Best Rocking Bassinets 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

After testing over ten different baby bassinets, we found one that really rocks: Angelbliss has the best bassinet that rocks for your little one. But it isn’t the only great option out there.

Parenting a newborn is a fulfilling experience. But it can also be incredibly difficult. Babies are as clumsy as they are adorable. Besides, different parents have different needs, so we couldn’t just leave it at one.

Finding the best rocking bassinet for your newborn can be challenging. Where to begin? Should you pick one with a hood? What about wheels? Is it important for the bassinet to be foldable? What would be the best one for small spaces?

Answering these questions would take quite a while. We know because we have done that research for you.

All of our swinging bassinets can come in different shapes, features, and sizes. But they are united in their purpose: letting your little one sleep cozily.

After going through several product descriptions and ratings, we have picked 10 swinging bassinets. They are all perfectly safe and well-loved by parents and babies alike. They only vary in secondary features so that everyone can find something suited to their needs. We hope you find the best nap nest for your little one.

Top 10 Best Rocking Bassinets: An Extensive Review 2021

1. A classic: Safety 1st Nap And Go Rocking Bassinet

Safety 1st Nap and Go Rocking Bassinet, Star Gazer Best Rocking Bassinets

Your child’s safety should be the first priority. So, we are going to start the list with Safety 1st store’s rocking bassinet.

Versatility is one quality we look for when it comes to baby products. And this bassinet provides just that. It is not only a comfy place for your little one to nap in; it also serves as a rocking bassinet and a travel bassinet.

Unlike bulky packs and plays, this bassinet is lightweight and incredibly convenient to assemble and fold. Once folded, it takes up very little space, making it easier to store or carry. It does provide enough space for infants to stretch and sleep comfortably. But, it is also compact enough for smaller living spaces.

Combine that with the smart side-to-side rocking feature, and your little ones can nap anytime, anywhere. A travel case is provided with the product to make your life even easier.

The short height of the bassinet might be an issue if you are tall or have backaches. But it ensures better safety and makes it convenient to interact with your little one while you’re on the bed or the couch.

The retractable canopy on this bassinet is one of its best features. The net attached to the canopy keeps annoying bugs out and offers a good amount of shade and protection from sunlight. Moreover, the mesh sides of the bed ensure breathability, even while the canopy is on. It also makes it easy for you to monitor your baby from the outside.

So, if you are going out to the park, a picnic, or even a barbeque lunch, your baby can nap happily inside their comfy little beds.


  • Protective canopy and net, mesh sides
  • Foldable, lightweight, portable
  • Sturdy
  • Easy rocking feature
  • Easy assembly


  • Shorter height
  • The mattress could be thicker

2. Best Value for Price: Besrey 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet

Besrey 3 in 1 Portable Bassinet

Bersey has quality but a pocket-friendly option for you if you want a simple baby swing bassinet.

This bassinet is one of the easiest to assemble. Simply open it up, attach the legs, and you are good to go. All of the parts of this product are made from quality materials. They lock into place securely and ensure your baby is well-protected.

To put the bassinet into the rocking mode, you have to pull the plastic feet inward. The bassinet rocks smoothly, letting your baby sleep without interruptions.

One of the best features of this product is its adjustable height. It can be a real issue to bend too low or even move around too much right after giving birth, especially if you have had a c-section. This bassinet allows you to switch it to a higher or a lower height depending on whichever is convenient for you.

This bassinet does not have a canopy, but it does have a detachable zipper mosquito net along with see-through mesh sides. It might not provide the shade, but it does allow a lot more airflow. And obviously, the net doesn’t allow mosquitoes or flies to a bug (pun intended) your little ones.

Lastly, the bassinet is accessorized with a large capacity storage bag which is great for organizing baby products. The mattress that comes with the cradle being made of skin-friendly fabric and filled with cotton is soft and squishy: perfect for your baby to have a peaceful nap.


