13 Stunning Black Nursery Ideas

Black is a color not often found in a nursery. Nurseries are usually full of bright colors, and for good reason – they’re happy colors!

However, a black nursery can be equally cute, if the color black is used properly.

13 Stunning Black Nursery Ideas

This means using the color black to highlight the other colors in the room, to make the room look amazing.

We don’t recommend the entire room be black, because it’s important for babies to see bright colors that stimulate their imagination.

However, the color black can make a nursery look beautiful, typically when it’s highlighting another color in the room.

Here is a list of stunning ideas for a black nursery.

Some ideas are bold (like a starry night wallpaper) while other ideas incorporate black into the nursery in small amounts (like the crib) to make the room look cuter.

Stunning Black Nursery Ideas

Starry Night Wallpaper

One incredible way to incorporate black into a nursery is to use starry night wallpaper.

This wall paper can be a mixture of black and blues, and have wonderful stars and planets.

This way black is not seen as dark, but it shows the wonder and the magic of the universe, making black seem like a sensational and magical color!

Black And White Spots Wallpaper

Black and white spots are very fashionable. Also known as Dalmatian spots, this wallpaper will look stunning in a nursery.

It’s quirky, but it’s also very sweet. Plus, it’s super easy to make without wallpaper.

All it needs is a white wall with painted black spots, perfectly suitable for any budget!

Black Crib

A black crib is an amazing idea for a black-themed nursery.

Not many people think about having a black crib, but it can look incredibly cute.

For parents who love the color black, it’s an easy way to incorporate black into the nursery, without it being a central color.

Black Chairs

Black Chairs

If you want to add more black to your nursery, then black chairs are perfect for that purpose.

Black chairs are trendy right now and are perfect for a black and white theme.

Black chairs also don’t show up any stains as easily as white chairs, so it’s a win-win situation!

Black Stuffed Animals

Black Stuffed Animals

Another way to incorporate black into your nursery is by getting black stuffed animals.

Stuffed animals are always necessary for a nursery. For a black nursery theme, it could be cute to get special black stuffed toys.

That could be a panda, a bear, a rabbit, or even a cat!

Black Painted Walls

Black Painted Walls

Black painted walls in a nursery are adorable.

While it might seem too dark, if the room is paired with neutral colors, such as white and beige, black painted walls can look incredibly beautiful.

We recommend just painting one wall in black. This creates a look which is perfect for parents who want a cute nursery for their little one.

Black Lampshades

Black lampshades are a great way to add black into a room, especially if there’s a lot of color already in the room.

Black lampshades are amazing for parents trying to make a stylish nursery for their baby.

Black Photo Frames

Black Photo Frames

Photo frames are a must-have in a nursery. These can be adorable pictures of the family or even framed photos of artwork.

Instead of opting for bright colors, pick a black photo frame!

This creates a focal point on your family photos, and black frames can add great contrast to white walls.

Black Mirrors

Black Mirrors

Mirrors are a perfect addition to every room. They reflect light beautifully, and they’re fun to play with.

If you have a mirror over a dresser, it’ll create a gorgeous focal point in the room.

A black mirror would be perfect for a black and gray nursery which needs a little more light.

Black Bedding

Black Bedding

Bedding is another important element of a nursery.

The bedding should match the decor of the room, and should complement the overall design of the room.

Black sheets are a classic choice, and a popular option to go with the nursery theme.

However, another option could be black and white bedding, so that the black isn’t as intense. This depends on your overall look and design of the room.

Black Rugs

Rugs are another essential piece of furniture in a nursery.

Make sure that you choose a rug that fits well within the room, and complements the rest of the decorations.

Black rugs are a fantastic choice for a black themed nursery that needs a focal point.

Black Changing Table

Nursery furniture is something that everyone needs, no matter what the style of the room is.

It’s a necessity when it comes to creating a home for babies.

You’ll need a changing table, so if the room’s theme is black, then feel free to get a black changing table.

If your crib is black as well, then add in some neutral colors to balance the look for a happier and brighter nursery.

Black Dressers

Dressers are definitely practical and vital pieces of nursery furniture.

When choosing a dresser, make sure that it has enough storage space for all of your baby’s clothes.

A black dresser is a great idea for a black themed nursery, because it won’t clash with any other colors in the room.

Plus, it’s super easy to lighten a black dresser. Adding shades of white and beige will make the dresser look brighter.

Plus, accent colors like pink, yellow, and orange can be used to make the black dresser look even more inviting.


So, there you go.

These are some fabulous black nursery ideas that you can use to create an incredible nursery for your baby.

Black nurseries do not have to be dark and dingy. They can be surprisingly beautiful, and it’s great for parents who aren’t keen on overly bright colors.

Neutral nurseries are great, but if they’re a bit boring for you, why not add black to neutral colors?

It’s not only beautiful, but it allows parents to add their own personality to the nursery room.

Black nurseries can be just as magical as bright and neutral nurseries, so if you love the color black, your babies’ nursery can be just as welcoming if you decide on a black theme!