21 Clever Book Storage Ideas For Kids

If you’re in need of some new and clever ideas when it comes to storing your kid’s books, you’re in the right place.

In this post, you will find a list of 21 clever book storage ideas that will help you and your child keep their books organized.

21 Clever Book Storage Ideas For Kids

We all know just how many books our little ones collect over time, so it is important to try and keep on top of things as best as we can.

New and unique storage ideas, as well as more traditional solutions, can make things much easier.

All of the ideas we will be showing you offer great functionality and style, regardless of how many books your kid has and how much space you have in the house.

Let’s dive straight into the ideas, shall we!

Why Not Use A Spice Rack

IKEA 400.701.85 Bekvam Spice Rack, Birch, Set of 4

It might seem pretty crazy, but a great way to store your child’s books is by using a spice rack.

Also a very inexpensive option, you can hang the spice racks on the wall of your kid’s room to not only store the books but add to the room’s decor.

If you’re feeling a little creative, why not paint the spice racks to give them some more color. You can find some simple, yet stylish Ikea spice racks here!

Make A Shelf

21 Clever Book Storage Ideas For Kids - Make A Shelf

Easily one of the best ways to create space in your child’s bedroom is by adding shelves to the wall.

Instead of leaving books on the floor or in storage boxes, by simply adding two or three shelves, you have a convenient place to put the books out of the way.

This is another idea that can add a good look to the room. You can place a bookend at each end of the shelf to keep the books in place.

Buy A Picture Display Ledge

Picture display ledges are fantastic for not only holding photos but also displaying books.

These thin wooden ledges are super easy to install and provide a great way to store books in an attractive way.

Picture ledges can hold photo frames easily enough, so books will be no trouble. The AZKY store has some great options.

Use A Storage Bin

SEIRIONE Kids Book Rack, 4 Sling Bookshelf, 2 Storage Boxes and Toys Organizer Shelves, Beige

Using storage bins to organize your child’s books is a great way to ensure their books are neatly kept together but still easily accessible.

While shelves are great, they can make things harder for your child to reach their books.

Thanks to a storage bin’s lower profile, your kid will have no trouble grabbing their books.

Build A Storage Library

If you have time, space, and money, you could quite easily build your kid their very own library.

Against one wall, you could create a wall of books that looks absolutely fantastic.

The beauty of this idea is that it can store hundreds of books if necessary and grows with your child.

Cube Storage Boxes

Pomatree Fabric Storage Bins - 8 Pack - Fun Colored Durable Storage Cubes | 2 Reinforced Handles | Foldable Cube Baskets for Home, Kids Room, Nursery and Playroom | Closet and Toys Organization

We love the versatility and flexibility of cube storage boxes.

They can be easily moved around the room, stacked up if need be, and collapsed down whenever they aren’t needed.

When it comes to using them to store your child’s books, why not look for a vibrant collection of boxes that your kid will enjoy rummaging through.

Pomatree has some brilliant options.

Book Caddies

UTEX Kids' Book Caddy with Shelf, Kids Bookcase Storage with Shelf, Kids Book Storage Organizer for Toddlers, Kids, White (Grey)

Book caddies are ideal when your kid only has a handful of books that need storing away.

While book caddies do a fantastic job in regards to holding books, their best feature has to be the fact they blend into any bedroom wonderfully and take up very little space.

Hang Storage Crates On The Wall

EZDC Set of 3 Nesting Wooden Crates, 16 x 12” Wall Mounted Wooden Basket, Storage Crates, Wooden Crate Box for Storage, Display Risers, Decoration

Hanging a number of storage crates on the wall of your child’s room is an easy way to solve your storage problems.

While there are a number of good options available online, if you’re creative, you could quite easily produce your own crate to create a beautiful storage wall.

Use A Utility Cart

MIOCASA 3-Tier Metal Utility Rolling Cart, Heavy Duty Multifunction Cart with Lockable Casters, Easy to Assemble, Suitable for Office, Bathroom, Kitchen, Garden (Pink)

Utility carts can be used to effortlessly store your kid’s books. Available in a wide range of styles, they usually have two or three shelves and four wheels.

A utility cart can be a great option for storing your child’s books because they can be placed anywhere in the room and moved with ease.

They can also be used to store other items too.

Build A Library Nook

If your child has a large collection of books already, your best option may be to build them their very own library nook.

Making use of storage bins, bookshelves, and wall storage solutions, you can easily turn a corner of your kid’s bedroom, playroom, or nursery into an exciting personal library.

Use A Bookcase

HM&DX 360° Rotating Children's Bookshelf,Cartoon Books Rack Floor Simple Child Book Shelf for Home Bookcases Furniture

One of the most obvious ways to store your kid’s books is to simply use a bookcase.

