Charlize Theron Is Not A "Monster Mom" She Is Every Mom

This week the world was shocked when Charlize Theron disciplined her child, like any other parent

Sometimes I feel for celebrities (not really, but kinda).

If a celebrity is caught partying too hard I find it hard to shed a tear if they’re photographed doing something stupid. But when it comes to parenting, I tend to go a little soft. Your everyday, run-of-the-mill parents these days are subject to enough perfect parent judgements at the best of times, so imagine being a celebrity parent—they seem to be particularly subject to scrutiny.

The reality of course, though, is that when a celebrity is called out for doing something someone deems poor parenting, parents all over the world are similarly judged. None of us is perfect.

Find me a parent whose kid hasn’t had a throw down in public and I’ll show you a parent who lies. If I had a nickel for every time my son lost it in parking lots and stores…

Earlier this week Charlize Theron was busted by paparazzi trying to drag her tantruming 4-year-old off of the ground and was called “Monster Mom.” MONSTER MOM?? The best is that they try to get us all to judge her right along with them.

“Charlize Theron may be an award winning actress but she certainly won’t be receiving any accolades in parenting! The-mother-of-two was snapped wrestling her son in a parking lot on Feb. 18,” was the caption on the OK! Magazine image.

I totally disagree. I give her serious kudos. Think of that meme with Katniss from Hunger Games.

Yup, that one right there. That. I feel her pain. Any parent would. Managing 4-year-old tantrums is the worst. In fact I’m fairly confident most parents would give her accolades in parenting and perhaps a commiserative smile.

I fondly remember the time my son was tantruming in a toy store. I had to pick something up and he was misbehaving and got a time out, in the store. I made the call and stand by it to this day. I had stuff I had to do and couldn’t indulge the behaviour to get it done. So instead, he lost his mind in the store. I was waiting for judgey eyes and comments about my inability to control my child. Instead I had a mom walk past me and pat me on the shoulder and say, “Stay strong”. I wanted to hug her.

It’s bad enough that OK! photographed the ‘incident’, posted it and judged her for it. It’s even worse than they thought parents everywhere would join in the chorus of boos. In general I think it’s good practice to never call anyone a bad parent unless they abuse their kids. So, sorry OK! No dice. I’m right there with Charlize. You get under your child’s arm pit to get him up off the road if that’s what you’ve gotta do.

How many of us parents have had to figure out a way to get our washboard stiff screaming kids strapped securely and safely into their car seats? It isn’t pretty but it happens to the best of us. And who else is glad we’re not surrounded by paparazzi when that happens? *raises hand*

When our kids tantrum in public, we have three options: give them whatever they want so that they stop (for which we’ll be judged for being over indulgent pushovers), leave them there screaming while we get our stuff done (for which we’ll be judged for ignoring our screaming kid and not being able to control them), or pick them up while they flail and remove them from the situation (for which we’ll be called Monster Mom).

The only person out there who might say you can talk them down and reason with them either never had a 4-year-old or forgets what it’s like to have a 4-year-old. Kids are hard wired to freak out. It’s science. For real it is. So we can either all have each other’s backs, whether we have kids or not, and support parents through these times of pure unadulterated hell, or we can finger point with holier than thou judgements about what a good parent would never do. The right choice seems obvious to me. 

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