep.

How Safe Are Vibrating Bassinets?

When you are looking to buy a vibrating bassinet, you may be worried that it is not safe for your baby to sleep in.

However, they are very safe for your baby to sleep in, you just need to check the safety standards on the bassinet that you want to buy.

Although most models are safe, you should still be cautious with the bassinet.

The reason that you should be careful with the vibrations is that if you leave the vibrations on for too long, your baby will become accustomed to them.

This will mean that they will struggle to sleep without the vibrations, which could cause problems if there is a time when you need them to settle in a different bassinet.

Apart from that, the vibrating bassinet that you purchase should be completely safe for your baby to sleep in.

If there are manufacturing errors or problems with your bassinet, you will need to contact the manufacturer immediately and keep your baby away from the bassinet to make sure that they are safe.

How To Prevent Your Baby From Becoming Accustomed To The Vibration

Vibrating bassinets usually require you to manually turn the vibration off, but some bassinets automatically stop vibrating after a certain period of time.

This helps a lot of parents who are very tired and are struggling to stay up to manually turn the vibrating bassinet off.

By having a vibrating bassinet that automatically turns off, you will be able to get the rest that you need and your baby can experience the vibrations that they need to help them go to sleep.

This will help them feel comforted and it will prevent them from becoming used to having vibrations all through the night.

Why Do Vibrations Help Babies Sleep?

It may seem odd that vibrations help babies go to sleep as you would think that they would need quiet to help them fall asleep.

However, they are used to experiencing vibrations from when they were in the womb, so it is very comforting for them to have vibrations to help them go to sleep.

When your baby was in the womb, they would experience all kinds of vibrations from your heartbeat, movements, and even talking, so experiencing gentle vibrations out of the womb helps your baby to sleep better.

The vibrations help your baby to fall asleep quicker than normal and help them to sleep for longer as they find it so comforting.

As they find the vibrations comforting, when your baby wakes up in the night, they will be able to fall back asleep easier due to them feeling so relaxed by the vibrations from the bassinet.

Do Babies Sleep In Vibrating Bassinets?

Do Babies Sleep In Vibrating Bassinets?

Your baby can sleep in the vibrating bassinet as they find it extremely comforting to be around.

Another reason why babies find the vibrating bassinet comforting is that it imitates a parent hugging them, so they feel safe and relaxed in the bassinet.

One of the reasons why vibrating bassinets are popular with parents is because they help to resettle their baby during the night when they wake up.

The vibrations from the bassinet make the baby believe that they are being rocked back to sleep, so the bassinet helps them to fall asleep quicker and makes them feel safe.

You can get vibrating bassinets that have other features installed to help your baby resettle in the night, such as a feature that helps to respond to your baby’s crying.

When your baby begins crying in the night, the bassinet can turn on music or a nightlight to help your baby go back to sleep.

Accompanied with gentle vibrations, your baby will feel comforted and they will be able to fall straight back asleep.

What If I Don’t Have A Vibrating Bassinet?

If you do not have a vibrating bassinet but you believe that your baby would benefit from the vibrations, you can get vibrating attachments for normal bassinets.

You can simply attach these devices to your bassinet and they will imitate the motion of a vibrating bassinet.

Although these devices are incredibly popular, they will not be as effective as vibrating bassinets.

If you think that the vibrations will help your baby, you can try one to see how they will react.

For some babies, the vibrations from a vibrating bassinet are too much, but they prefer the vibrations from the vibrating attachment.

As well as trying the vibrating attachment on the bassinet, you can try vibrating mattresses or mats.

These can also help to soothe your baby and help them go to sleep easier.

You can place the mat underneath your baby or underneath the mattress to help them fall asleep easily.

If you do not have a vibrating bassinet, there are lots of different vibrating devices that you can try to help your baby fall asleep.

Some babies react differently to different vibrations, so they may be happy with the vibrating bassinet, but they may dislike the vibrating mattress.

Different Vibrating Attachments

If you want to attach different vibrating attachments to your bassinet to help your baby fall asleep, there are many different ones to choose from.

If you are still uncertain about what attachments you want to use, find out more below!

Vibrating Pad

If you are looking for other vibrating attachments for your bassinet, a vibrating pad for your baby will help them to feel more relaxed and comforted.

The pad simply goes underneath your baby and it helps them to feel comforted as they fall asleep in the bassinet.

The pads are very soft and easy to use as you simply turn them on by holding down the power button.

You can position the pad underneath your baby or underneath a blanket to make the vibrations slightly less.

It is small so it can fit in your bag and you can take it out to comfort your baby whenever they need it.

Most pads are very easy to clean as they are easy to wipe down with a cloth and they can be left to air-dry.

