My Daughter Is In Love With Her Self(ie) And A Lot More

In a world obsessed with technology is it any surprise that our babies are too?

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At the time of this writing, my daughter is seventeen months old. Before she was born I’d scoff at moms who used a cell phone to keep their kid totally distracted while they were being pushed around in a fancy stroller. I thought to myself “what will happen to the imagination of that child?” I ask myself the same question today.

I’ve turned into one of those moms who I used to scoff at. I am guilty of using a smartphone to keep my child distracted. At first, I was filled with some serious mom guilt over it. But I don’t feel that way anymore. And I don’t think it’s going to have any effect on her imagination—I believe her imagination will flourish, just as mine did.

I recently purchased a new phone and on occasion, I hand my daughter my old one. Having been used for years, it’s loaded with media, mainly of her. My daughter absolutely loves looking at the pictures and video I’ve taken of her. It’s like she’s scrolling through endless selfies.

I’ve heard the warnings that children under two years of age should avoid all screen time because it’s bad for this, that or the other. It isn’t an impossible thing to ask and I give serious credit to the parents that manage. My mother didn’t follow that school of thought, like many at the time. She would strap me up in the high chair and put Sesame Street on TV for me to watch. She said I loved the colors, others say it helped their kids learn to speak.

Personally, I like to be mindful of the amount of time my daughter spends glued to media. In reality, the TV is occasionally on in her presence and when it is, she enjoys it. She loves to clap whenever there’s applause happening on the screen and crack up when there’s a laugh track.

She’s exposed to TV, all sorts of computers and smartphones. Her great-grandfather can’t get enough of watching her on a tablet, claiming she knows how to use it better than him. He believes the generation after hers will be born with a phone in their hands.

But it’s not just selfies and tablets and phones that my daughter can’t get enough of. She loves to eat! I know, I know, most kids love to eat but my seventeen-month-old will literally try anything.

She loves butternut squash soup, hard-boiled egg whites and grapes (she calls them buhluhluh’s) with cheese.  She especially loves Middle Eastern food like hummus, baba ghannouj, and even kusa mahshi(zucchini stuffed with rice and meat). She even loves the herb za’atar with olive oil when it’s topped on a piece of bread with a cream cheese-like spread called labneh.

She’s also a huge fan of music—She hasn’t started dancing wildly or running yet, but I can already tell she loves the music. She sways her head from side to side when soothing songs come on and has a signature hand movement she does when she hears the theme song to Law and Order. She’s figured out a way to throw herself in the tub during bath time so that she slides into the water and she loves it. She loves climbing tables and stairs and she most especially loves her books (“book” was her first word).

Her final favourite thing has to be playing with words. She loves it when people speak very animated and use gestures. She loves to talk to strangers and always says “hi” to everyone in her direction. If they don’t respond she loves to keep repeating until they acknowledge her. She is a natural charmer and will even tell the person “bye,” with a smile that could make anyone light up. Shoes, apple, baby, banana, cereal, cheese, milk, dog, tree are some of the words she loves to say most.

We’re still working on “I love you.”

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