Best Nursery Layouts To Make Taking Care Of Your Baby Easier

A baby’s nursery must be designed to make life easier for parents. The nursery layout will largely depend on the size of the room.

Best Nursery Layouts To Make Taking Care Of Baby Easier

The most important thing when designing a nursery is making sure that it is safe, comfortable and convenient for you and your baby. Here are some ideas to help you.


Nursery design should be divided into zones. This will help you create a room that serves its purpose and contains all the areas that you will need to take care of the baby. A nursing nook is a perfect place for a mom to nurse her baby.

Diaper stations help to keep the room clean and organized. Sleeping areas can also be separated by gender. Let’s look at this in a bit more detail.

Sleeping Area

Bassinets for your baby’s sleeping space come in different sizes, shapes and styles. If space is limited in your nursery, you could opt for a mini bassinet. A mini bassinet looks like the real thing, and it feels like it, too. But a mini bassinet is much cheaper and smaller than a regular size bassinet.

The sleeping area will be the space your baby spends the most time in. You should provide a bassinet made of wood or metal, and it must meet certain safety standards.

Bassinet mattresses should be firm. Light bedding needs to be used to create a comfortable environment.

It’s important to keep bassinets away from windows. Don’t put babies near windows because light from the window can disrupt their sleep. In the summer, the windows let in too much heat and in the winter, they let in too much cold.

These conditions aren’t comfortable for babies or moms, so bassinets should be positioned on walls facing away from the windows.

Changing Zone

Changing Zone

A well-organized diapering station makes diaper duty easier. You can use a changing table, but a dresser gives you more storage space for your baby’s clothes, diapers and other diapering necessities. If there is room, you can also bring in an awesome cart for extra storage.

Nursing Space

A nursery nook should be a relaxing place for parents and babies to bond. This space needs to be comfortable and safe for both, but also needs to be cute and fun.

It should include a chair, a footstool, a lamp, a side table, a nursing pillow, and a basket to store blankets.

A comfortable chair is important when you’re feeding or watching over your baby. You’ll want a chair near the bassinet so that you don’t have to get up too often or have to move around too much with a crying baby.

Play And Learning Space

Nursery items should make babies smile. Plush toys should be close enough to see from the crib to keep the baby engaged when playing in the nursery.

Keeping fun nursery elements near the bed is good, but placing bold colors and contrast near the bed is even better. When babies are born, their nerve cells aren’t yet well-connected. Visual stimulation is crucial to your baby’s development.

Striking color combinations like black and white or yellow and pink will stimulate the baby and provide fascinating visuals.

Stripes are also very important to developing nerve connections, as sharp contrasts help them focus on objects nearby. Striped patterns help them focus on things further away.


Your baby needs a soft place to rest when he or she crawls around. A carpeted area will do the trick nicely. You should use cushions to protect the baby’s knees and your own as well. Floor pillows will make playtime more comfortable.



Babies come with a lot of stuff, it’s true, so storage is crucial for organization. Shelves should be placed at an appropriate height for adults, but not too high for young children.

Incorporate low shelving and other storage containers into your nursery layout. Make sure that there is enough space for baby care activities.

Drawer organizers are great for keeping things organized. They are super affordable and easy to use. Plastic storage bins are great because little hands can hold onto them easily and pull them around.

The bins are also very soft, so if a kid falls onto them, there’s less chance of any damage being caused. They’re also handy for dragging out and putting things away. Cleaning up is much easier when using these bins.

Bassinets come with a lot of storage space underneath them, so it’s a good space to utilize. Baskets can be used to store things and then slide them under the bassinet. A bassinet skirt can be used to hide everything under the bed.


When you have a baby, you may find they end up with a lot of clothes, either as gifts or family hand downs. This also means you have to find space to store them.

A dresser can easily be transformed into a storage unit and can become a useful storage space for baby clothes.

Baby clothing sets are perfect for organizing your wardrobe. Use them to store outfits that match each other. Put the matching bottom and top in one box, and put the matching pants or skirt in another box. This way, you’ll always be ready for any occasion.

As well as clothes, there are socks, bibs and other accessories. Baskets help organize these items. You should separate socks from bibs, etc.

A dresser with chalkboards inside makes it easy to label each drawer. Chalkboard paint is available online, but you can also buy it at home improvement stores.

You can create homemade, cute DIY organizers using cardboard and contact paper. They’re super easy to do, and you’ll love how much space they save in your drawer!

Just search online for a guide and get creating, if you have older children you could enlist them as helpers.

Command hooks are really useful and can help you hang up clothes. As your baby grows, these hooks can transition from organizing clothes for him or her to organizing swimsuits, hair accessories, and hats.

Plastic laundry baskets are great for keeping baby clothes organized. When you have a baby, you’ll need to wash many different types of clothing. Baskets will help you stay organized. You can also use them to store other items that you want to clean later.


Having a baby can be challenging, but ensuring you have a well laid out nursery that functions well for your needs will make the process a whole lot easier!