10 Nature Inspired Baby Names For Earth Day

If you’re a Mother Earth-to-be, consider one of these outdoorsy names for your baby.

Spring has definitely sprung, which means that the Earth is slowly starting to awaken from its long winter slumber. The natural world is coming alive, whether it be flowers blooming, trees budding, or babies being born!

So, in keeping with this theme, we’ve compiled a unique list of baby boy and girl names that are perfectly picked for nature-loving parents.


From Latin descent, Arbor means “tree”. It is a surprisingly uncommon name considering that it sounds so strong and beautiful. So, if you’re looking for a special baby girl name that is closely connected to nature, then Arbor is a strong candidate.  


Who doesn’t love Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty? This elegant unisex name is of English origin and means “a thorny patch”. Newly popular, this nature name made the US baby name charts as of 2015.


Mount Everest, anyone? This is a strong and sturdy name that comes from the tallest mountain the world. Everest, Ev for short, exudes confidence and is a great pick for either a girl or a boy.


Willow is a stunning baby girl name that sounds wistful and soft. Inspired by the ancient willow tree used often in literature, this lovely name has been appreciated and rejuvenated over time. It is a humble and wise choice for people who are interested in nature names.


Just saying this name sounds masculine and noble. It is an old Scottish name meaning “brown-skinned soldier”. For the more naturally inclined, it can also be interpreted using its literal meaning of “a mound of sand in the desert”.


Lana is a beautiful feminine name that sounds lush and light to the ear. A derivative of English, Russian, Greek, and Irish Gaelic, this historical baby girl name has many meanings including “little rock”, “light” and “child”.


This American name immediately brings up two things: pie or Huck Finn. It is a sweet and mischievous boy name that is both classic and contemporary.


Feminine and bold, Autumn has become the most popular season name. The British variation of fall, this baby girl name paints an ideal depiction of the natural world.


This boy’s name is of English origin and was made famous in the 1980s courtesy of River Phoenix—but it could easily be used for a baby girl (or opt for Brook if you want a female water-based alternative!)


Originally coined from the hazelnut tree in the 9th century, this warm female name came to be when plant names became popular for human ones. It is truly timeless.