When Your Kids Grow Up Too Fast

It happens to every parent: one minute they are curled up in your arms, the next they are off on their own. But do most parents enjoy that “time flies”?


Almost every parent, at one point, has moaned, “Time flies so fast,” about their children. You see this on social media, where parents post photographs of their children going into Kindergarten, or celebrating a birthday, or having their Bar Mitzvah, or posting videos of their babies gurgling.

I think I may be one of the few mothers actually excited that my children grow up and that, “Time flies.”

Sure, I wish I could, sometimes, still hold them, swaddled in a blanket, like the day they came home for the very first time from the hospital. But those moments are fleeting.

I rarely ever think, “Time flies,” or at least not with any sadness.

I actually look FORWARD to my children growing up, because it’s so fascinating to see what and how they turn out, kind of like baking a flambé or Thanksgiving turkey.

When Holt started walking, I was like, “Yippee! That’s cool,” and then a minute later, I was imagining him playing hockey, racing around the ice on skates.

I never look at my 11 year-old with any regrets or that I should have savored more of her baby moments, because I look at her, now, with such fascination, like, “Wow! You’ve really turned out to be a beautiful and smart kid. I can’t wait to see what you’re like at 12 and 13 and 28,” just like I can’t wait to see what 2 year-old Holt will be like when he’s 3 or 4 or 15.

Obviously time does fly. One minute I was giving Rowan bubble baths and making sure she didn’t drown in the bathtub, and now she does it all on her own; she even styles her own hair.

Quite frankly, the older they get, the easier they are. My two year old is in both the “NO!” phase, where he says “No,” to everything, but he’s also in the Sticker Phase. He loves stickers and I’m finding stickers on my butt, in my bra, and even in my hair.

Will I look back and think those were good times? Not exactly. I’ll look back and say, “Thank God I don’t have to worry about walking around with a sticker of a truck on my ass for an entire day without anyone telling me.” And, “Thank God he’s no longer saying ‘No’ to every single thing.”

I look at my baby boy, laughing maniacally, and think, “I think he’s going to be the class clown,” and I kind of can’t wait to see if my prediction is right. I’m possibly the only mother who WANTS their children to grow up quickly, so I can see how their personalities progress. I so anticipate it, with all the excitement of the start of a New York fashion show.

I do remember the days when Rowan couldn’t pronounce the word “Yellow.” Sure, I thought it was cute and would make her say, “Lellow” over and over again, but I am more interested in hearing about what she’s learning in Grade Six and having actual serious conversations with her, to the point where I even ask HER for advice now sometimes. And these conversations are WAY better than a toddler babbling something you can’t understand.

And, boy is it great when they can start doing things on their own and you don’t have to keep an eye on them every second of every hour of every day. Babies are cute and tiring (fyi babies being so cute, that’s a survival instinct) but what they turn into is so much more entertaining, fascinating, and, frankly, amazing.

Don’t get me wrong. I love babies, but I love seeing what babies turn into, and what they look like as they get older, and their interests, because playing with toy cars is boring as is playing tea party with stuffed animals.

While most parents are focusing on time flying by, I’m more like, “Bring it!” I want to see what Rowan will study in university. I want to see if Holt will continue to look like his Dad when he’s 18 and if he’ll be creative or sporty. In other words, I can’t wait for my babies to grow up. Time does indeed fly but I think it’s a good thing. If you’re infatuated with your baby, just you wait. Trust me, the best is yet to come.

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