9 Headband Holder Ideas For Any Nursery Or Little Girl’s Room

If you have a young daughter, you’re probably already well aware of how difficult it can be to keep on top of their hair accessories.

9 Headband Holder Ideas For Any Nursery Or Little Girl’s Room

Girls love to experiment with new accessories, most building a large collection in no time. One popular accessory is the headband.

While headbands are pretty, stylish, and a nice thing for your child to have, when their collection grows, storing them can become tricky. This leads to a messy, disorganized room.

Luckily, organizing your daughter’s headbands doesn’t need to be frustrating.

There are plenty of practical and cute ways to store and organize headbands, and today we want to show you the best.

In this post, you’ll find 9 of our favorite headband holder ideas for the nursery or your child’s bedroom, looking at quick and easy ways to keep things tidy.

If you’re in need of new ideas, be sure to keep reading!

1. Stackable Hair Accessory Holder

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The best thing about a stackable hair accessory holder is that it has the capability to organize not only your daughter’s headbands, but all of her other hair accessories too.

A wonderfully simple, yet effective storage solution, your little girl can keep all her clips, scrunchies, pieces of jewelry, etc., inside the holder before placing her headbands on the outside.

2. Clothes Pegs

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Another incredibly easy, yet convenient way to organize your child’s headbands is by using clothes pegs to clip them to a board.

This holder idea is fantastic because it keeps things nice and tidy in the nursery or bedroom and also adds to the decor of the room.

Using your DIY skills, attach the pegs to a colorfully painted board using wood glue or hot glue.

Instead of attaching the pegs straight to the board, you could even attach a small thread to hang the pegs off, creating a more attractive holder in the process.

3. Macrame Hair Accessory Holder

Mkono Macrame Bow Holder Hanging Hair Bow Organizer for Girls Hair Bows,Boho Wall Hair Clips Headband Storage Hanger for Baby Toddler Girls Room, Ivory (Clips and Other Props Not Included)

If you’re looking for a more appealing, cuter headband holder idea, a macrame hair accessory holder might be your best option.

Easily the prettiest and most practical way to hold headbands and other hair accessories, a macrame holder is a beautiful tasseled holder that holds headbands, bows, and hair clips with ease. 

In our opinion, when it comes to stylish decor, there isn’t a better option on this list. This holder will hold all your daughter’s headbands easily, and look absolutely adorable in the nursery.

4. Ikea Sunnersta Rail

IKEA Sunnersta Rail 303.037.22 Size 23 ½'

The next headband holder idea on our list is the super convenient sunnersta rail from Ikea.

Freeing up space in the nursery or bedroom, the sunnersta rail uses small plastic hooks to hang your daughter’s headbands from the wall. 

Thanks to the small nature of the rail, families with smaller spaces can still use the rail by placing it on the back of a door, in the closet, or even in a small drawer or cabinet. 

Extremely practical to use, once the rail has been put up, all your child needs to do is place her headbands on the hooks.

5. Get Creative With Curtain Rods

9 Headband Holder Ideas For Any Nursery Or Little Girl’s Room

You can create your own headband holder by using a curtain rod and some curtain rings.

By simply hanging a small curtain rail on the wall, you and your daughter can hang the headbands up by hooking them onto the rings. 

This may not be the most exciting or pretty storage solution, but it is certainly a practical one that takes little time to set up.

Having said that, if done effectively, this idea can still look quite stylish in your child’s bedroom.

6. Jewelry Wall Organizer

VINAEMO Jewelry Organizer Hanging Wall Mounted Jewelry Holder with Rustic Wood Drawer & Large Capacity Storage Shelf Rack Display for Earrings Rings Necklaces Bracelet

If you need a holder capable of keeping everything neatly stored away in one place, not just your little ones’ headbands, a jewelry wall organizer could be perfect.

Jewelry wall organizers offer a simple, hassle-free way to keep all your daughter’s hair accessories organized. 

Generally speaking, an organizer will come with hooks along the bottom to hang the headbands from, a small shelf to hold larger accessories, and a small drawer where scrunchies or other pieces of jewelry can be kept.

7. Headband Storage Organizer

Headband Holder, Clear Headband Organizer, Acrylic Hair Hoop Display Stand, Hairband Rack Holder, Headband Storage Holder for Women and Girls

A great idea that requires minimal setup, no DIY, and not too much space, is a simple headband storage organizer.

Headband storage organizers are great because they offer plenty of space to store headbands without making it difficult to access them. 

On the small rack, your little girl can chop and change her headband without making a mess or hunting through her room for the right one.

Another great thing about this idea is that it can be kept on a desk. This makes it much more accessible for smaller children.

8. Personalized Headband Holder

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You could always treat your child to their very own personalized headband and jewelry holder.

This idea usually consists of a small piece of wood with hooks hanging out of the bottom. Obviously, the hooks are where your child can hang their headbands from.

You can have your child’s name engraved, painted, or printed across the piece of wood, making the product much more personal to your child.

This is a great gift idea that helps organize headbands and add to the overall decor of the nursery or bedroom.

9. Get Creative

9 Headband Holder Ideas For Any Nursery Or Little Girl’s Room

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting creative with your storage ideas.

Why not use your need for a headband holder as an opportunity for you and your daughter to try something new together. 

By buying simple materials like a small curtain rail and a piece of wood, you could create a beautiful, vibrant jewelry shelf that has space underneath for your daughter’s headbands.

By making the holder yourselves, you can ensure it meets your needs and requirements and fits in brilliantly in the room.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, 9 awesome headband holder ideas for your little girl’s nursery or bedroom.

As you can see from our list, you have plenty of options available, it’s just a case of finding the right one. 

Some of our ideas require little effort on your behalf, while others will challenge your DIY skills.

Now you have this list at your fingertips, take a closer look at each idea and decide which one suits your child best.