Best Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Bellies

Your baby bump can be the perfect Halloween accessory this year! Check out our favorite ways to dress up a baby bump for Halloween

Looking for a Halloween costume while pregnant can be a bit tricky. While there are some maternity costumes available for sale, being a sexy pregnant devil/nurse/fairy may not be your idea of fun. But don’t worry, there is also a myriad of cute DIY costumes you might want to consider. We chose some of our favorites for you to check out.

Humpty Dumpty

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty…well, you’ll want to avoid a great fall, but you get the picture! Dress up your bump as this lovable egg for an unexpected and whimsical look. Bonus, if you have a kid you can go as a Humpty Dumpty pair and be the cutest duo since Jack and Jill!

humpty dumpty costume
[Images via PinterestBuzzfeed & FollowPics]

Mike Wazowski

Especially if you have older kids at home, this simple Monsters Inc. costume will be a Halloween hit. You can also turn it into a family costume and have dad dress up as Sully.

monsters inc costume
[Image via The Sweet Stuff]


Feeling a bit like a marshmallow these days? Take that to the next level with this make-at-home smores costume. So sweet!

smores costume
[Image via Bit Rebels]   


Get geeky with this planet costume. All you need is a black shirt, a bit of paint and a hula hoop, of course!

saturn costume
[Image via Geek Crafts]

Magic 8 Ball

So very easy to pull together, and yet so good. Try this magic 8 ball costume out as is, or with white leggings and matching white sleeves to turn yourself into a billiard ball.

magic eight ball costume
[Image via C.R.A.F.T & Disney]


Find yourself a willing Luigi for this cute two-person costume pairing. Or take it to the next level and have someone come as your Yoshi (bonus if they will carry you around on their back all night!)

mario brothers costume
[Image via Media Cache


Never expected to find yourself painting your pregnant belly? Well, here’s your chance! Go bold with this 8-tentacled look — ideal if you’re particularly crafty.

octopus costume
[Image via Trendzified]


You can’t go wrong with a classic cartoon like this. Try it with or without a Charlie Brown. (Bonus: it’s super comfortable.)

snoopy charlie brown costume
[Image via C.R.A.F.T]

Basketball Player

Grab an old basketball jersey (there are always TONS at second-hand shops) and a small black and orange paint and you’re done. Simple, cheap and pretty great use of your newest “accessory”!

basketball player costume
[Image via Pinterest]

Bird In Her Nest With Her Egg

birds nest costume

Okay, we don’t really expect you to make all of this at home, but isn’t it fantastic?! If you are super crafty and do attempt this amazing mama bird protecting her egg in her nest, send us a picture. We’d love to see it!

[Image via Trendzified]