Best Retractable Baby Gates 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

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Child safety is always the main priority for every parent. And keeping an eye on your little one is not always possible when you also have other chores to do. But a good mesh baby gate with a kid-proof locking system can help you keep your baby safe and secured even when you get a little distracted.

However, for buying the best retractable baby gate, you have to consider various factors. That makes shopping for a baby gate quite a daunting task.

But I am here to make things a little more convenient for you. I surveyed the market to determine the essential features you need to have in a retractable baby gate. And based on my findings, I have curated a list of the top 11 best retractable baby gates.

Scroll down to read through these retractable baby gate reviews and find out the one that suits you the best.

Top 11 Best Retractable Baby Gates 2022

1. Smart Retract White Retractable Baby Gate

Smart Retract White Retractable Baby Gate Best Retractable Baby Gates

If you are looking for a strong baby gate, Retract-A-Gate can be one of the best choices for you. It has a width of 52″ and is 34″ tall. This gate is designed so that you can install it practically anywhere.

You can block off a hallway or the staircase as per your need with this gate. The translucent mesh body of the gate allows you to see what is happening on the other side of the gate.

The Retract-A-Gate is tested to match the safety standards of the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. It is certified to endure a force of up to 200 pounds.

So, if you are thinking of putting up this gate at the top or bottom of the staircase, you wouldn’t have to worry about any accidents. It is made with weather-proof material to suit your outdoor needs too.

The mesh used for this gate is eco-friendly and child-safe. It is also easy to clean and maintain. So, if your little ones spill food or touch the gate with greasy fingers, you need not worry anymore.

Just a rub with mild soap water or rubbing alcohol, and it will be squeaky clean again. The gate features a kid-proof lock and allows you to operate it single-handedly.


  • Versatile: can be installed at any place, at any angle possible.
  • It can withstand a push force of 200 pounds.
  • Allows smooth, one-handed operation
  • Has scratch-resistant, easy to clean mesh body
  • It comes in different color options.
  • Portable


  • Comparatively more expensive than other retractable baby gates.

2. Babepai Retractable Baby Gate

Babepai Retractable Baby Gate

If your baby is quick in figuring out how to open a lock, then a retractable baby gate with a double latching mechanism is good for you. This Babepai Retractable Baby Gate comes with a child-proof double locking system.

You just have to press and twist a locking knob to open and close the mesh barrier. The mesh barrier can also be winded up into a small roll when you don’t need it. For opening it again, you simply have to pull out the mesh screen and lock it securely in place.

The gate can fit in a space with a maximum width of 54″ and is 34″ tall. It is ideal for keeping your babies and pets away from tricky stairs and off-limit areas. You can use this gate for outdoor purposes too. The mesh used is of excellent quality and is pretty durable.

The gate allows convenient one-handed operation, and it is easy to install too. It has two big latches attached to both sides. You can simply hook those latches into the mounting brackets in your preferred place. It also comes with wall spacers, screws, and wall anchors to allow versatility of positioning.


  • Easy to mount.
  • You can open and close it with one hand.
  • You can roll it up into a small bundle when not in use.
  • Features 360° closing direction that allows it to work in odd-shaped spaces.
  • Features double-lock mechanism for added safety


  • Not portable. You have to fix it in one place.
  • It leaves some space at the lower end. Small pets may crawl and escape through that space.

3. BabyDan Guard Me Retractable Safety Gates

BabyDan Guard Me Retractable Safety Gates

If you need a gate for a small space, the BabyDan Guard Me Safety gate can be one of the best retractable baby gates for you. This Denmark-made retractable gate can fit doorways and spaces ranging from 25.4″ to 35″ when installed in the inner door frame.

If you want to install it in the outer door frame, the door can fit a width of 21.8″ to 31.2″. The auto-foldable design of the barrier makes it easier to put away when not in need.

The material used for making this gate is 100% PVC-free. The mesh and frame of the gate are non-toxic and completely child-safe. It features a double latch system for added safety. It allows a quick-release operation to make it easy for you to open and close the gate even when one of your hands is engaged.

Another notable feature that most parents seem to like about this gate is that it does not have a threshold bar at the bottom. This considerably minimizes the risk of tripping.

The retractable gate has a mounted height of 28″, which is considerably shorter than other standard gates. So, if you think of buying this for older kids, this will probably not be a good choice. Your toddler may figure out how to climb over the gate pretty quickly.

This gate is easy to install with pressure mounting technology. You don’t need to drill into your walls for attachments. It also makes this gate portable and an ideal choice for travel.


  • Easy to carry.
  • Easy to install with Pressure mounting technology.
  • Double locking mechanism for extra safety.
  • Allows single-handed operation with a quick-release lock


  • Comparatively Shorter than other similar retractable gates.
  • It cannot get adapted to wider spaces.