Bookcases come in a wide range of different shapes and sizes so there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to find one that suits your child’s room.

Personally, we like the HM&DX 360° rotating bookcase as it has a simple design that looks great. It also takes up little space.

Buy An Acrylic Storage Unit

Acrylic Floating Wall Shelves 2 Pack Kids Bookshelf 24 Inch, Wall Mounted Invisible Ledge Shelf, Spice Rack, 4MM Thick Clear Bathroom Storage Shelves Display Organizer Toy Picture with 6 Screws

Acrylic storage units are versatile in the way they can be placed anywhere around the room and hold a variety of different things. In this instance, they are perfect for holding all your kid’s books.

What we also love about this idea is that the storage unit has a decent level of durability. Your child will struggle to break this unit so you can rest assured it will last.

Try Something Completely Different

X-cosrack Stackable Hanging Wall Files Rack & 4-Tier Metal Folder Wall File Holder with Tag Slot Mounts on Wall and Door for Office, Home, and Work Easy Organizing,Black

When coming up with new storage solutions, whether it be trying to organize your kid’s books or other things like shoes, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with thinking outside the box.

In fact, by thinking outside the box you might just find the next best parenting hack.

For example, why not try something unique like a small wagon to store your children’s books on.

You could even use something as simple as an old wooden ladder to create your own unique book stand.

Use A Wire Storage Rack

X-cosrack Stackable Hanging Wall Files Rack & 4-Tier Metal Folder Wall File Holder with Tag Slot Mounts on Wall and Door for Office, Home, and Work Easy Organizing,Black

You can really maximize the space in your kid’s room by using a wire rack to store their books.

While this idea looks great in their room, the big advantage to using the method is that you can even store the books out of sight.

Simply attach the rack to the back of a closet door if you want to organize the books out of sight.

Make Your Own Floating Shelves

If you consider yourself a creative person or know somebody who is, why not store the books on floating shelves.

Floating shelves are an excellent option if you want to not only organize and store your kid’s books but also put them on display.

Another great thing about floating shelves is that your child won’t need to struggle when trying to get a book off the shelf.

They can do so without making a mess or knocking shelves off the wall.

Utilize A Ladder Bookshelf

4NM Industrial 4-Tier Ladder Shelf, Metal Bookshelf Multifunctional Plant Flower Stand Storage Rack Shelves Bookcase for Accent Furniture - White

The best way to make the most of the vertical space in your kid’s room is to purchase a ladder bookshelf.

A ladder bookshelf is exactly what it says it is. It is a ladder that has been converted into a bookshelf.

Over The Door Organizer

JARLINK 2 Pack 5-Shelf Over The Door File Organizer, Hanging Wall File Organizer for Office or Home, File Folder Storage for Notebooks, Magazine, Books, Stationery, Letters, Grey

Similar to the wire rack idea, you could always organize your kid’s books by simply storing them on an over-the-door organizer unit.

The best thing about this idea is that you can easily maximize the space in your child’s room.

By placing the organizer on the back of a door, your child has more space for other things.


Clever Book Storage Ideas For Kids -Baskets

Baskets are probably one of the easiest, quickest ways to store and organize your children’s books with little fuss.

Taking no time whatsoever to set up, simply find somewhere in the room to put the baskets and start filling them.

The great thing about using baskets is that they are very versatile.

If you choose not to use the baskets to store books, you have plenty of other things you can use them for. You might instead store clothes, toys, or baby essentials.

Portable Units

Katabird Toy Storage Box for Kids and Baby - Collapsible Koala Toy Chest Organizer for Boys & Girls with Flip-Top Lid - Toy Bin to Keep Nursery and Playroom Fun & Tidy

There are plenty of adorable portable storage units to choose from online.

Not only do they make it much easier to store children’s books, but they also add to the nursery’s decor and style.

In our opinion, the quirky animal storage units from Katabird are perfect for any kid.

Make Your Own Book Storage Unit

Again, if you or somebody you know is creative, why not build your kid their very own, 100% unique book storage box.

By making the box by yourself, you have complete freedom over what it looks like and its dimensions.

By having control over the dimensions of the unit, you will be able to design something that fits into the space you have perfectly.

Put Shelves In A Corner Space

The final idea on our list is to make use of every bit of space in your home.

You can do this by putting up corner space shelves. Corner space shelves come in particularly useful in homes where space is of the essence.

They offer a stylish, convenient way to store books, whilst ensuring your child can still access their books when need be.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 21 clever book storage ideas for kids. As you can see from our list you have a huge variety of different ideas to choose from.

If you’ve been struggling with ideas, hopefully, now we’ve presented this list to you, you have more motivation and ideas to try something else.

Now all you need to do is find the idea from the list that suits your situation best.

Good luck!