  • Detachable mosquito net
  • Adjustable height
  • Soft mattress
  • Easy to assemble, foldable
  • Additional storage bag
  • High value for the price


  • No canopy
  • No wheels

3. Cutest Design: Fisher-Price Rock with Me Bassinet

Fisher-Price Rock with Me Bassinet

This bassinet by Fisher-Price uses a very different aesthetic than the previously discussed products. It is classic, functional, sturdy, and most importantly, it looks adorable.

Some parents like to rock the cradles themselves. If you are that person, you’ll be happy to know that you have to rock this bassinet manually. It allows you to cradle your child smoothly and stop gently once they are asleep, which might not be possible with the automatic ones.

Setting up this bassinet is as easy as it gets. Flip it open and lock it into place. You might get surprised by how well-balanced this lightweight bassinet can be.

One little downside of this product is that it does not have a canopy or a net. However, it does have transparent mesh sides, which are great for ventilation. Besides, you can always use a baby blanket to cover the bassinet.

The body of the cradle is deeper than other bassinets. Now whether this is a pro or con depends upon your need. It might be difficult to use for those who have backaches. But, it might also help keep your furbabies and toddlers at a safe distance from your little one.

The bassinet comes with a waterproof mattress pad which makes it easy to maintain since you can gently wash or rinse it off. Additionally, the removable mattress cover is machine-washable. If you already have a kid, you probably know how useful machine-washable sheets are.

Finally, the bassinet comes in three different designs. The one we selected has an adorable little stuffed elephant. Keep it within your baby’s reach, and it would help them develop the basics of motor skills.


  • Waterproof mattress
  • Machine-washable sheet
  • Deep structure
  • Pre-assembled
  • Stuffed elephant toy and cute patterned sheets


  • No canopy/cover
  • Bedsheet is polyester; some parents might prefer cotton for their kids

4. Best Overall: INFANS 2 in 1 Rocking Bassinet

INFANS 2 in 1 Rocking Bassinet

If you are looking for a bassinet your little one can use for a long while (well, long while as in six months, because we know how quickly they grow up), Infans has the best rocking bassinet for you.

The large capacity, efficient features, and reasonable price of this bassinet set it apart from the rest. We know how quickly babies outgrow things, be it clothes, bassinets, even strollers. The bassinet being extremely spacious, your little one can stretch, nap, and grow in it comfortably.

The bottom of this bassinet features two bars with arcs. You can change the direction of these arcs to switch between stationary and swing modes. The side-to-side 15-degree swing angle has been scientifically designed to let your baby fall asleep quickly. If you are a busy parent, this swing mode will serve you really well.

Mattress covers can be tricky to tuck in. Good news for you: this bassinet has zippers to attach the washable cover. It also features a breathable, easy-to-maintain mosquito net that can be detached and washed as you please.

The main structure of the bassinet is built with aluminum alloy. Why is it relevant? Well, it makes the product sturdy, but also very light. Additionally, it is also foldable. So you can effortlessly carry it around everywhere.

Lastly, this product comes at a very reasonable price. And if you face any issue with the delivery or the product itself, the company provides excellent customer service and will help you out as well as they can.


  • Very spacious
  • Budget-friendly
  • Automatic swing mode
  • Mosquito netting, mesh sides
  • Lightweight and portable


  • No canopy, only netting

5. Best Splurge (numerous features too): Angelbliss Baby Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

Angelbliss Baby Bassinet & Bedside Sleeper

New parents have different priorities when it comes to baby products. If you had a cesarean delivery, chances are you find it really difficult to bend far too low or carry to weight. In that case, Angelbliss has the best rocking bassinet for both your baby and you.

This innovative bassinet has ten different height settings. Yes, ten! You don’t even need to worry about what height your bed or couch is. Besides, if you are in too much post-surgical pain, simply adjust it to the exact height you need.

The swing set on the product is automatic. Like the previous one by Infans, this one has also been designed to swing at a 15-degree angle – perfect for your baby’s sleep. Gentle and uniform, this swing mode is completely safe for daily use as well.