4. PRObebi Mesh Retractable Gates

PRObebi Mesh Retractable Gates

Much like the Babepai Retractable gate, this Probebi mesh baby gate also allows opening and closing at 360-degree directions. So if you are looking for a gate to adapt to in tricky spaces, this can be one of the best retractable baby gates for you.

This mesh gate also comes with two different sets of installation hardware. This allows you to mount it in any space you want. It is ideal for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

This gate can extend up to 59″, which is much broader than other standard retractable gates. You can smoothly roll up the mesh barrier and get the required space when not needed. You can easily lock and release the gate single-handedly.

You just have to press and twist a knob to open and close the gate. The mesh lining of the gate is soft yet durable. The gate has been tested to match all safety requirements and is ideal for stair tops and bottoms. The gate is 34″ tall. It has a simple locking system.


  • Features one-handed operation.
  • The gate is extendable for a few more inches than usual.
  • Allows opening and closing in all 360° directions
  • It comes with multiple accessories to allow two different installation options.


  • Not portable.
  • You have to drill your wall to install the gate.
  • Features only one locking system

5. Perma Child Safety Retractable Baby Gate

Perma Child Safety Retractable Baby Gate

If you are looking for a retractable gate for outdoor use, the Perma Child Safety gate can be one of the best retractable baby gates for you.

The Perma Child Safety Retractable Gate is manufactured with UV-resistant mesh that can withstand harsh sunlight. The metal frame of the gate is 100% rust-proof. The gate is 31″ tall and can extend up to 71″ wide.

You can also use this for indoor doorways or at the top or bottom of the staircases. It is suitable for kids within the range of 6-24 months of age.

Or, if you have fur babies at home, this gate is ideal for pets of 10-40 pounds. The mesh is also claw-resistant. The mesh barrier is quite simple to operate. You just have to push, twist and release the button to open the gate.

The Perma Child Safety Gate has passed all safety standards tests, and JPMA has approved it. The gate is highly durable. The package also includes all the needed accessories and components for convenient installation.


  • Easy to install with included hardware.
  • JMPA Approved.
  • UV-protected, weather-proof mesh barrier.
  • Allows one-handed operation with press and twist knob
  • Ideal for outdoor use.


  • The gate is not portable.
  • Limited flexibility. It can only open and close in one direction.

6. EasyBaby Products Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

EasyBaby Products Indoor/Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

The EasyBaby Retractable Baby Gate is much like any other retractable gate. The mesh barrier of this gate can open as wide as 55″. But it has a much lower price. It is 33″ tall, which is ideal for growing kids within the age group of 6 months to 2 years.

It is also suitable for small to medium-sized pets. It is also available in three different color options. So you can choose one to match the interior decor of your home.

The EasyBaby retractable gate has a sturdy and durable mesh barrier. You can install the gate at the top or bottom of staircases, doorways, patio doors, and hallways. It has been tested to meet all necessary safety standards.

The package comes with an easy installation kit too. You will get stainless steel screws, catch mounts, wall spacers, and a user guide for mounting the gate.

The mesh barrier can be easily retracted and extended using a push-and-turn button. The single-handed operation allows you to open and close the gate without any hassle, even when one of your hands is not free.


  • Allows one-handed operation
  • It comes in different color options
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor needs
  • Meets all required safety standards
  • Comparatively cheaper.


  • Leaves some open space at the bottom of the gate; Small pets can crawl through.

7. Ottolives Mesh Safety Retractable Baby Gate

Ottolives Mesh Safety Retractable Baby Gate

Ottolives Mesh Baby Gate is designed to make your baby’s playtime safer even when you don’t always keep an eye on him. It is made with durable and sturdy ABS plastic and has a retractable mesh barrier.

The mesh is strong yet soft so that your baby doesn’t hurt himself even if he bumps against it accidentally. The gate has a kid-proof double locking system to provide added safety.

You can extend the mesh barrier of the gate up to a width of 54 inches. You can also open and close it using a rotatable knob. There is a handle that you need to pull to open the gate and latch into hooks at the other end of the wall.

This gate is 34″ tall, which is enough to stop your little one from climbing over it. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes.


  • Features double locking mechanism
  • Sturdy and durable structure, ideal for stair-top use.
  • Allows one-handed operation.


  • Not fit for wide spaces.
  • Not portable.

8. Momcozy Mesh Safety Retractable Baby Gate

Momcozy Mesh Safety Retractable Baby Gate

Momcozy Retractable baby gate is truly designed to keep moms out of worry, even if they sometimes get a little distracted. The gate can fit a width of up to 55″. It is 33.7″ tall, making it safe for kids as well as pets. The mesh barrier can be fully retractable, saving you space when the game is not in use.

