Five Old School Toys Your Children Will Always Love

Your child is guaranteed to love these five timeless toys and games that have been loved by generations of children.

Toys to children are a lot like what cell phones and tablets are for adults. But while it’s wonderful to keep up with what’s trendy for children right now, this doesn’t mean you should stay away from the timeless pieces you enjoyed as a kid. Your kid will still appreciate them and it won’t take you as much time to find something your child will enjoy. The following toys and games are sure to put a smile on your child’s face as they likely did on yours when you were a child.

Snakes and Ladders 

This ancient Indian board game has been played throughout the ages, and thus has unquestionable acclaim as a fun activity children (and adults) will always love. You likely played this game as a child, maybe even on a Snakes and Ladders board one of your parents used to play with. But whether you bestow upon your child your old, retro-coloured game board, or you buy them an updated, modern version, Snakes and Ladders is a must-have for children. It’s a simple game of a race-to-the-finish-line which children always love, and is accomplished though die-rolls, which will inspire your children to feel lucky (and that’s a great feeling to have). With the classic ladder-climbing and swirling down the snake’s back (how I rationalized the demoting levels as a child), Snakes and Ladders is a fun, exciting game that never gets old.

Vintage Polly Pocket Compact

Polly Pocket miniature houses, candy stores, yachts and malls are still currently being sold, so thankfully the Polly Pocket brand that little girls here in Canada grew up with during the 80s and 90s has not disappeared. However, there’s really nothing quite like the miniature compact houses that used to entertain us whenever and wherever we went. These miniature pocket-size houses were like our first make-up compacts that made us feel special and girly as we carried around in our palms, purses and pockets these bright pink cases. And inside these oyster-like toys, was a gem of a house that we took personal pride in, as we mimicked our mothers and took care of the little living space we carried around everywhere we went. A great gift idea for little girls is the now vintage version of the classic Polly Pocket compact, which can be obtained online through sites like eBay or vintage toy stores. Image via Buzzfeed

Classic Brown Teddy Bear

It goes without saying that every child needs a soft, huggable toy they can cuddle with when sleeping or travelling. Yet these days there are so many different cuddly toys based on popular TV or film characters, like a Dora The Explorer plush doll for instance, that the traditional teddy can fall to the background. But the advantages of the teddy bear over other modern plush toys are numerous, especially if you bestow upon your child your old childhood teddy. But even newer versions still carry with them that old-world, classic charm, and the wonderful thing is that siblings can share the traditional teddy bear between them or pass them on to others as they grow older, because the traditional brown teddy bear conveys instant, cross-cultural, timeless familiarity. A child doesn’t need to watch a specific TV show or movie in order to fall instantly in love with the comforting brow teddy. Whether you choose a modern or vintage style, a brown teddy is a must-have.

Barbie Dolls


While some have argued that Barbie dolls encourage unrealistic expectations about feminine beauty and body image, from my perspective as a child who played with Barbie dolls, they were just fun, girly companions that kept me company when I was alone and inspired my interest in fashion. I didn’t try to look like Barbie, but I did like her colourful, trendy clothes and I thought it was a ton of fun to hang out with her and her friends. There are so many different versions of Barbie dolls now, that there is sure to be a Barbie doll that appeals to your little girl. The fashion accessories inspired a lot of creativity too as did Barbie’s many outfits and dresses. If you have or know a little girl that loves fashion, Barbie is sure to provide hours of creative fun. She has since 1959 and so far it seems little girls have never tired of Barbie’s company since!

Lego Blocks

As long as you don’t step on one, there really isn’t any way to not enjoy using Lego blocks to construct all sorts of buildings, houses, cars, people, etc…You name it, Lego will help your child build it! Encourage your child’s inner architect with the help of Lego, and you might have inspired a future career for your child! Regardless of gender, Lego blocks and games are sure to provide hours of fun for children (and even adults!). With all the new innovations in Lego, it’s easy to forget how much of a classic toy Lego really is, but one need only contemplate the fact that pretty much everyone you know played with Lego as a child to realize how timeless the toy building blocks really are. First manufactured in 1949, the colourful interlocking bricks have entertained children since their inception and have never failed to do so since then. And as far as I can tell, it doesn’t seem like interest in these toys will ever wane. They are a fail-safe classic that you can’t go wrong with.

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