How Long Can Babies Sleep In Pack n Play?

A pack n play can be a parent’s best friend. You can put it anywhere, use it for naps around the home, take it with you on vacations, or even share it with another child.

Most parents agree that it is a must-have on every baby registry. However, many parents wonder how long their babies can sleep in a pack n play before it becomes unsafe.  

How Long Can Babies Sleep In Pack n Play?

In this article, we will fill you in on this vital piece of information, plus some other other pack n play facts.

By the end, you will be so savvied up on the pack n play that you will know, for certain, whether buying one is the right choice for your little bundle of screaming joy. 

What Is A Pack n Play?

Pack n plays are ideal for new parents who want to save space and sanity. They are also great for traveling, day trips, and just to use around the home.

They have solid and sturdy perimeters with mesh sides that are airy and allow for easy viewing. Some designs also have attachable bassinets for those early newborn days, and/or a changing station.

Fitted with a flat mattress, pack n plays are a safe place for children to sleep and play. They are typically made out of foldable metal for ease and convenience, however, you can also find wooden pack n plays as well. 

Are Pack n Plays Safe For Sleep?

Bassinets are usually used as a place to lay down infants during daytime naps or nighttime sleep. Pack n plays are usually used as a safer alternative to bassinets.

However, there are some caveats to consider when choosing the right type of crib for your child. Soft mattresses are not recommended because they are not safe for babies. You should always stick to the firm mattress that comes with your pack n play.

Pack n plays should be left completely empty when children sleep in them. Blankets, cushions, and other items should be removed to prevent suffocation hazards.

Mattresses must be thin and firm to avoid accidents. Pack n plays should be assembled properly and have breathable mesh sides. It is also recommended to put your baby to sleep on their back in a pack n play. 

How Long Can Babies Sleep In A Pack n Play?

When deciding on how long your baby can sleep in a certain pack n play, you must correlate your baby’s weight and length against the pack n plays recommendation to make an informed decision.

Considering your pack n plays sidewall height and strength are also necessary because, as far as we know, there is no one-size-fits-all baby. 

Manufacturers make sure that their products meet safety standards before selling them. When choosing a crib, check the measurements of the crib and compare them to the weight and height guidelines listed below. 

When Will My Baby Grow Out Of Their Pack n Play Weight-Wise?

The recommended weight limit for most pack-n-plays is 30 pounds (14kgs), which makes it suitable for children aged two and a half years and under.

Some models do not have any weight restrictions, but if you see a model with weight restrictions, then it is safe to assume that it is a high-quality product.

When Will My Baby Grow Out Of Their Pack n Play Size-Wise?

Generally speaking, the baby‘s size is a critical factor in deciding how long it can sleep in a pack n play.

Usually, most pack n plays come in at approximately 40 x28.5 x29 inches (the size may vary depending upon the manufacturer of the pack n play you have).

So, when your baby reaches the height of 35 inches or 89cm, it is time to say bye-bye to your pack n play.

Sleeping in a pack n play that is too small will restrict your child’s movement and may cause injury. Babies who are restless or uncomfortable should be placed in cribs instead.

Consider A Pack n Play’s Sidewall Height and Strength

As previously hinted at, the sides of the pack n play are made of mesh material. This allows air to pass through but also lets heat escape.

This means that the sides of the pack n play will get hot during the summer months. The mesh material is not strong enough to support babies who stand up or climb on them.

How Long Can Your Baby Sleep In A Pack n Play Bassinet?

The Pack n Play Bassinet can be used until babies are about three to four months old or begin rolling over by themselves. When your baby outgrows its bassinet, it increases your baby’s risk of suffocation.

When the baby starts rolling over on his own, it is an ideal time to move him from the pack n play bassinet into the main pack n play for safe sleeping.

Crib Vs Pack N Play

Pack n Plays are great because they’re lightweight and can be used for many different purposes. They can also easily be moved around and stored. There are lots of different types of pack n plays out there and you can choose whatever works best for your needs.

A crib is usually made out of wood and comes with a mattress and sheets. Cribs are not easy to move around because they are heavy.

Convertible cribs make them easier to carry around. To help you understand the different particulars of each we will now compare the pack n play and crib in terms of mattresses, durability, portability, functionality, design, and safety.

Mattress and Sheets

Pack n play mattresses are firmer than standard crib mattresses. They’re typically considered safer because they have stronger sides. A pack n play mattress can fit into a standard crib mattress.

Sometimes the mattress isn’t included in the crib so it’s better to call up the manufacturers or the stores for mattress recommendations.

It is also recommended to buy extra mattress linens along with the crib or pack n play, as these accessories do not typically come with either a crib or pack n play.

Sheets should fit tightly around the mattress, so that your baby doesn’t get entangled.


Cribs are the sturdiest and strongest. They’re also more expensive than a pack n play. A pack n play is lighter and easier to assemble, however, they are nowhere near as sturdy as a crib.


Pack n plays are a simple type of baby bed. It is very portable and travel-friendly. It is easy to fold up and store. You can put it next to your bed and assemble it when needed.

