38 Nursery Ideas For A Baby Girl: Complete Guide

Are you putting up a nursery for a baby girl? You’ve come to the right place!

40 Nursery Ideas For A Baby Girl: Complete Guide

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite baby girl nursery ideas, as well as information on how to decorate a girl’s nursery.

Therefore, be ready to stretch your comfort zone with these amazing girls’ nursery ideas that will help you kick-start your nursery design project.

This article will lead you through each step of the nursery decorating process, from determining your nursery’s style to planning the nursery’s layout and picking furniture.

Things You Should Consider Before Decorating A Nursery

Keep Everything Close

The last thing you want to do is walk away from the baby and risk him rolling away while you search for something clean to tuck under his bottom after a little accident.

Consider diapers, wipes, and more wipes, changing table covers, a laundry hamper, a poop bucket (i.e., your diaper disposal system), burp cloths, and a pacifier, among other items. 

Stay Away From Clutter

You’ll be hauling a baby back and forth throughout the night, and stumbling over a misplaced chair (or playmat, toy, book, etc.) may be unpleasant.

On that note, ensure that you have enough storage space so that you can simply tuck away objects when not in use, rather than leaving them scattered around the floor.

Any Light Can Be Used As A Nightlight

Simply pick some “night light” bulbs from your neighborhood hardware store and transform your favorite lamp into nursery décor.

Select A Theme

Begin with an object that appeals to you and develop a little story or concept around it. You might find that deciding on a theme makes it easier to decorate, as you can coordinate different aspects together.

Art Makes A Difference

Framed photographs that are not babyish or themed, but are whimsical/colorful and overall intriguing, can be a beautifully personal addition to a baby girl’s nursery.

Alternatively, framed, printed fabric swatches can also make a nursery look a little more girly, and they are usually a steal at a craft event the ladies frequent (think Etsy sellers).

Add A Personal Touch

While the bulk of our friends and family live far away, we all enjoy features that invite them into the girls’ room.

We’re not suggesting that you must include every historical artifact bestowed upon you, but incorporating them into the décor may add even more warmth and compassion to the space.

Steer Clear Of Crib Sets

Adorable crib bumpers can pose a risk to your newborn, and the first year of life should be spent in the crib without a blanket or other covering.

Not to worry; the fitted sheet will make the crib pretty lovely – after all, your child will be sleeping in it.

You Are Not Compelled To Teach Your Child Gender Norms

Similar to how ladies do not need an introduction to the realm of princesses, men do not require an atmosphere packed with basketballs and camouflage.

Newborns don’t have a concept of gender yet, and their interests will include initially only milk, their mother’s warmth and a cozy bed. This means that your nursery doesn’t have to be the traditional pink, and you can choose any design that feels right for you.

Make The Most Of Your Preferences

If you’re looking to be cute, this is the time. Think of a decor that you would like, and that may fit your child’s personality.

They’re only newborns for a short time, so take advantage of the golden time when they can’t object to your décor choices.

38 Nursery Ideas For A Baby Girl We Think You Will Like

40 Nursery Ideas For A Baby Girl: Complete Guide

Time to share our favorite baby girl nursery ideas with you. We’ll take you through some tips and tricks of creating a lovely and practical baby girl’s nursery.

Adjust Furnishings To Accommodate Specific Dimensions

When designing a nursery for a small area, it is vital to choose nursery furniture that is proportional in size. 

Consider how all of the necessary baby items fit into this little space in this lovely female nursery.

Use The Vertical Space That Is Available

Make certain that no desirable blank wall area is wasted. Use the space to add nursery storage or décor.

Insert A Canopy

A canopy may assist you in creating a cozy and charming haven for limitless enjoyment in the nursery.

Use Wallpaper To Add Personality

Using wallpaper to bring personality to your baby girl’s room can be a great touch to any nursery. You can use a feature wall, or all the walls in the nursery, to bring in vibrant colors and creativity.

Generate A Sense Of The Whimsical

Create a nursery for your baby girl that is vibrant, innovative, and unexpected. Adding fairy lights makes a notable difference in this nursery’s ambiance.

Include Room For A Teepee

A teepee is a toy that will grow with your kid and entertain your child for years to come!

Accessorize With A Large Number Of Baskets

There can never be too many baskets in a nursery. Baskets provide plenty of storage while also adding texture and warmth.

Include A Sign With Their Name

A name sign in the nursery room or on the bedroom door adds a nice finishing touch to the space while also adding a sense of personalization.

Create A Space For The Baby’s Books

We like making a little library to organize baby’s books regardless of available space. IKEA spice racks are by far our favorite book storage solution!

Introduce The Unexpected

When it comes to nursery decor, we like including unexpected décor.

Stuffed animals, bunting, and paper balloons can be used as décor to create a fascinating juxtaposition with the softness of the canopy and wallpaper.

Make sure that when your baby starts crawling that you remove anything that could become a possible choking hazard.

Introduce Warmth To The Nursery

By including rattan nursery décor and furniture, you can quickly infuse the nursery design with natural warmth and affection.

Install Statement Lighting

A dramatic light fixture can completely change a nursery. Your baby girls’ nursery can get glitzed up with the addition of a gorgeous light fixture.

Lay A Statement Rug

A striking rug has the power to make or ruin a nursery’s décor. Utilize an eye-catching rug to balance striking colors with more neutral furniture.

