10 Nursery Shelf Ideas That Are Gorgeous And Functional

The nursery is the place where your little one spends the majority of his/her time while growing into a toddler.

10 Nursery Shelf Ideas That Are Gorgeous And Functional

Therefore, it should be designed with care and thoughtfulness. A lot goes into designing the perfect nursery, including picking out the perfect theme, color scheme, and even the shelves!

Yes, nursery shelves are one of the first things you see when entering a baby’s room, and they can be one of the most important pieces in its design.

We have rounded up some of our favorite nursery shelf ideas that are gorgeous and functional. These shelves will not only look great, but also help your child to grow with their toys.

If you’re looking for inspiration and ideas on what shelves to add to the nursery room, we’ve got you covered here!

Keep on reading our article and check out some of the best nursery shelf ideas that will not only look gorgeous but will also help you out with keeping the room clean and tidy.

Wooden Shelves

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Choose the wooden shelves that match harmoniously with each other. Children are looking for happy colors, so you can always paint them or buy them colored. Place small objects on them, so you give a nice picture on the wall of your children’s room.

Alternatively, you can use them as bookshelves, which are classic and timeless. Choose the right size so that they do not take up much space. Make sure they are strong enough to hold heavy items like books.

Shelf Art

Wall art is a great way to add personality to any nursery, and so is shelf art. You can use canvas prints, framed pictures, or drawings that your kid made and put them on the shelves.

Even better, you can buy some neutral color shelves and paint them with your kids. Next level creativity!

“Captain” Hook

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Buy some shelves that have hooks below them, or place some yourselves. That way, you can not only place various children’s decorations on the shelf, but have your kids hang their creations or even their clothes on the hooks.

However, make sure the shelves are sturdy so that they won’t fall from the extra weight you might put.

Children’s Wall Shelf Moon

Large Black Moon Shelf - Wooden Home Decor - Crystal Display Holder Wall Mounted for Baby, Boho or Gothic Bed Room Decorations - 17.5' Tall

This is a simple yet effective idea for a shelf, especially for all nurseries that have a space theme or stars on the wall.

Place your baby’s favorite toys or books on this shelf to create an extra special display.

Small Wooden Shelves In The Shape Of Houses

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These shelves are very cute and would brighten up the whole room. They are ideal for keeping toys organized and neat and for your little one to feel like they’ve given their teddy bears a safe home.

Use different sizes of these shelves depending on the number of toys you want to keep there.

Floating Nursery Bookshelves

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You can create floating bookcases using wood planks and screws. These shelves will look beautiful above your child’s bed. Simply cut the boards to the desired length and width and attach them using screws.

Minimalist Nursery Birch Shelving

If you love minimalist designs, you’ll love this birch shelving. It’s simple yet elegant. To install it, just screw two pieces of wood together at 90-degree angles. Then, simply line up the edges and attach them with more screws.

Elephant Baby Room Bookshelf

If you and your baby love elephants (who doesn’t?), get a baby room bookcase in the shape of an elephant. Painted in cute colors that will excite your child, you can also find them in different sizes and with different features.

So if you’re looking for some extra storage space, go for one that features more drawers at the bottom and more shelves at the top.

Floating Wall Shelf

This is another great option if you’re planning to get an open concept nursery and display your child’s collection.

You can either go for a traditional style or a modern style. For the first option, you can choose to use wood shelves or metal ones. The second one can be done with glass shelves.

DIY Wall Decorations

If you love decorating, try making your own shelves and get creative with it – no need to follow any previous examples! There are many tutorials online that will teach you how to build your own bookshelves or even cut your own shelves.

Yes, it might not turn out perfect, but it will be the sweetest gesture for your kid. Plus, you can save a lot of money if you’re low on budget!


We hope that you found at least one of these ideas useful or, at least, inspirational. Whatever you do and whichever shelf design you choose, make sure you place them at the right height for the baby to reach its toys and books.

And, at the end of the day, do not forget that what your baby really needs is some colors and inspiration for their exciting dreams!