Thirty Things I Learned In My First Year As A Mom

A new mom shares the things she learned in the first twelve months

We did it, we made it to one year! I clearly remember when we made it to one month and how relieved I was that I hadn’t messed up too badly. The amount of things you learn over the course of a year is incredible and endless. I thought I’d share some of the most memorable things I learned in my first year of motherhood. I also asked my husband for his input too—we’re in this together, after all! 

1. You need a lot of extra time. There will never be another situation where you can just grab your purse and run out the door; you have to account for a whole other (helpless) person, which means you have to make sure you have a plethora of diapers, wipes, milk, clothes... Just in case. 

2. Going out is terrifying.

3. Going out alone is even more terrifying (I survived my first trip outside to Starbucks, only had one lady coo at my son, didn't crash stroller, didn't over/underestimate climate, was able to use stroller properly.)

4. Wearing good clothes is stupid (for you and baby): the minute you put on a $100 sleeper on your baby, he will spit up on it—I promise.

5. Pre-pregnancy clothes do fit: When I left the hospital I was swollen from having the epidural fluid flowing for forty-eight hours but once that calmed down I was able to wear normal jeans and shirts. Things fit differently though (maybe I'm just not used to it). 

6. Recovering from delivery is a joke: If you've visited me, I've likely droned on about my nightmare labour and delivery and thus, recovery has been the absolute worst. There isn't anything worse than having to adjust to a completely new life with the agony of pain all over your body. 

7. Baby blues are real, I cried a lot. 

8. Breastfeeding is tough. It seems like it should be an easy thing—it's natural after all. But it's not easy, plain and simple.

9. Let your Mom and MIL help, they know what they’re doing and they are good at it.

10. Bickering with your partner will happen; you'll get over it in three minutes (you're both trying your best).

11. You’ll have to ration the amount of photos you post to social media (check out the post I wrote about why I set my baby up with his own Instagram account).

12. Netflix is your hero.

13. WebMD will stress you out. Every symptom gets a Google search and every Google search makes you anxious and wonder whether you should call the doctor and pay them a visit—pro tip: don’t. 

14. First real smile will make you so emotional.

15. First giggle will make you even more emotional.

16. Six months flies by and you wonder what happened to your helpless baby who couldn’t even hold his head up.

17. Starting solids is also terrifying—how do you choose which food to start with? Will there be an allergy? 

18. Starting solids introduces you to a new kind of number two, a smellier, more bizarre looking number two.

19. Kitchen utensils are good toys.

20. Wrapping paper and Christmas ornaments are also great toys.

21. You slowly learn that you don’t need to pack everything in the diaper bag. At around five months you get the gist of what your baby needs in a diaper bag for a specific trip so you can pack accordingly.

22. Baby’s schedule will change and you have to roll with it. Just when you think you have the nap/eating schedule on a good rhythm baby decides to cut a nap out or eat at a different time and your whole world is turned upside down. 

23. You lose friends. Some people aren’t baby people but I’d never expect that they would be so “not baby friendly” that they would cut you out of their world. I have a “friend” who has yet to acknowledge that I’ve had a baby. She constantly tries to schedule hangs with me without my child—which is not as easy as it sounds.

24. When family or friends offer to babysit, let them. 

25. You don’t know exhaustion until you have a teething baby

26. Car naps are the worst and you can’t stop them (there have been many times I’ve sat in the garage for an hour while my baby sleeps).

27. Mundane things like grocery shopping alone become pleasurable.

28. Snuggly babies are the best.

29. Baby toys are the most terrifying. I mean really, what’s with those awful songs?

30. OMG parenting is the absolute best thing that could have happened—bring on year two! 

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