Select Long Drapes

Long curtains give a sense of elegance and space in the nursery.

By suspending curtains at the highest point, your gorgeous nursery will be given a feeling of softness while also generating the illusion of a larger room.

Build A Statement Wall

Create a statement wall with wallpaper or a striking mural to give the baby’s nursery décor depth and appeal.

Include A Small Rainbow

With its modest pastel color palette, a rainbow wall decal in a baby girl nursery adds a dash of color and enthusiasm.

Create A Reading Nook

Create a pleasant and comfy reading nook for your young girl to discover her passion for literature. Add an endearing refuge with a fun swing that will grow with the newborn over time.

Organize The Nursery’s Closet

Every young girl deserves a nursery closet as lovely and orderly as the rest of their room.

Be Audacious

Take a chance while designing your baby’s nursery. We like somber black flower wall art, which can provide a nursery with a casual but classy air.

Include Mirrors In Your Nurseries Design

Mirrors not only provide an aesthetic element to the nursery, but they also make the space seem brighter and larger.

Select Florals

Brighten up your baby girl’s nursery with floral décor. You can create a massive flowery wall décor that steals the show.

Increase Natural Wood

Natural wood décor and furnishings are the finest methods to provide a sense of freshness and nature to the nursery.

Include A Garment Rack For Children

Consider how lovely a children’s clothes rack looks in a bright, airy nursery. It’s a lovely way to showcase all the adorable dresses you’ve been purchasing for your young girl. And before you know it, she’ll be dressed to the nines!

Blockage Of Color

Color blocking is an excellent technique for establishing a focal point in the nursery. Positioned in the right way, we like using circular forms on the wall as they draw attention to the region surrounding the cot.

Hang Large-Scaled Art

An enormous piece of art can have a significant impact on a baby’s nursery. Select a piece that is solid enough to serve as an anchor for the furnishings placed in front of it.

Splashes Of Gold

Gold décor accessories and furnishings will provide warmth, brightness, and beauty to your baby girl’s nursery. A gold crib appears opulent against a classic, neutral lovely wallpaper.

Subscribe To Layering

By combining colors, textures, and patterns, you may create an attractive and comfortable atmosphere in the baby’s nursery.

Add A Floral Touch To The Nursery

A flowery wall is an exquisite way to make a statement in your baby’s nursery. A flowery wall display or some flower accents elevate a nursery’s decor above to an otherworldly level.

Combine Different Colors And Patterns

Combining colors and patterns creates interest in space, evokes movement, and contributes to the creation of visual texture.

Select Wall Sayings

A motivational wall quotation or inspiring wall saying is just what you need to improve the atmosphere in the baby’s nursery.

Choose A Two-Tone Wall

By using two colors in the nursery, you may up the stylistic ante. Two-tone walls provide a touch of modernism to the area.

Rugs In Layers

In the nursery, layer rugs to provide interest and texture to the decor. Opulent carpeting in a nursery creates a comfortable but luxurious atmosphere.

Bring A Mobile In

A mobile for an infant nursery can keep your baby girl engaged. Additionally, a nursery’s gilded mobile lends a timeless element to the decor.

Include Physical Art

Add fanciful designs that are vivid and fun to the infant room to create an enticing atmosphere.

Crib Bedding Can Be Mixed And Matched

Beautiful baby bedding may quickly transform the nursery’s appearance. Make sure the nursery is comfortable and cheerful thanks to a stunning polka dot fitted sheet and some textured throw cushions.

The right type of bedding depends on your chosen theme.

Combine Neutrals

By layering in elements like wood, textiles, and wool, you may infuse a neutral nursery with individuality.

Combine Modern And Antique

When you combine vintage and modern pieces, you keep the nursery fresh while also providing contrast and depth to the décor.

An old cabinet contrasts well with a mid-century contemporary rocking rocker, for example.

Display Shelves

Display baby’s keepsakes and treasures on shelves. Combine pieces of varying sizes, shapes, and colors to make an eye-catching display.

Final Thoughts

Decorating a nursery may be challenging at times. There are several design options and decisions to be taken. However, it is very rewarding and a truly fun experience. 

Keep in mind that you and your baby will spend a lot of time in the nursery, so design a baby girl’s nursery that reflects your personality and incorporates your favorite colors, patterns, textures, and other things.

Regardless of your nursery’s budget or size, we hope our baby girl nursery ideas will inspire you to create a beautiful nursery for your young girl!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Should A Nursery For Babies Be Decorated?

When creating a nursery, keep in mind that both you and your child will spend a lot of time there.

Therefore, create a nursery design that appeals to you and accentuate it with your favorite colors and décor. 

What Is Essential For A Nursery?

Certain nursery essentials are necessary for the nursery of your infant. There is a need for a cot, a crib mattress, a changing table or dresser, a nursery chair, storage, and lighting.

How Do You Start A Nursery?

You want to organize the nursery in such a manner that the newborn feels secure and that you have an effective system in place for baby care. We like building stations or zones in the nursery.

To begin, the sleeping zone will have a crib; the changing zone will contain a change table/dresser, diaper pail, and storage for diapering supplies; and the feeding/nursing zone will contain a comfortable nursery chair, lamp, side table, and ottoman.

After you have the basics you can look to include accessories and decorations.