Baby Boy Names: A to Z

Stuck in a rut when it comes to choosing a baby name? Check out our A-to-Z favorite baby names for boys

We know how hard it can be to pick out a name for your baby-to-be. There are just so many out there, it really begs the question—how can you choose just one?

We’ve put together a list going through the entire alphabet of our favorite baby boy names. So check it out and hopefully it help you narrow down your own name search. Not having a boy? Check out our girls names A to Z list!


Of Hebrew origin, Aaron means “exalted, enlightened” and who doesn’t want that for their son? The name has been in the Top 50 most popular names for two decades—it truly is a timeless, classic choice.


While this name of Irish and English descent might not be one you’ve heard a lot, it has been making waves in the last decade. Usually used as a last name, Beckett has an attractive sound and is undeniably handsome.


A name so steeped in heritage there could be a novel written about it, Christopher is an all-time, never-goes-out-of-style classic name. While it has drop out of the Top 25, it is still sitting pretty at #30 on the most popular name chart.


This diminutive of Andrew is a strong enough name to stand on its own. Meaning “strong and manly”, Drew gives off a strong, yet incredibly sweet impression.


Meaning “strong and firm”, Ethan is a name that feels both classic and fashionable, strong and soft, cheerful and serious. It’s also hugely popular, sitting at #6 on the most popular list.


If you’re looking for a happy-go-lucky name, look no further than Felix. The name means “happy, fortunate” and has such an upbeat sound it’s hard not to smile when you hear it!


This Scottish name (meaning “large”) has indeed become larger than life. Grant is a solid, proud name perfect for any little guy.


A name with a lot of personality and substance, Henry has long been a favorite of the masses. It doesn’t hurt that the name has a long royal pedigree under its belt too.


Ivan is the Russian variation of John and it means “God is gracious”. The name has been adopted by North Americans unlike other Russian names and has been in the Top 200 since 1989.


Recently used a lot of girls, James is the English variation of Jacob is a classic name that was recently voted America’s favorite boys’ name.


I mean, come on, this name literally means handsome! The Irish name has lost some popularity over the past fifteen years, but it still sits at #7 on the most popular list.


A name with so much musical heritage your baby may as well be born with a guitar in hand, Lennon has been gaining popularity over the past two decades. It edged its way onto the list back in 2008 and moves up slightly every year.


A more current take on the ever-popular Mark, Marcus was one of only a dozen names that were ever used in classic Roman times. Funnily enough, the uber-classic name has a very modern feel to it.


An Old Testament name that continues to stay on the most popular charts, Nathan means “given”. We love Nate as a strong but fun short form of the name.


This name comes to us from Old Norse mythology. Odin was the supreme Norse god of art, culture, wisdom and law—not a bad name to give to your Jack-of-all-trades son.


An Irish name if there ever was one, Patrick means “noble, patrician”. The name is stylish while still being classic and comes with the great built-in nickname of Pat.  


The Latin number for five, Quentin, has become a popular, if not off-beat, name for a baby boy. It is subtle and strong and brings an air of intelligence, as well.


One of the legendary twins who founded Rome, Remus has also seen a boost recently due to the Harry Potter character Remus Lupin.


Another variation of John (this time Irish) Sean means “God is gracious”. While other names have been more popular in recent years, we still love this Irish classic.


The name is derived from the occupation of “roof thatcher” and used to be most often as a surname. But there is something fun and free about the name Thatcher that parents seem to like.