18 Baby Shower Themes That Are Creative And Chic

Baby showers are exciting!

If you’re planning on throwing a baby shower, here are some ideas that will help you create an unforgettable baby shower for your family and friends.

18 Baby Shower Themes That Are Creative And Chic

If you want to throw a baby shower but don’t know what theme would best suit your event, consider these creative baby shower themes.

They can be used as inspiration or even as a starting point for your own ideas.

18 Creative And Chic Baby Shower Themes

Tea Party Baby Shower

Tea Party Baby Shower

There’s nothing quite as chic as a tea party, so for your baby shower, why not through a tea party?

It can involve tea, cakes, and sandwiches – and everyone can dress up wonderfully fancy!

The decor will be light, cheerful, and floral, and it’s a great way to have a classy theme.

Crazy Plant Lady Baby Shower

If you’re a crazy plant lady, then why not have a plant lady baby shower?

The colors will be green, brown, and cream, and the food can be anything natural, or relaxed (like salads, or sandwiches!).

Everyone can dress as if they were invited to a plant wonderland – which means all florals, or greens.

That also means if you love plants, then plants will be a very obvious gift!

Floral Baby Shower

Floral Baby Shower

If you prefer flowers to plants, then why not have a floral baby shower?

Floral baby showers are very traditional and are an easy theme.

The color scheme is generally very light shades, or pastels, along with floral prints.

Usually, there is a beautiful bouquet of flowers and lots of wonderful cake.

Garden Party Baby Shower

Garden Party Baby Shower

Garden parties are always popular, especially when they include drinks and snacks.

You could invite guests to bring their favorite garden-themed treats, like fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, and cheeses.

A simple tablecloth, candles, and flowers will do the trick.

Summer Baby Shower

Summer Baby Shower

Summer is a fantastic season to host a baby shower, because the weather is great, and everyone is always smiling!

A summer baby shower consists of bright happy colors, and beautiful dresses, with wonderful seasonal flowers.

For the menu, why not host a BBQ? Just keep the presents inside, so they don’t get ruined by the smoke.

If you prefer a more traditional route, salads and green juices are super L.A.!

Woodland Animals Baby Shower

A woodland animal baby shower is an adorable theme.

All you need is seasonal flowers, wildflowers and tree leaves to create a great theme.

It just needs to look a little rustic, which can be quite inexpensive.

This can also feature certain woodland animals – so people know what teddies to buy!

Vintage Themed Baby Shower

Vintage-themed baby showers are awesome! Think about pearls, vintage clothing, and retro music.

This way, everyone can dress up in vintage outfits, which will look super elegant and will be unique.

Disney Themed Baby Shower

This is great for parents who love Disney and want to celebrate their baby shower with a Disney theme.

It also helps guests, because they will know that buying anything Disney-related is ideal for a gift.

You can choose a specific movie, or you can just create a general Disney theme!

Sunflower Baby Shower

Sunflowers are beautiful, so why not make sunflowers the theme? This means the color scheme will be yellow, white, and black.

The decor can be filled with real, or fake, sunflowers, and the cake can either be yellow or have a beautiful sunflower design.

This is a cheery way to celebrate your baby shower!

Mermaid Baby Shower

Mermaids are pretty magical creatures, and this is a perfect theme for a baby shower.

The color palette should be blue, pink, and turquoise. The decorations should reflect the sea, and the food should be light.

Mermaid baby showers can be really fun, as people can dress up in bright colors!

Paris Baby Shower

Paris Baby Shower

If you love France, why not have a Paris baby shower?

The food can be French cuisine, and people can dress up in Parisian clothing. That means it’ll be super stylish and chic.

Pizza Party Baby Shower

Everyone loves pizza, so why not have a pizza party?

The baby shower can be traditional – full of great presents and fun games, but for the food, why not serve pizzas?

Everyone loves pizzas, and it’s certainly different from serving sandwiches and cakes!

It also means the dress code can be more casual, so no one has to dress up super fancy.

Italian Baby Shower

An Italian baby shower is a super creative option, for anyone who loves Italian food, or the country of Italy!

For an Italian baby shower, the cuisine can be Italian – which means lots of pizza, pasta, and cheese.

Baby showers are not common in Italy, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have an Italian theme.

Get everyone to wear their best sun hats and beautiful dresses!

Spanish Baby Shower

If you love Spanish food or the country of Spain, why not have a Spanish-themed baby shower?

The cuisine can be Spanish food or tapas, and everyone can dress up in wonderful dresses, and listen to the rhythms of Spanish music.

DJ Baby Shower

Why not have a DJ baby shower? If you hate traditional baby showers, have a party instead!

You can still have a delicious meal or buffet, and the great presents and games, but why not hire a DJ, so everyone can dance?

Or, just play dance music on the speakers!

Princess Themed Baby Shower

A princess-themed baby shower is a great idea for a baby shower if you are expecting a little girl.

The color scheme can be pink and glittery, and the decorations can be crowns, glitter, and sparkles.

The food can be pretty traditional, and everyone can dress up in their best dresses!

Boho Themed Baby Shower

If you love rustic and boho styles, then a boho baby shower may be for you.

The decoration is pretty simple for this, all you need is mason jars with people’s names in them, wildflowers, plants, and boho dresses.

Pastels are also a great color scheme for boho baby showers, as they add an extra level of cuteness to the day.

Minimalist Baby Shower

Look, not everyone loves a crazy theme, so why not have a minimalist baby shower?

For a minimalist baby shower, the color scheme can be white, cream or any neutral color.

The decor needs to be minimal – only the essentials, some flowers, or even just plants.

A minimalist baby shower simply looks both elegant and relaxed.

If you want to make the baby shower have a bit more color, then consider adding shades of pink, blue, or even green.


So there you go, 18 unique baby shower ideas that are creative and chic.

We hope these ideas will help inspire you to create your own unique and memorable baby shower!

Remember, a baby shower should be fun, and reflect the mother. If the mother loves tea parties, throw a tea party!

If the mother loves mermaids, throw a mermaid baby shower!

Baby showers are a way to celebrate the mother and her future child while spending time with family and friends.