The (Politically Incorrect) Secret To Losing Baby Weight

Rebecca Eckler's secret to losing the baby weight is not for the faint of heart... literally!

I can’t share the secret of balancing life as a mother. But I can share the secret of losing baby weight! There have been only two times in my life when I’ve actively tried to lose weight. Both times were brutal, and I’d feel so grumpy that I would have an overwhelming urge to bite anyone who happened to be around me.

The first time I actively tried to lose weight was 11 years ago, after I gave birth to Rowan. I had gained 50 pounds (French fries. French fries. French fries!).

The second time was less than two years ago, after I gave birth to Holt, and gained 70 pounds (Chocolate croissants. Chocolate croissants. Chocolate croissants!).

Looking back, losing baby weight was a positive experience. I can now empathize with those who want to lose weight, baby weight or otherwise. Why?

It’s fucking hard!

When I gave birth to Rowan, I honestly thought the 50 pounds I gained would go away as soon as she came out. In fact, one of the first things I did in the hospital, after giving birth, was find a scale in a room I was definitely not supposed to be in.

I was shocked (to tears!) when I realized I was still 46 pounds above my natural weight.

Back then I was more vain than when I had Holt. It’s awful to say, but after giving birth to Rowan, I basically ate air. It was so yummy. Not.

Because I had C-sections, both times, I had to wait six weeks to exercise. And boy did I exercise. I did Pilates. I swam. I ran on the treadmill. I worked out almost two hours a day. And I hated every second of it!

Of course, everyone should know that 80% of losing weight is what you put in your mouth. The other 20% is exercise.

Some people are just genetically lucky when losing baby weight (hate them!). One of my friends was back into her regular skinny jeans after seven days.

I was never so lucky.

With both my children, it took exactly six months to get back to my pre-baby weight. And it took a lot of work!

It turns out I do have wonderful willpower, when it comes to losing baby weight. While everyone around me had plates brimming with food, I would say, “I’m not hungry.” Of course, everyone knew I was trying to lose weight, and no matter how much they pressed me to eat, I just wouldn’t, unless it was a leaf of lettuce.

So, here’s the secret. Drum roll please! I cut out all carbohydrates, all sugar and all alcohol completely. I know this probably isn’t the healthiest way to lose weight, but quite frankly, I didn’t care.

Cutting out all sugar, carbohydrates and alcohol, along with at least an hour and a half of exercise a day, and that’s how I lost my baby weight.

Exercise can only take you so far. The will power to not eat anything that tastes good (which is pretty much everything that has a lot of calories) is what one really needs.

They say “everything in moderation” but when it comes to losing baby weight, I don’t know one woman who truly doesn’t want her pre-baby body back.

Screw moderation. We just want to feel good about our bodies again.

I did treat myself to ONE chocolate covered almond a night. It would take me ten minutes to eat, because I so wanted to savor the taste.

When women moan that they still haven’t lost their baby weight, after years, I just want to give them my tip. It’s called, “WILL POWER.” It’s that simple.

But here’s the great news. EXACTLY six months after giving birth to both my babies, I not only was back at my pre-baby weight, I actually never looked better in my life! My body was banging! After both Rowan and Holt were born, and, using my, I’m sure, politically incorrect way of starving myself, plus doing hot yoga five times a week, swimming laps, and jogging, I had amazing muscle tone in my stomach, arms, and legs. My body has never looked better than after having my children. It took time, yes, but my stomach actually IS as flat as a table.

The one problem after losing all the weight is your baby will soon be eating French fries, pasta, and pancakes and you’ll need will power, AGAIN, to stop nibbling their leftovers.

Now can someone share the secret of balancing life as a mother?

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