The fabric covering the various parts of the bassinet is lush, soft, and comfortable. Two of the longer sides of the basket are covered in semi-transparent mesh. It maintains great airflow and also lets you keep an eye on your baby. The fabrics are zipped in and easy to wash.

There’s even more. This bassinet is equipped with four wheels! So, if you need to take it from one room to another, you don’t have to awkwardly struggle between doors. The wheels allow smooth maneuvering, while the brake button makes it easy to handle the bassinet.

Guardrail conversion is another feature that distinguishes this product from its competitors. Gently twist the side and lower it to turn on the bedside sleeper mode. The guardrail design ensures that your little one is extra safe during their nighttime slumber.


  • 3-in-1 bassinet, cradle, and baby trolley
  • 10 adjustable heights
  • Guardrail design
  • Automatic swing
  • Soft fabric, 100% cotton-filled mattress
  • Handy pockets on the side
  • Wheels with a brake button


  • Little more expensive
  • Portable, but not foldable
  • No netting

6. Best for Cold Climate: BABY JOY Rocking Bassinet

BABY JOY Rocking Bassinet

If you live in a colder region, mesh-sided bassinets might not appeal to you as much. That’s why Baby Joy has just the best rocking bassinet for your newborn.

This bassinet does still have mesh sides, but it also comes with detachable covers for the sides. These covers are made from tender micro-fabric and are filled with sponge: they are perfectly washable and will keep your baby warm and cozy. And the best part? They feature zippers which make it ten times easier to attach them.

But that isn’t all. The padded mattress and its cover are also machine-washable. Besides, the zippers on all of these parts make it really easy to put it together, especially for new parents.

Since we are discussing swinging bassinets, this one also comes with a swing mode. Similar to the one by Infans, this bassinet uses the rails at the bottom to switch modes. Turn the rails, and it will swing gently.

The product, being made out of lightweight aluminum, is portable and can be folded into a compact shape. But it’s spacious and can hold up to 33 lbs. In other words, your kid can use it until they are 6 months old. It is also quite deep, which is a requirement since around the age of six months, babies start pulling themselves up.

Finally, this simple and highly functional bassinet is easy to assemble and has a very high value for price. Oh and as a bonus, it comes with an Oxford bag to carry all of your baby essentials.


  • Can be used for longer than others
  • Spacious and deep
  • Extra detachable padded clothing for the mesh sides
  • Sturdy, light, portable
  • Carry bag
  • The mattress measures are not mentioned clearly, so it can be tricky to find the right sheet if you are buying additional ones

7. Best Old School Bassinet: Badger Basket Rocking Baby Bassinet

Badger Basket Rocking Baby Bassinet

The Badger Basket Store has put a modern spin on vintage bassinets, creating one of the most aesthetic (functional, too) products we could find. This will make a great baby shower gift if you are looking for one.

Together with the canopy, the skirt, and the big bow, this baby swing bassinet looks like it’s all dolled up and ready to take care of your little one. But it isn’t just another pretty bassinet; it has a bunch of features that singles it out in our list.

Let’s start with the frame of the bassinet. Unlike almost all the other bassinets, this one has wheels! You can lock or unlock them depending on whether you need to move it around. In order to switch the bassinet into a rocking one, turn the bars at the bottom – the wheels will retreat, making way for the swing mode.

The canopy is appropriately sized and can be folded down when you need it out of the way. Although this product is not foldable it is not heavy at all, and the wheels make it really convenient to move it around inside the house.

This bassinet uses an old-school aesthetic. Under the floor-length pleated skirt, there is a spacious basket with enough room to store baby products weighing up to 5 lbs. Diapers, baby blankets, wipes- you can store it all inside this one unit.

You might be worried about washing the skirt along with the usual bedding. Fortunately, all of the bedding and other fabrics used in the product are machine-washable.

