Food Aversion During Pregnancy And Beyond

When pregnancy symptoms persist after birth, sometimes there are devastating casualties


This is a really sad and unfortunate story about chocolate. How could there possibly be such a story, you ask? But first, let me digress to salmon.

I have not eaten cooked salmon in almost 12 years. When I was pregnant with Rowan, the very smell of cooked salmon would immediately make me want to throw up. And while salmon is a great source of protein and Omega-3, I never loved cooked salmon in the way I obsessed about chocolate.

Studies have shown almost 85% of expectant mothers experience a food aversion, most during their first trimester. Really, first trimester? My food aversion to salmon has lasted from the minute I was pregnant to now, more than a decade. Where is the study that says food aversions thanks to pregnancy can last a damn lifetime?

To this day, I have to leave restaurants, or tables, especially if the person nearby has ordered salmon. At home, it is strictly forbidden.

It’s not that I don’t want to eat salmon, it’s the smell, thinking about the taste and, even worse, putting cooked salmon in my mouth that makes me want to run to the bathroom, as if I still have morning sickness.

Food aversions, at least for me, will last for the rest of my life, or so it seems. I’d rather hang out at a gas station inhaling fumes for an entire day than take one bite of salmon. You could triple dare me, and I still wouldn’t try it.

My pregnancy “aversion” turned life-long “aversion” to salmon is an understatement. Food loathing is definitely more apt. (Thanks Rowan! I still love you.)

But, even worse, is my now life-long aversion to… warm chocolate croissants.

Yes, you read correctly. I can’t even look at a chocolate croissant without wanting to puke. See? So sad!

I didn’t have an aversion, while pregnant with Holt, to chocolate croissants. I was addicted to them like crack (Not that I’ve ever tried crack.)

I would visit Aroma, a restaurant/bakery near my house where they ask for your name to call out your order when it’s ready, often three times a day (!) for my warm chocolate croissants.

In the first few months of pregnancy, I would make up fake names, because, well, it was embarrassing to be ordering chocolate croissants three times a day for months.

Near the end of my pregnancy, there was no point in a fake name, because every single person who worked there knew who I was. “Chocolate croissant?” they’d ask, before I even opened my mouth.

“Please,” I’d say sheepishly. I figure I ate about 400 – yes 400! – chocolate croissants while pregnant with Holt.

Then a funny thing happened, as funny as a sad comedian. After Holt was born (I gained 70 pounds. I wonder why!) I could no longer fathom eating another chocolate croissant. Ever. Obviously, I had used up my craving bank for those warm chocolate croissants.

It has been two years, and I still can’t even look at a chocolate croissant, let alone think about eating one, without gagging, like when a doctor performs a strep throat test.

It turns out there are TWO kinds of food aversions when it comes to pregnancy.

The kind that happens while you are pregnant, and the kind that happens after you give birth.

No one gives me any sympathy when I admit I still have a food aversion to salmon. But, boy, do I get sympathy, especially from women, about the depressing state of me not being able to enjoy a chocolate croissant. Ever. Again. It IS sad. (Thanks Holt! I still love you.)

Why, oh, why couldn’t I have been one of those pregnant women who just had a food aversion to vinegar? I could give up vinegar for the rest of my life.

It’s been a difficult adjustment to get used to the fact that I may never enjoy a chocolate croissant ever again. Cue tiny violin if you want. But am I alone? Has anyone else not been able to eat something they once loved as much as Johnny Depp, while pregnant and still years and years later?

Honestly, I want to cry. And, pregnancy hormones have nothing to do with it.

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