It is also easy to assemble and disassemble. In comparison, cribs need to be kept in one place because they’re not so easy to transport.


Cribs are only generally useful for sleeping. Yes, combo cribs do come with a diaper changing station or dresser but in general, cribs don’t have much of a use besides for sleeping.

Pack n plays have many uses, such as daytime and nighttime sleeping, as a travel bed, playpen. Depending on the model, some can even fit in twins.


Pack n plays are more practical items than design-led ones. Cribs, however, tend to fit into the decor of the child’s room better. That’s why, you should choose a crib that suits the theme of the room.

For example, if the room is themed as a jungle then you can go for a wooden crib. If the room has a modern look, then you can also find some beautiful, white crib designs.


Cribs and Pack n plays are both safe for babies. However, some parents would choose a crib over a pack and play because the former is more durable, and, therefore, feels safer. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Pack n Play?

A pack n play can come with a bassinet and a changing station that clips to the top rail. The sides are high so a young child can’t climb out of it.

When you’re not using the bassinet or changing station, then the pack n play is a safe space for your child to sleep.

The bottom line is a pack n play is a safe and controlled environment for your baby. In addition, pack n plays are portable, and easy to set up and take down.

How Long Can Babies Sleep In Pack n Play?

They’re also lightweight and easy to carry around. Some models are a bit heavy and bulky, but others are more compact. Look for ones that fold easily and are easy to assemble.

Pack n plays are great for babies who love to crawl around. This means that they help parents get some hands-free time while keeping their babies safe.

A pack n play takes up much less room than a regular crib. It also serves as a convenient place for babies to nap or sleep during the day.

Pack n play is a great product for traveling. It’s easy to use, and it makes a perfect place for your baby to sleep in a familiar environment. A lot of babies are scared of being alone in a crib, but they love sleeping in a pack n play.

How To Make Your Pack N Play A Safe Environment For Sleeping

Getting a pack n play for new babies can be a good investment because some can be used as a bassinet, changing station, and play area as well.

New moms should always follow safety guidelines when using this product, and remember that transitioning to a toddler bed is important for toddlers who need more space to grow.

One thing that could reduce the risks of suffocation, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, is room sharing.

Which Position Is Best for Your Baby to Sleep In?

Sleeping on your back reduces the chances of dying from SIDS. Doctors recommend that children sleep on their backs to reduce the risks of cot death.

Some parents think that sleeping on the stomach could also help prevent SIDS, but there isn’t enough evidence to support this theory. 

Should You Add Extra Bedding?

There should never be any extra blankets, pillows, or toys where your child sleeps. All of these things can be dangerous for children and increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). Pack n plays don’t need any extra mattresses besides what comes included.

If you want to make the pack n play’s surface comfier for your baby, you should buy a mattress that is made for pack n plays. Make sure it is firm and fits tightly inside the pack n play without leaving any gaps.

What Else Could Pose A Risk To My Baby In A Pack n Play?

Check the CPSC website for recalls and warnings on pack n plays before purchase. Strangulation is always a danger to babies, so make sure your pack n play doesn’t include any dangling cords or straps.

Keep the pack n play out of reach of window treatments or other potential dangers.

Older models may have hardware that doesn’t always pull out properly and can result in a collapse. Modifying a pack n play by adding padding or materials can cause an entrapment hazard for your child.

What Are Some Other Uses For Your Pack N Play?

Pack n plays can be used, in a safe and secure manner, to your advantage, in a variety of ways. We have listed the most useful ideas below:

1) As a crib for your newborn: Pack n play is a great invention for parents who want to be close to their babies during the early days. When used as a baby crib, it allows parents to keep an eye on their infant while sleeping.

2) As a diaper changing station: You can get a bassinet attachment and use it as a diaper changing table. This makes it easy to place your baby near you while changing his/her diaper.

3) As a safe play space: A pack n play is a great safe place for babies who are too young to stand up by themselves yet. You can put them in the secure pack and then use it as a play area. 

It can be used while cleaning up the house or watching TV. You can move it around the house if needed. There are many ways to use pack n plays safely.

4) As a napping station: A pack n play is a great solution for parents who need their baby to sleep somewhere away from the regular crib. It helps them get used to sleeping in different places.

5) Corralling with a pack n play: A play yard is an enclosure used to contain children when they’re younger. Corralling means controlling access to something by surrounding it with barriers. In this case, the mother wants to be sure her baby doesn’t fall out of the play yard.

6) For camping trips: Pack n play is a must-have item when camping. Camping out for 8 hours is difficult because, if your baby is needy, holding them the entire time can get tiring. Having a pack n play, therefore, make camping trips and beach days easier for all. 


So there you have it. You now know how long babies are recommended to sleep in a pack n play. There’s no sugar-coating the fact that parenting is hard.

Especially when you are a new parent and you’re bombarded with endless advice from all sides and deciding which advice is useful and which is not is a full-time job in itself. 

Luckily, where pack n plays are concerned, the advice in this article is top-notch and, subsequently, will make your job of being a parent just that little bit easier.