The gate features a kid-proof locking mechanism for added safety. The gate will only open when you press and rotate a button and unhook the latch. It also comes with two sets of installation accessories. You can detach and move the gate to two different locations as per your need. It is suitable for outdoor use too.


  • Features double locking mechanism
  • Ideal for indoor as well as outdoors.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Sturdy and durable.
  • Movable between two locations.


  • Slightly pricey than other similar retractable gates.
  • Needs drilling of the walls for installation

9. Cumbor Easy Walk Thru Baby Gate Mounting Kit

Cumbor Easy Walk Thru Baby Gate Mounting Kit

If you are not a fan of mesh barriers and want something with wider gaps, then the Cumbor Easy Walk Thru gate might be one of the best retractable baby gates for you.

This retractable gate is 30.5″ tall and can fit in doorways and spaces 29.5-51.6″ wide. The material is of sturdy and durable steel. The bars of the gate is only 2.3″ apart, which prevents small pets from squeezing through.

The gate features an auto-closing mechanism. You can operate it single-handedly. However, the gate is not fully retractable. When opened, the gate frees a space of 23.6″ which is enough for any adult to pass through.

You can easily install the gate using pressure mounting technology. Disassembling the gate is simple, and you can carry it to other locations for further use.


  • Made with sturdy, heavy-duty steel.
  • Pressure mounting installation, no drilling required.
  • Can withstand the impact of large dogs like Labradors, Husky, and Great Dane.
  • Portable.


  • Not fully retractable.

10. Betertek Mesh Retractable Baby Gate

Betertek Mesh Retractable Baby Gate

Though not all retractable gates are portable, some brands sell gates with two sets of installation kits so that you can use them at two different places at your house.

If you are looking for something like that, the Betertek Mesh baby gate can be one of the best retractable baby gates for you. You will get two sets of mounting accessories in the package. You can easily detach the gate from the mounting brackets and shift it to another location.

The retractable gate is constructed with a solid and durable plastic frame with PVC-coated mesh. The mesh is sturdy yet soft so that your baby does not get hurt.

It is also scratch-resistant. You can roll up the mesh barrier to open the gate using a knob with just one hand. So, if you are holding your baby in one hand, opening the gate will not be a problem.

The gate has a standard size that will fit all average-sized doorways and stairways. The mesh barrier is adjustable. You can pull it to a maximum width of 54 inches, but can also use it for narrower spaces.

The Betertek retractable gate has also received all safety approvals and certification, so you will not have to worry about the safety of your little runner.


  • Durable, scratch-resistant mesh
  • Simple 2-step open and close mechanism that you can do single-handedly.
  • Comparatively cheaper.
  • Movable between two different spaces. It comes with two sets of mounting accessories.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor needs.


  • It is not suitable for wide doorways.

11. Gaterol Active Lite White Retractable Safety Gate

Gaterol Active Lite White Retractable Safety Gate

If you are looking for an affordable safety gate, the Gaterol Active Lite can be one of the best retractable baby gates for you. You can get this gate at a much lower price than other similar safety gates without having to compromise on any essential features. This device is built to provide maximum safety to your kids. It is 36.6 inches, so climbing it would not be easy for kids. It can fit in a doorway of width of 18″ to 55″.

The door does not have a threshold bar to eliminate the risk of tripping or spilling. The mesh barrier is durable and scratch-resistant. You can operate the gate smoothly even when one of your hands is engaged. You simply have to rotate the knob at the top of the frame to open and close the barrier. You can fold up the mesh into a roll. It takes up minimal space when not in use.

You need to fasten this retractable gate to the wall with screws. Even shaking and rattling the gate will not knock it over. The gate’s frame has no metal screen bars, so you need not worry about your kids getting hurt. The smooth edges and no spacing between the frame ensure that your child does not get your finger jammed and pinched. If the gate is opened unintentionally, a warning sound can alert you.


  • Suitable for narrow and tight spaces.
  • Taller than standard retractable gates.
  • Cost-efficient
  • Easy to open and close single-handedly.
  • Features space-saving design.
  • It comes with two sets of mounting brackets for use in two different locations.


  • Not powerful and safe enough to be installed at the top of the stairs. Might not be able to withstand the weight or impact of babies of 9-12 months old.
  • Not suitable for wide doorways.

What Is A Retractable Gate And Why Do You Need One

Retractable baby gates are foldable gates that can be fixed or attached to a place to keep your baby or pets safe. They are different from traditional swing gates as they do not block the space they are installed in. You can neatly roll or fold the gates to their side when you don’t need them and make the area open and free to use.

While stationary gates are usually heavy and bulky, the retractable gates are lightweight. They are easier to open and close even when you are holding your baby. According to parents around the world, baby gates have become one of the most significant devices in modern parenting. Here are the reasons you might need a retractable gate for your home.

