The 10 Best Baby Name Websites

Finding the perfect baby name is a thankless task. However, instead of making lists and checking notes, visit one of our favorite sites for all your baby name needs.

Deciding on a baby name is more fun than you think, thanks to these 10 baby name websites. Plus, learn the meaning of your own name, and learn what parents called their kids in the 1910s.


 This isn’t your parents’ baby name book. Offering graphs that chart the popularity of each baby name, you can also see in what part of the world your baby name is the most popular. There’s also a “Name Of The Day” feature where you can see where a certain name peaked, or whether it’s still kicking around.


For an easy-to-navigate foray into baby names, Nameberry steps it up by categorizing names based on popularity and gender. Add the site’s blogs and live “Names Searched Right Now” feature into the mix, and you’ll find yourself searching for names even if you aren’t having a baby.


Combining baby names with celebrity parent news is, where they feature “Today’s Trending Names” among “Cool Name Lists” and videos. And you thought choosing a baby name would be easy.


Nymbler is the smart baby name guide that responds to your personal taste. All you need to do is pick a few names that appeal to you or take some of Nymbler’s ideas. Then press “Find Names” and Nymbler will start using its expert knowledge to brainstorm names tailored to fit your style. It’s a great way to expand on some of the names that you already love!


What’s in a name? Breaking names down based on ethnicity and even mythology, you can head to the “Behind The Name” database, where even the popular names are broken down to get their full history. Straight forward and easy to use, don’t let the site’s simple layout deter you.


A self-described “dictionary on name meanings,” requires only three actions: type, click, and get the full story. However, extra points are awarded for the “Random Baby Names Generator,” in which a random baby name is chosen, and its popularity displayed.


And now for some Canadian love! Offering more than the typical “what your baby name means” formula, Baby Center offers videos that help document your pregnancy as well as answers about getting pregnant and motherhood. Which is exactly why we won’t hold it against them that they spelled “Center” in American form. 


Considering Nickelodeon’s responsible for a good portion of our favourite children’s programming, it makes sense that their parenting site would uphold the standard. In addition to the pregnancy, child-rearing, and miscellaneous parenting information, their baby name database documents the most popular names going all the way back to 1900. You’ll be at no loss for variety, that’s for sure.

9. Social Security Administration

We’re not kidding. The US Social Security Administration is stacked in terms of information, and you can go back in time to learn about popular baby names, meanings, and where in America they were most popular. Who knew?

10. The BabyPost (of course!)

And finally, don’t forget The BabyPost’s Baby Name Tool stocked with over 40,000 baby names and meanings, as well as all of your themed baby name articles!