8 Kids Shoe Storage Ideas

8 Kids Shoe Storage Ideas

It is quite amazing just how much stuff the little people in our lives can accumulate.

From toys and teddy bears to clothes and essential items, we need a lot of space in our homes to keep things under control. 

Any parent will also be aware of just how many pairs of shoes our kids end up having. This can be a real problem, particularly for those of us who don’t live in big spaces.

The only solution we have is to find new and unique ways of storing their shoes away so they don’t interfere with our day-to-day lives. 

The fact you’re here would suggest you’re running out of ideas. Luckily for you, we have put together a list of the best shoe storage ideas for your kid’s shoes.

 If you’re running out of ideas why not try one of ours!

1. Use A Shoe Rack

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It may seem like an obvious option but you will be surprised by the number of parents who don’t make the most of shoe racks when it comes to storing away their children’s shoes.

A shoe rack is a convenient way to not only store your kid’s shoes but also display them.

This ensures the shoes are kept together tidy and off the floor, while also making it a lot easier for you to pick a pair out for your child quickly. 

2. Use A Hanging Shoe Organizer

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Using a hanging shoe organizer in your child’s room or around the house is another great option.

Whether it be hung on the back of the laundry room’s door or in a closet, hanging organizers are one of our favorite storage solutions.

Hanging shoe organizers offer a hassle-free, organized solution that frees up space around the rest of the house and keeps all your children’s things in one place.

The beauty of these organizers is that you can use them to store a variety of things, not just shoes.

3. Baskets

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As a parent, you seriously need to make baskets your best friend. When it comes to storing books and toys, or your kid’s shoes, baskets will always have your back covered. 

Baskets are an easy, very cheap way to keep messes under control and organize your children’s belongings. Simply placing a couple of baskets in your child’s nursery will free up an amazing amount of space in the room.

One thing we really love about baskets is how they can also look very nice and add to the decor of the room.

4. Buy A Utility Cart

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Another storage solution you will quickly find is your best friend is the good old-fashioned utility storage cart. Excellent for organizing your child’s space, a utility cart is a simple, yet effective way to keep everything under control. 

Primarily used by parents to keep diapers etc organized or as a pumping station, these carts can also be used to store your kid’s shoes.

What makes the utility cart such a good choice is that your child can still easily access their shoes whenever they need to without your help.

5. Storage Bench

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A good storage bench is a necessity in the entryway to your home if you are struggling to find somewhere to put your kids’ shoes.

Also offering a great place for your child to sit as they put their shoes on, a storage bench provides plenty of space to store rain boots, sneakers, and flip flops. 

You can also quite easily use a storage bench to store your kids’ shoes with the rest of the families. 

6. Shadow Boxes

kilofly 15 Kids Women Smart Storage Containers Foldable Clear Shoe Box Set

Also known as a glass-enclosed display case, a shadow box is essentially a small display case capable of storing a variety of different objects.

Primarily designed to add to the aesthetics of whichever room they are in, they also happen to offer great practicality when it comes to storing children’s shoes. 

Keeping all your child’s shoes neatly organized, a stylish shadow box can make a big difference in a nursery.

7. Use Rods & Hooks

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Another brilliant way to store your child’s shoes, so that they aren’t in the way all the time is to use rods and hooks.

By installing a rod at the back of a closet or even above a dresser, you can then use hooks to hang your children’s shoes up out of the way.

Aside from solving a very frustrating problem, this storage idea can actually help you make a pretty adorable display of your child’s clothes as well as shoes.

8. Wall Shelves

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Baby wall shelves are one of the most adorable things you can put up in your child’s nursery.

These cute, colorful shelves not only make your baby’s room look even more adorable, but they also make life a lot easier when trying to keep things organized.

Simply placing the shoes on the shelves instead will help you keep them out of the way. It will also make things a lot easier when it comes to trying to find the shoes the next time your child needs them.

Final Thoughts

There you go, there are 8 great storage ideas for you in relation to storing your kids’ shoes. As you can see from our list, there are lots of very simple, yet effective storage solutions we have at our disposal.

While the different ideas vary quite a lot, you can rest assured that they will all help you solve your storage problems. 

When setting up your child’s nursery, try your best to put plans in place to ensure you have designated areas to store your child’s clothes. By doing so, you will have nothing to worry about, and parenting will be a little easier.