Is A Pack N Play Bassinet Safe For Sleeping?

These days, there is a wide variety of Pack N Plays available for children. There are Pack N Plays with changing stations, Pack N Plays that come with a bassinet, Pack N Plays that are travel friendly, etc. 

Is A Pack N Play Bassinet Safe For Sleeping?

All Pack N Plays have been certified by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) as safe to use. However, many people have questioned whether the Pack N Play bassinets are safe to sleep in?

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about the safety of letting your baby sleep in a Pack N Play bassinet, including temperature, air circulation, and more. 

Is A Pack N Play Bassinet Safe For Sleeping?

Sadly, many children die yearly due to SIDS and suffocation, so it is essential to ask yourself whether a Pack N Play bassinet is safe to sleep in.

According to the American Association of Pediatrics (AAP), newborns should sleep on a separate flat surface from their caregivers. So, a crib, bassinet, and Pack N Play bassinet would be perfectly safe for a newborn baby to sleep on. 

So, the answer is yes. A Pack N Play bassinet is perfectly safe for a baby to sleep in.

However, it is best to keep your baby in the same room as you while they sleep in this bed, to reduce the chance of SIDS. 

It works in a very similar way to a regular bassinet and has the requirements necessary for safety according to the AAP, such as a flat surface. It also has other features that promote a sound and healthy sleep for a baby. 

Can A Pack N Play Be Used As A Bassinet?

Yes! A Pack N Play is an excellent substitute for a bassinet. It is even approved by the AAP as a product that meets the safety standards – it is safe for a baby to sleep in!

Not only are they safe for a baby to play in, but Pack N Plays are also a very useful option when it comes to a baby’s sleep. Let’s check this out in more detail!


When it comes to cribs, Pack N Plays take up a lot less space because they can be folded. So, if you live in a small space then it is a great alternative option.

However, Pack N Plays do take up more space than a bassinet, which is important to keep in mind if you are deciding between them.


Pack N Plays are excellent when it comes to travel. They provide a similar sleeping environment for your baby, so they will not feel distressed about sleeping in a new place.

Additionally, these travel cribs are portable and can be folded up, so they are easy to transfer from place to place, so you never have to worry about your baby having a safe sleeping space.

They are also convenient for nights when your baby is staying over at a grandparents’ or family member’s house. There is always a consistent place for them to sleep, as opposed to all of your family members purchasing their own crib or sleeping arrangement for the baby. 


Some babies take a great dislike to bassinets and cribs, and this way, Pack N Plays are useful because they are an excellent alternative. They are snugger than cribs, which is what babies are used to. 

What Are The Best Ages For Pack N Play Sleeping?

When it comes to sleep, there is no age limit for Pack N Plays. Babies of all ages can have a safe night’s sleep in a Pack N Play.

However, there is a question of size. Rather than focusing on age, it is best to consider whether or not your baby still fits into the Pack N Play, and does not exceed any weight or height restrictions put in place by the Pack N Play manufacturers. 

Most of the time, babies can sleep in Pack N Plays for over a year before they outgrow them. 

How Can You Make A Baby’s Pack N Play Safe To Sleep In?

Most of the time, a Pack N Play is already a safe sleeping environment for your baby. So, it is unlikely that you will need to make any extra changes to turn it into a safe sleeping environment. 

One thing you should never do is change the mattress that the Pack N Play comes with, even if you think that your choice of mattress will be more comfortable and better for your baby.

When it comes to babies, mattresses should be firm and the sheets should be fitted tightly. The mattress that comes with the Pack N Play is more than suitable for your baby to sleep on. 

What Are The Safety Guidelines For Using Pack N Play For Sleeping?

It is always best to follow the safety guidelines when it comes to your baby’s sleeping spaces. The first tip is to always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the Pack N Play.

Secondly, Pack N Plays should always have mesh sides to promote breathability. Mesh sides allow your baby to breathe when she/he rolls onto the side of the Pack N Play.

The mesh also prevents the fabric from becoming too hot during the summer months.

Finally, you should always test the latch mechanism before letting your child use the Pack N Play. This is so you can ensure it will not accidentally fold up while your little one is still inside it.

You also need to test the floor strength, and test any optional accessories, such as the removable bassinet, baby mobiles etc. for safety. 

As a general safety tip, you should always put your baby to sleep on their back. You should also remove any blankets, pillows, and toys if you are leaving your child unattended.

In general, you should always follow AAP guidelines when it comes to your baby’s safety while sleeping.

Can You Purchase Your Own Bassinet To Go Over A Pack N Play?

Can You Purchase Your Own Bassinet To Go Over A Pack N Play?

No, it is not advisable to buy your own bassinet to go over a bassinet. A lot of the time, regular bassinets that you purchase separately from a Pack N Play will not fit the size of the Pack N Play, which can pose a safety risk to your little one. 

If you want your baby to sleep in a bassinet that sits over a Pack N Play, then it is best to purchase a Pack N Play with a bassinet already built into it. That way, you already know that it is safe for your baby to sleep in. 

Final Thoughts

Most people think of a safe sleep environment for babies as being exclusive to cribs and bassinets, but did you know you can actually add Pack N Plays to this list?

 A lot of Pack N Plays come with a bassinet built-in, which is perfectly safe for your little one to sleep in. Not only that, but Pack N Plays are actually safe for babies of all ages to sleep in without a bassinet.

You just need to make sure you are following the safety tips as outlined by the manufacturer of your Pack N Play, as well as safety tips from the AAP.

For example, you should never swap out the Pack N Play mattress for one you think is more suitable. You should remove any pillows and blankets from the Pack N Play if you are going to leave your child unattended.

You should also never use your own bassinet as a substitute for a bassinet that comes with a Pack N Play. These may pose a safety risk to your child, and it is better to use the bassinet that comes with the Pack N’ Play. 

We hope this article answered all of your questions about the safety of a Pack N’ Play! 

Frequently Asked Questions  

What Is The Difference Between A Pack N Play And A Bassinet?

A Pack N Play is a portable infant bed designed to be used alongside a standard-sized crib or bassinet. They usually consist of a mattress, frame, headboard, footboard, and canopy.

Some models also include a bassinet attachment that attaches to the side of the bed. Meanwhile, a bassinet is a small cot designed for babies specifically.

A bassinet usually consists of a mattress, frame (which holds the mattress), and canopy. It does not have a headboard or footboard like a Pack N Play.

How Long Can Babies Sleep In A Pack N Play Bassinet?

Most of the time, your little one will outgrow their bassinet when they are 3-4 months old. Alternatively, they outgrow their Pack N Play bassinet when they can roll over by themselves.

However, the time they stop using their Pack N Play bassinet also depends on weight. The weight limit of a Pack N Play bassinet is typically 15 lbs.

So, your little one should stop using their Pack N Play bassinet as they approach this weight limit, around 12-13 lbs. 

Can A Baby Suffocate In A Pack N Play?

Yes, it is possible for a baby to suffocate in a Pack N Play.

There is a risk of suffocation or sleep-related infant deaths in any sleeping environment for a baby, so it is important that you follow the AAP guidelines to ensure that you have made your little one’s sleeping environment as safe as possible. 

Is A Pack N Play A Safe Baby Product?

Pack N Plays are safe products because they meet the requirements set forth by the American Academy of Pediatrics. This means that they have been tested and certified to be safe for babies.

Furthermore, they are recommended by health professionals, such as pediatricians, nurses, and lactation consultants.

Pack N Plays meet the necessary safety standards, meaning they are safe for babies, but you must always check that you have set up the Pack N Play correctly and have followed the guidelines yourself.