Best Evenflo Baby Gates 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Babies have a curious nature and tend to wander off to explore what attracts them. With household chores to attend to, parents cannot always keep an eye on their child’s movement.

Thus, baby gates come to the rescue. Parents can use baby gates to block off-limit areas until the kid grows up to a proper age.

Evenflo is one of the most reputable brands that produce high-quality baby gates. They offer a wide variety of designs to match every need at an affordable range. I found the Evenflo Secure Step gate to be the most efficient.

In this article, I have reviewed the 7 best Evenflo baby gates for you. Keep reading this Evenflo Baby gate review to know more about the products.

Top 7 Best Evenflo Baby Gates Review 2022

1. Evenflo Position and Lock, Pressure Mount Wood Gate

Evenflo Position and Lock, Pressure Mount Wood Best Evenflo Baby Gate Review

The main advantage of the Evenflo Position and Look tan wood gate is that you can easily install it using pressure mounting technology. You would not have to screw the gate to the wall. It is 32’’ tall and can adapt to a doorway with a width ranging from 31” to 50”. It is ideal for hallways and patio doors.

This Evenflo baby gate is made with high-quality wood. It has a vinyl-coated mesh for added protection. It is ideal for kids between 6-24 months of age and is also suitable for households with pets. The gate also features non-marring rubber bumpers that prevent damage to your walls.


  • It features Pressure mounting technology.
  • Highly portable.


  • The locking mechanism is not up to the mark.
  • Not suitable for top-of-the-stair use.

2. Evenflo Multi-use Décor Walk-Thru Baby Gate

Evenflo Multi-use Décor Walk-Thru Baby Gate

If you are looking for a stylish gate that matches your interior decor, this Evenflo Multi-use walk-thru baby gate is one of the best options. This door can accommodate up to 28″- 48″ wide openings. It is composed of durable material and sports a sleek black finish. You need to screw it to the wall that gives it extra retention.

The gate opens in both directions, and parents can secure it with a kid-proof latching mechanism. It also features a red/green indicator which lets you know whether the gate is locked properly. It also allows one-handed operation so that you won’t have to worry when you have your other hand occupied. The gate features a smart auto-close hinge which ensures that the gate closes behind you with negligible noise.


  • It features a kid-proof locking system with an indicator.
  • Features auto-close hinge.


  • Not portable.

3. Evenflo Versatile Play Space

Evenflo Versatile Play Space

The Evenflo versatile play space is a flexible enclosure intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Its composition is of durable plastic panels that you can adjust as per your needs. When using all the panels together, the enclosure offers 18.5 square feet of play space. The gate has a height of 28″ that will keep your little explorer safe.

The Evenflo play space is easy and quick to set up too. The panels are interlocked using a unique hinge-design. The product also features reversible legs with stakes that provide excellent lawn stability. The panels are UV-rays protected, which ensures longevity even with prolonged outdoor use. When using it for indoor purposes, you can attach the anti-movement, non-scratch floor pads to the legs.


  • Adjustable panels for versatile use can be used for doorways or as a play-pen.
  • Reversible leg attachments for indoor/outdoor use.


  • The webbing of the panels acts as a ladder. Risky for babies who love to climb.

4. Evenflo, Top of Stairs, Tan Wood Baby Gate

Evenflo, Top of Stairs, Tan Wood Baby Gate

Built especially for stair-top use, this baby gate is one of the best in our Evenflo Baby Gate Review. It is adequately sturdy to protect your kid from common household dangers. This gate also needs to be fixed to the wall for maximum retention. You can open the gate in one or both directions. You can also set up the swing control to determine which side the door must open according to your requirements.

It expands to cover a width ranging from 30″-48″ and is 32″ tall. You can open the gate single-handedly, but the two-step opening process is difficult for children. It is also an excellent choice to keep your pets away from restricted areas.


  • Sturdy enough for use in high-risk areas.
  • Feature one-hand operated locking system.


  • Not retractable.
  • Not portable.

5. Evenflo Secure Step Gate

Evenflo Secure Step Gate

The Evenflo Secure Step gate expands to accommodate an opening of 29″ to 42″. The gate is 30″ in height, and you need to install it using wall brackets for maximum protection. It features no floor bars to prevent tripping. The gate can be opened on both sides for an easy walk-thru by adults. This feature makes it ideal for high-traffic areas in your home.

This baby gate is made up of metal flame and plastic. It is quite durable and can last long with proper use. The gate features a kid-proof locking system that prevents your baby from crawling away to restricted places.


  • Features single-handed operation.
  • Sturdy and reliable enough for stair-top use.


  • You cannot use it for outdoor purposes.
  • Not portable.

6. Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate, Emery

Evenflo Soft and Wide Gate, Emery

If you prefer soft, mesh baby gates, then the Evenflo Soft and Wide gate can be a good choice. It is 27″ tall, which is adequate to keep babies and small pets away from off-limit areas. It is wider than standard baby gates and can adapt to a width ranging from 38″ to 60″.

This gate is made with a sturdy metal frame and has a cloth mesh. It is suitable for kids, but pets may scratch and tear the soft cloth barrier. You can install it easily with the pressure mounting method. It can be rolled up to a portable size so that you can use it for trips.


  • Travel-friendly.
  • Can adapt to tricky spaces.


  • Not suitable for toothy pets.

7. Evenflo Expansion Walk-Thru Room Divider Gate

Evenflo Expansion Walk-Thru Room Divider Gate

If you are looking for a baby gate for wide hallways, the Everflo Expansion gate can be a good choice. It is one of the most affordable rates in our Evenflo baby gate review list. The gate is semi-retractable and can expand to fit a passage ranging from 28″-60″ in width.

You need to fix the gate to the wall. It is made up of high-quality wood and plastic. The edges are rounded, and there are no sharp corners to ensure your kid does not hurt himself. It features a one-hand operated locking mechanism, which is simple to use for adults but not kids. However, we found that this gate is only suitable for kids under one year.


  • Allows one-handed operation.
  • Retractable design.


  • Not portable.

Final Thoughts on Evenflo Baby Gates

I hope that my Evenflo Baby gate review has helped you know the brand better. Evenflo designs all their products keeping your baby’s safety in mind. If you have a little runner at your home who often eludes your eye, these baby gates can help you get rid of the constant worry.

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