Kim Kardashian Is An Exhibitionist, Not A Terrible Parent

After posting another nude selfie, the world called Kim Kardashian a bad mom. We aren't buying it

Parents in general, but let’s face it, moms specifically, are no strangers to finger pointing and judgement for every single thing we do. Cry it out, or don’t, breastfeed or don’t, if we do it or we don’t it, we’re judged for it. I stopped caring what other people think a long time ago—the day I learned that I couldn’t win, I stopped being a participant in the game.

There’s one mom in particular that seems to get the really, really short end of that stick, though. I am talking about none other than Kim Kardashian.

Let’s be honest, there is a lot about Kim K that we all want to judge. The woman is a caricature of herself. I have no idea if her parenting views are in any way consistent with my own because I try to live my life not following hers at all. Once in a while though, Kim pops up in my newsfeed and I can’t look away. Like when she couldn’t find anything she wanted to wear and decided, “I have an idea! I’m going to go buck, and post a picture of it on Instagram!’ Poor life choice? Definitely. Anything to do with her parenting skills? Not so much.

According to PopSugar, however, if we are parents, everything we do is a comment on the type of parent we are, regardless if it has anything to do with parenting whatsoever. Case and point, their recent ‘article’ (I use the term loosely) titled “11 Times Kim Kardashian’s Parenting Choices Made Our Jaws Drop.”

Of the eleven moments pictured by Popsugar, only four have anything whatsoever to do with her children. While a lot of what that woman does is jaw dropping, the ‘parenting choices’ they picked for this particular piece of stellar journalism don’t really make the cut.

“When she dressed up North as André Leon Talley [66-year-old male fashion editor] for Halloween.” Weird, Yes. Jaw dropping? Not even a little. Really, who even cares? Not to mention that a weird Halloween costume is hardly a comment on parenting.

“When the first photos of the Kardashian-West family ran in Vogue. . . Little North took ‘baby's first photo shoot’ to a whole new level!” To me, it really doesn’t look any different than a million other baby family portraits that I’ve seen, other than the fact that it ran in Vouge. I don’t see anything at all that is particularly jaw dropping about the picture. Nothing. It’s not like Kanye or Kim are equally unclad. If they were then yes, jaw dropping.

Apparently they also rented a Ferris wheel for North’s birthday and had front row seats with the baby at a fashion show, because they are famous, rich and they can. But really, WHO CARES?!? Why are those bad parenting choices? They’re rich celebrities. Of course they did those things.

Every single other example of poor parenting are various images of Kim in various forms of undress, which is the Kim Kardashian way.  I am no fan of hers but what in the world does her balancing a champagne glass on her ample butt have to do with the way she parents her kids, other than she’s a mom and moms are expected to not do silly things… because they’re moms? Not sure that argument holds up but okay.

I get it, we parents are held to a higher standard once we have little people looking at every single thing we do, influenced by our choices and learning what is good and right and appropriate. And most people will agree that that woman is off the wall, to say the least. But call it what it is, which is exhibitionism, narcissism and sensationalism.

But it’s got nothing to do with parenting. And judging Kim on her ability to be a good mom and raise her kids—for whatever reason—is just not right. 

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