How To Grow Your Own Indoor Garden

Looking for a fun indoor activity for your kids this winter? An indoor garden is perfect for you


Now that the ground is starting to get frost and the last of the fall chrysanthemums have come and gone, it’s time to bring the outdoors in with an indoor garden kids can help create!

Low Maintenance

For children in Grade 1 and under, soft succulents are a great low-maintenance plant. Pick up a regular variety that is soft and fuzzy and won’t hurt little hands, like the classic Echeveria. Keep them in the pot they come in, or repot them in a succulent soil mix that includes sand. In the winter, most succulents only need to be watered once a month, but during the rest of the year, once a week is preferable. Make sure they get partial or direct sunlight. For an even lower maintenance plant, air plants are completely self-sufficient!

Cat Grass

If you have a feline friend in your home, growing cat grass is a must (that is, if your cat has a strong digestive system!) You can purchase a kit online or at a pet shop.

Seed Starters

If you dream of having a gorgeous vegetable or flower garden in the spring, it’s a great idea to start little seedlings indoors to kick start your garden next season. A fun way to upcycle waste is to save eggshells. Kids can fill the clean half eggshell with soil and place the seeds inside. Once it’s time to plant the sprouts, you can even place the entire eggshell in the ground, which will degrade and protect the plant from getting eaten by slugs!

Air Purifiers

One of the great benefits of having an indoor garden is that plants can purify the air in your home! This is especially great in colder months when stale, dry air is being re-circulated. Aloe plants are an all-time favourite low-maintenance plant, and can also be cut and used to heal cuts or sunburns. A neat tip about the Aloe plant is that it will get brown spots if a lot of chemicals are present in the air! English Ivy is another air-filtering plant that can absorb formaldehyde. The plant is easy to grow and can be hung from the ceiling in a decorative pot.

Spider Plants

Everyone has a memory growing one of these classic plants! The plants are also air filtering, battling chemicals like benzene, formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and xylene from the air. The best part about spider plants is that they grow rapidly and you can teach your child about how plants grow roots by separating the mini shoots and putting them into a glass of water. Once the mini spider plant gets long enough roots (this might take a month or so), transfer the little plant to a new pot and watch it grow again! Spider plants require a good source of light (and thrive in the scorching sun), aerated potting mix and liberal watering. Make sure to drain excess water from the plant to avoid mould growth!

Incredible Edibles

A great addition to any kitchen is fresh herbs. Basil, cilantro and rosemary are easy to grow indoors on your kitchen windowsill. You can even pick up a potted plant from the grocery store, or have your kids start growing them with seeds. We love these Garden-in-a-Bags; they are super easy and have everything from basil to lavender.

Avocado Tree

This is a fun project for kids to learn about how plants grow. After Mexican night or yummy avocado toast, save the avocado’s pit and wash it. Grab a glass or clean mason jar and fill it with water. Punch four toothpicks into the avocado pit and suspend the broad end in the water. In about four to six weeks, roots will sprout. Once the stem is six inches long, cut it back to three inches. When the stem regrows and the roots are thick, transfer the pit into pot filled with soil, leaving half of the seed exposed. Place the plant in direct sunlight and water it thoroughly but not too much! Yellow leaves on the stem means that the avocado plant is getting too much water.  This plant project takes a bit of patience but it’s free and fun to watch the pit grow. To make the tree even cuter, find a kitschy blue mason jar or decorative vase to adorn your new avocado tree!


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