It is safe to use and your baby will not be able to turn the pad on and off as you need to hold the button down for several seconds to turn the vibrations on and off, so only you can control it.

Vibrating Mattress Pad

Having a vibrating mattress pad will help to soothe your baby as it can be placed underneath the mattress or on top of it.

If your baby likes to roll around, this will help to calm them and help them to relax.

Most of the pads have an adjustable vibration setting which allows you to adjust the level of vibration to suit your baby’s needs.

It is important to make sure that your baby is comfortable with the vibration settings of the pad as they are very easy to change if necessary.

The pads can mimic the sound that the baby would hear inside the womb, so it is very comforting for them to have to help them fall asleep.

You can buy a vibrating mattress pad separately or you can get a set that comes with two pads.

This way you can switch between them when you need to clean one, or use another pad for one of your other children.

Not all babies feel comfortable with the vibrations of a vibrating mattress but it is worth trying.

Do Vibrating Bassinets Help All Babies?

Do Vibrating Bassinets Help All Babies?

All babies are different, so you might find that your baby reacts differently to a vibrating bassinet than other babies.

If your baby dislikes a vibrating bassinet and prefers a normal one, this is nothing to worry about!

All babies are different and what one baby likes, another may dislike.

Although vibrating bassinets are becoming very popular because they can help to settle babies, this doesn’t mean that it will work for all babies.

It is important to pay attention to your baby to make sure that he/she is happy and comfortable in his/her bassinet.

If you notice that your baby is disturbed by the vibrations, then you can change the bassinet to a non-vibrating one by simply not turning the vibration on.

Alternatively, some babies struggle to sleep in non-vibrating bassinets, so they are down to the preference of your baby.

If you want to ensure that your baby sleeps comfortably in a bassinet, you should choose the bassinet that your baby will sleep well in.

If your baby dislikes the vibrations, don’t force them to sleep in a vibrating bassinet.

Is It Better To Buy A Vibrating Bassinet Or Vibrating Attachments?

It can be difficult to keep buying vibrating attachments to try to help your baby fall asleep when you could simply just purchase a vibrating bassinet.

Buying separate attachments can be a hassle, so some people prefer to buy the vibrating bassinet instead.

However, you do not need to spend money on separate accessories when you could buy a vibrating bassinet instead of having to buy multiple vibrating attachments.

Having the one vibrating bassinet will help your baby to have structure and to feel comforted by the one vibration instead of swapping between different styles of vibrations.

It is very important to remember that it is down to your baby what vibrations they prefer the most.

If your baby dislikes the vibrations, then you should stop using them immediately.

However, if your baby loves the vibrations, then you shouldn’t stop using them as they will be helping to comfort your baby.

You just need to make sure that you do not overuse the vibrations as this could cause your baby to struggle to sleep without them.

The bonus with vibrating attachments is that they can be used on any bassinet, but you can only use the one vibrating bassinet as you cannot take out the vibrating device.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, vibrating bassinets are extremely popular to use as they help to relax babies and help them to fall asleep easier than a normal bassinet.

The vibrations from the bassinet imitate the vibrations that the baby used to hear in the womb, so it is important to make sure that they are comforted by the vibrations instead of disturbed.

Not all babies will enjoy the vibrations from the bassinet, so it is important to make sure that they are happy when they are going to sleep.

As the vibrations are supposed to relax your baby, if they dislike them, they will have a more disturbed night’s sleep and the vibrations will not help to resettle them at all.

Make sure that your baby is happy with the vibration level that you are using and you will be able to see a difference in their sleeping pattern.

Remember not to overuse the vibrations as this could cause them to struggle to sleep without it, but your baby’s happiness is most important!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do The Vibrations Help All Babies?

As all babies are different, it is impossible to say that the vibrations from the bassinet will help to settle all babies.

This is why it is important to make sure that your baby is happy with the vibrations and that they are not disturbing them.

The last thing that you want is for the vibrations to cause your baby to become frightened or uncomfortable.

Although not all babies enjoy the vibrations, the ones that do seem to sleep a lot easier and for longer.

This is due to the comfort that they feel from the vibrations, so it is important to always make sure that your baby is settled and comfortable in their bassinet when they are sleeping.

Are Vibrating Bassinets Better Than Vibrating Attachments?

A vibrating bassinet will be a lot easier to have as it is just the bassinet that vibrates.

Having several vibrating attachments can become confusing and the difference in the vibrations could disturb your baby.

If your baby dislikes the vibration from the bassinet but likes vibrations from a pad, then you know which one to use.

It is important to make sure that your baby is happy with where the vibration comes from as they may like certain vibrating attachments, but not others.

Having a vibrating bassinet is easier as it is just the one thing that vibrates, but having different attachments may work better for your baby.