Nursery Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere Right Now

A nursery is a place where you can create memories with your baby for years to come. It’s a room in your home that will be filled with joy and laughter, and it should reflect who you are as a parent and the love you have for your children.

Nurseries should be places that are both bright and cheerful, and foster a feeling of calm serenity.

Nursery Design Trends You’ll See Everywhere This Year

Recent trends in nursery designs have been focused on comfort, and you can expect to see these trends continue as we move forward. Individuality is another key feature. Parents want a room that feels just as special as their child is!

Take a look at this guide to find the next big trends in nursery design, and some tips on how to incorporate them into your own space.

With these design features, you can create a room that bursts with love, comfort, and meaning for you and your family. 

12 Big Design Trends For Your Nursery

1. Natural Materials For Calm

This trend has taken over nurseries everywhere. From wood floors to wicker baskets, natural materials are making an appearance in nurseries across the board.

The idea behind using natural materials is that they are not only beautiful but also calming. With woods, rattans, and canes throughout the room, the baby will feel eased and comforted.

2. A Little Of The Old, And Some Of The New

No one wants to get rid of their modern comforts, but many nursery designs are now combining sleek minimalism with antique pieces. Layering the two styles together softens the edges of both, and can give the room a unique.

Bring in antique materials and heirloom furniture, and use them alongside your smart crib and simple IKEA storage. Together, the two designs will bring out the best in each other.

3. Add Comforting Nostalgia With Vintage Fabrics (But Don’t Overdo It)

We all like a touch of the familiar, and vintage fabrics such as florals and gingham can be comforting in a nursery space. Use these touches sparingly, and update them with a modern, minimalist, rich color palette.

You can also lighten older materials by introducing them alongside luxury items, such as velvet and gold accents. Too much will seem kitschy, but careful placement will bring home comforts to a space that’s very much intended to be welcoming.

4. Bring The Big Wide World Into The Nursery With Travel Inspired Pieces

As babies grow, they’re always excited to learn and discover. Elements of travel in the design can nurture your child’s passion for discovery from a very young age. Think: Wanderlust. Incorporate this into prints and decorations across the room.

A map or globe would be perfect additions to any nursery. Images of different landscapes can also add character.

5. Global Influences Can Bring A Nursery To Life

The world is full of cultures and traditions. If you’re looking to bring something new to your nursery, consider incorporating global influences.

These elements include textiles, colors, patterns, and furniture, and can be big and bold, or simple accent pieces. Look to all corners of the globe for an eclectic feel, or focus on places that have a special meaning to you and your family.

6. Earth Tones For Sleepy Calm

Humans are hardwired to find earth tones relaxing, as they remind us of the natural environment. So if you want to create a calm, soothing atmosphere for your little one, go for earth tones.

They’ll help you achieve tranquility without being overwhelming. 

Rich earth colors, such as jungle greens, terracotta, and warm browns, are a huge trend in nursery design, and create a space that feels exotic.

Bolder color palettes are bigger than they have been in recent years, and it’s a great time to embrace the trend.

7. Serene Blues Are Adaptable And Evoke Freshness

Blue is another earth tone that’s set to be big in nursery design. Serene blues are a great choice because they don’t overwhelm, yet still evoke freshness.

Blue is often used as a backdrop for neutral rooms, so it works well when paired with a variety of hues and tones. Go for a deep navy for a cozy space, or keep things light and airy with a fresh sky blue.

8. Houseplants For Both Purity And Style

Houseplants have been a key feature of nursery design in recent years, and that is set to continue. Houseplants can be used to purify the air, and they also bring the outdoors in.

An attractive houseplant brings an easy style to even a difficult space, and they work perfectly with other major design trends like natural materials and global travel. 

If you do choose to decorate with houseplants, make sure they’re safe around young children, and avoid anything too fussy.

9. Bold Layers And Accessorizing For Personality

Too often, stylish nurseries have been boring spaces that rely on lots of neutrals. But this year, character is key to a smart nursery design. Layers are a great way to express personality in a nursery.

Bold layers can be achieved through patterned bedding, wallpaper, rugs, and accessories. When choosing accessories, look for pieces that are unique, personal, and speak of your journey as a family. 

10. The Continued Rise Of Hygge

Hygge is here to stay, as it continues to be one of the major nursery design trends. It’s defined by warmth, comfort, and coziness.

The word originated in Denmark and is designed to appeal to people striving to live life in harmony and balance with nature and those around them.

Hygge designs are nurseries that use organic materials and light colors to create a space that’s cozy without feeling enclosing.

11. Finish With A Fantastic Light Fitting

As exciting as design can be, nurseries are also functional spaces. If you have limited space, adding personal touches comes second to ensuring the room has everything your baby needs.

But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean things have to be simple or boring. 

A statement light fixture, perhaps with a super trendy travel theme, brings personality without taking up precious space. You can add a few more lamps to complete the look.

Easy Cleaning For Safer Babies And Happier Parents

In recent years, we’ve all learned the importance of keeping things clean. And in a nursery, this factor is a priority. Wipe clean surfaces and fabrics that don’t require a tumble dry to get out stains are becoming a top priority among new parents.

With the wealth of designs on the market, prioritizing cleanliness doesn’t have to mean sacrificing aesthetics! Both can work together to create a welcoming nursery that’s easy to use.

We hope these trends have inspired you to create an incredible nursery for your little one, full of love, happiness, and personality!