The mattress cover that comes with the bassinet is not of the best quality. But, given that this is one of the most affordable options, you can buy extra sheets, and even then it would be cheaper than certain other bassinets.


  • Vintage design
  • Foldable canopy
  • Extra basket underneath
  • Wheels
  • Inexpensive


  • The sheets could be of better quality

8. Most Minimal: Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet

Ingenuity Foldaway Rocking Bassinet

Ingenuity’s rocking bassinet, Fletcher, is pretty much your standard rocking bassinet in neutral colors and a chic design.

Like the other products we have recommended, this one is also light, foldable and hence portable. The sides are made of mesh that allows plenty of ventilation. It also hardly requires any assembly. Simply push down on the center, and it will open up.

The mattress this bassinet uses is a little on the thinner side. Its sleek design lets you wipe it off and maintain it better, which is great because, let’s be real, babies make messes all the time. The thin mattress also gives way for more space inside the bassinet. All of the fabrics used for this bassinet are machine-washable as well.

You can lock the bassinet for stationary use or turn it into swing mode. It has to be rocked manually. But a lot of babies do not really like the automatic swing modes. So, this is good news for them.

One great thing about this baby swing bassinet is the padded upper edges. Often when you are putting your child inside a crib or cradle, hard edges of the basket might be a safety concern. While other bassinets might use fabric to solve that issue, this one goes an extra step to ensure that the edges are padded and soft.

This bassinet comes in other options such as the Carrington (wooden, rocking bassinet with a canopy), Wallace (wooden), and Crosby (even more airy and spacious). All of them have used a modern aesthetic and would blend in quite well with your other furniture.


  • Padded edges
  • Mesh sides
  • Spacious and airy
  • Foldable and transportable


  • No canopy

9. Most Spacious: MiClassic All mesh 2in1 Rock Bassinet

MiClassic All mesh 2in1 Rock Bassinet

We have discussed bassinets for those living in cold regions. But what about people who live in really hot and humid places? MiClassic has the best rocking bassinet for your little one if you are worried about them sweating Constantly.

This rocking bassinet comes with all-mesh sides. It allows the most amount of ventilation possible and ensures that your little one is cool and comfortable. The walls being semi-transparent, parents can keep an eye on their babies from either side and even from a distance.

You don’t need any tools to assemble the product. Besides, the legs are removable, and the entire unit is foldable. It will save storage space and make transportation hassle-free. The feet of the bassinet folds inward when you want to convert it into a cradle, while it props flat if you want to keep it stationary.

The bassinet cover and the mattress cover both feature zippers. Additionally, all of the covers being machine-washable are really easy to maintain.

As the mattress of Ingenuity’s Fletcher, this one is also thin and water-resistant. This comes in really handy when your kid is in between diaper sizes.

Well, so far, the product looks pretty typical. Why is it so great? Firstly, it is way more spacious than even the bigger bassinets. This might be an issue if you have a space crunch at your place. However, being sturdy and spacious, the unit can be put to use for quite a long while. Besides, it uses sheets of the same size as your standard pack and play. There’s no need to buy a separate playard when you can simply convert this bassinet into one.


  • All mesh sides
  • Extremely spacious
  • Can be used as a playard
  • Extra carry bag
  • Sturdy, durable


  • Can be an issue for small spaces

10. Most Sturdy: ComfyBumpy Travel Bassinet

ComfyBumpy Travel Bassinet

This is another really well-ventilated option if you are looking for one. It does not have all mesh sides, but more than half of the sides are made of mesh. However, we have found this to be the best rocking bassinet, if we Consider sturdiness and durability.

Like standard swinging bassinets, a turn of the bars at the bottom will switch on the swing mode. Its framework is stable and comfortable. With a little push from your side, your little one will drift off into a peaceful slumber in this cozy cradle.

Want to keep your curious cat away from your baby? The nets on other bassinets are often not strong enough to keep kitties away from infants. This one, however, comes with a breathable mosquito net that can hold up even against those sneaky climbers.