If your toddler has a curious inclination and often tries to elude your supervision, a good mesh baby gate is an indispensable choice for you. You would want to block the passage to the staircases, which toddlers find quite an adventurous thing to climb, but they can be dangerous for an unsupervised kid.

You can also install retractable gates in the doorway to your backyard. If you are busy with some work and cannot keep a constant eye on your kid, you can get one of these gates for your peace of mind. You would be sure that your baby would be safe, and confined in space, even if you get distracted sometimes while doing household chores.

If you have pets who get excited every time the doorbell rings or who have no concern for your privacy, these retractable gates can work wonders for you. You can keep your furry friends in a contained place when needed.

Factors To Look For While Buying The Best Retractable Baby Gate

Choosing the best retractable baby gate is not as easy as one might think it to be. You will have to consider several factors before you buy one for your kid. To make things easier, I surveyed the market and listed the most important criteria you need to know about.

1. How Wide Should The Retractable Baby Gate Be

Most retractable baby gates can adapt to a range of spaces. However, it is still essential to have an idea of the approximate width you need. Make sure you measure the space where you are thinking of putting up the gate. If you are buying the retractable gate from any online site, look for the measurement that best suits your needs.

2. Ideal Height Of The Retractable Baby Gate

Little children can often be inquisitive and try to climb over the baby gate. If your kid has such an adventurous inclination, you need to look for taller retractable baby gates. Most baby gates available in the market have a height of 30cm. However, you may also look for taller models. The rule of thumb is to look for a baby gate whose top end at least reaches your toddler’s shoulder.

3. Type Of Locking Mechanism The Retractable Baby Gate Features

The sole purpose you need a retractable gate is to provide security to your baby. Thus, it is essential to look for the type of locking mechanism on the gate. Most retractable gates have an efficient and reliable locking system. You can get a baby gate that adults can easily open or close single-handedly.

Or, if you are looking for something with added security, you can opt for a gate with a double latch system. If your kid is quick to figure out how to unlock himself, then you can buy a gate with an optional third kid-proof lock.

4. How To Be Sure About The Safety Standards Of The Retractable Gate?

All retractable baby gates are tested according to the safety standards and are certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA). Before buying a retractable gate for your baby, make sure you go through the product information thoroughly and check for the required certification.

5. Material Of The Retractable Gate

The material a retractable gate is made up of is a significant factor to consider. This will determine the durability of the product. You can get retractable gates made with a variety of materials. While the frames of the gates can be of plastic, wood, or metal, the body can be of mesh or cloth. They are also available in different styles and designs so that you can get one that best fits the interior decor of your home.

6. Portability

Portability is always a plus point for any product. For most retractable baby gates, you need to permanently fix it to the place it is installed. However, few manufacturers make retractable baby gates that one can carry around conveniently around the house or any place you want. You can use them in different areas of your home, depending on your needs.

7. Are Retractable Gates Really Safe?

Yes, undoubtedly, retractable gates are very efficient in keeping your baby safe. I have found out that these JPMA certified retractable gates can prevent a lot of accidents and injuries. If the parent becomes a little busy or slightly distracted while watching over the baby, these retractable gates can keep the baby safe.

People usually use these gates for babies between the age range of six months and two years. This is the age when babies begin crawling or learning to walk and develop a curious mind. As a general rule, you can stop using the gates once your toddler is big enough that his chin touches the top of the gate.

Keep Your Little Menace Safe With These Retractable Baby Gates!

Retractable baby gates have become a necessity for most parents. They are designed to keep your little explorer safer and keep him away from off-limit areas. With all the essential features, these devices have rightly made their place in the list of the top 11 best retractable baby gates. I hope this detailed retractable baby gate review has been helpful to you in picking the one suitable for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At What Age Of My Kid Can I Remove The Stair Gate?
    There is no obvious answer to this question. Though the mesh baby gates are made for children between the age of 6 to 24 months, you can continue using this as long as you want to. You can get rid of the stair gate when you are confident that your kid can go up and down the stairs without any trouble.
  • Can You Hook Two Retractable Baby Gates Together?
    Yes, you can hook two retractable gates together. Most retractable gates are designed to fit a range of space, but if you need to place them in a bigger area, you can use two of them together. You just have to fix one end of the gates to two opposite walls and pull the mesh from both sides to make a larger and broader gate.
  • How Can I Install A Retractable Baby Gate?
    You can install a retractable baby gate anywhere you want. Usually, the package comes with all the necessary equipment and accessories you need to install the gate. You will get bracket screens, a stair banister adapter kit, a wall spacer kit, or a drywall anchor kit according to your needs.
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