The other products we have discussed are tough enough to keep your little ones completely safe. However, this one is way sturdier and more durable. If your little one has a sibling in the future, this bassinet will be able to serve them as well.

What we love about this product is how generously it has been accessorized. It has everything you need: a washable pee pad, a sift mattress fitted with multiple fitted sheets, a mosquito net, and a large carrying case where you can fit everything.

The basket is large enough to be converted into a pack and play or rock and play. It might be a little bit on the pricier side. But, you can use it for more than one child, which significantly increases its value.


  • Mosquito net
  • Spacious, and can be used as pack and play
  • Extremely sturdy and durable
  • One-piece mattress


  • Little lower in height
  • More expensive than others

How To Pick The Best Rocking Bassinet

It is needless to say that safety should be the one Constant factor to Consider no matter what you buy for your child. Since you would use a baby bassinet pretty extensively, you can take several other attributes into account.

1. Swing Type

Babies have different needs. Some little ones prefer to be cradled by their parents, while others do not mind automatic swinging. Whereas it is impossible to know which one your child might prefer, especially if you are buying this before the delivery, you can keep a couple of things in mind.

Go for a manual swing option if you don’t mind cradling your infant yourself. These bassinets are usually more budget-friendly as well. Besides, some products allow both manual and automatic rocking. You can opt for those if you want to be on the safe side.

Generally, though, automatic swinging bassinets that use a 15-degree swing angle are great for your child. Experts have developed this swing feature to maximize your child’s comfort and ensure that it’s safe to use daily. .

The other features of the product entirely depend upon your requirements. You can ask yourself:

2. Do I Want A Bassinet That Has Wheels? Or Will I Prefer A Foldable Option That Is Easier To Store?

Wheels can be extremely useful, especially to move the unit around within the house. However, if you want a more portable option, then lightweight foldable baby swing bassinets are the way to go. Foldable ones are also great if you do not have a lot of storage space.

3. Would I Need A Canopy?

Well, if you are planning on going outside more, a canopy would come in pretty handy. Additionally, if you live in a place that has a mosquito problem, netted bassinets would keep your little one well-protected.

4. What About Height Adjustments?

Again, if you had a cesarean surgery, note the height and depth of the bassinet because you will have to use it Constantly. If you want a deep bassinet, try to pick one that is high as well. It will balance out the height causing you less pain. Try to compare the height of your bed to that of the bassinet, and if it looks right for you, go for it.

Experts suggest keeping newborns in a bassinet or a crib rather than a bed. So, you must pick one which will make it convenient for you to access your little one at night. Mesh sides help monitor your child too.

5. What Kind Of Mattress Should I Look For?

Anything that is easy to wash, wipe and maintain is life-saving while taking care of an infant. When your little one is between the ages of zero to six months, you will have to clean up a lot. You can go for machine-washable fabrics.

No matter what mattress the bassinet uses, make sure that the sheet on top is fitted perfectly. This will make sure your baby is safe and sleeps well. For more helpful tips on how to help your baby sleep well, check out this link.

6. Sturdiness And Durability

Bassinets need to be lightweight but sturdy. The ones made of steel or aluminum usually have both of these qualities. With swinging bassinets, it is particularly important to check if they are well-balanced and if they can handle the swing motion while your baby is in it. We have Considered this crucial factor for each and every product we picked.

Some bassinets are meant to be used until your kid is four or five months old, while others last longer and can be converted into playards. Picking spacious bassinets is smart because it will last you longer, and your baby would not have to get used to new bassinets frequently.

Final Thoughts

You might end up overthinking over picking a bassinet. It’s easy for us to say, “Don’t stress out!” But it can be stressful. We have collected swinging bassinets that will keep your baby protected. Apart from that, they only vary in secondary accessories or price.

Keep in mind that you have to use the product all the time. So, pick something that best suits your everyday needs. And we hope your little munchkin finds a safe haven in their cradles.

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