Nursery Themes Made Simple: Complete Guide

The nursery is the first room in your home that you will want to decorate and design with a theme.

Nursery Themes Made Simple: Complete Guide

It’s where your baby spends most of his/her time, so it should be a place that they feel comfortable in.

Introducing a child to your home is one of the most exciting things. Not only is your family growing but you can also look forward to all the preparations which come with it.

When it comes to preparing for the day your baby comes home, there are many things which need to be considered.

You will need to buy your baby’s clothes, diapers, strollers, but one of the biggest things is preparing the nursery. 

In this article, we will be giving you some nursery theme ideas, making this process easier for parents-to-be. 

A Nursery Theme Is Important

The first thing that needs to be done when planning a nursery is deciding on a theme. This will help set the mood and give an overall feel to the room.

It should not just be about picking out colors or furniture because these things do not make up a theme in themselves. A theme will help to give all the items in the room a sense of unity. 

There are so many themes available to choose from, and they range in price as well.

Some of them may seem expensive at first, but once you see how much time and effort goes into decorating a nursery, you might want to reconsider spending more money.

If you have no idea what kind of theme you would like, then here are some suggestions to get you started. 

Nursery Theme Ideas

Nursery Themes Made Simple: Complete Guide

Dream Themed Nursery

When your baby is in their nursery, you want it to be a room where they are able to feel cozy and comfortable.

Try choosing a dream theme for your nursery with a cool tone for the walls (such as a soft blue or calm gray paint), cloud wallpaper, pictures and stuffed toys of sheep.

A nursery like this one will have your baby relaxed, sending them into dreamland as they count sheep and fall into a calming sleep.

Jungle Nursery Theme

Turn your baby’s nursery into a room of exploration with a jungle theme. This theme is a great idea if you are wanting to broaden your child’s imagination.

Cover the walls with green paint or a leafy wallpaper to imitate a forest. Lay down stuffed animals, from cheeky monkeys to curious lions.

Fill up bookshelves with their favorite animal books.

Animal Nursery Theme

You do not only have to stick to a jungle theme if your child has a love for all animals. Simply go for an all-around animal theme.

Choose a color scheme based around the animals themselves, such as red for tigers, orange for elephants and yellow for giraffes.

Paint the walls with bright shades of these colors and use animal prints for wall art. Add animal-shaped pillows and other accessories to complete the look.

Modern Themed Nursery

If you want to create a modern nursery, then go with a monochromatic color palette.

For example, you could pick a light gray for the walls, white for the ceiling and a dark brown for the flooring.

To add a bit of fun, add a few pops of color by painting the crib bedding in bright hues. Use colorful fabrics for curtains and throw blankets.

To keep this nursery baby friendly, you can add some wall art in frames and stuffed toys in their crib to make them feel comfortable.

Country Themed Nursery

You can easily transform your nursery into a country themed room by adding rustic accents. Pick a color scheme that is reminiscent of the countryside.

Go with natural tones such as tan, brown, cream, and sage green. To bring in a touch of nature, try using simple wooden pieces such as dressers, nightstands and cabinets.

Keep the rest of the room neutral to avoid making the room appear cluttered.

Gothic Themes Nursery

If you love the Gothic style, then you may want to introduce that style to your baby through their nursery.

To achieve this, and keep it kid friendly, try incorporating a theme such as The Nightmare Before Christmas or The Adams Family.

You can achieve this look by going with black and white colors but bear in mind that black walls will make the room feel gloomy while white ones will make it feel brighter.

That’s why, if you want to add a little bit of gothic, try to just add darker accessories and do not go all out with the creepy siders.

You can add touches of gothic elements such as bats and spiders as well as adding toys related to your theme.

Under the Sea Theme

With an Under the Sea theme, you will have the chance to be creative.

Whether you choose to fill the room with mermaids, dolphins, or sharks, you will be able to transform your nursery into an aquatic paradise for your baby.

Naturally, you will have the walls blue to mimic the ocean, with images of coral and fish.

Place a sea themed crib mobile above where the baby lays and fill the crib with stuffed toys of sea creatures. With a color palette of blues and greens, this nursery will come out beautifully.

Beach Themed Nursery

A beach themed nursery is the best way to create a calm and relaxing environment for your baby. With this, you have plenty of freedom with the design.

You may want to go for the simplistic approach with white walls and artificial palm trees in the room as well as images of the beach.

Perhaps you want more detail with a beach wallpaper covering the walls, buckets, and spades dotted around the room.

Rainbow Themed Nursery

A rainbow themed nursery is a much loved classic, perfect for your little one. Cover the walls with all the colors of the rainbow.

This will make your nursery look and feel bright. Make sure the crib itself is painted a vibrant color, such as a baby pink or blue.

Add other accessories to complement the nursery’s theme, such as unicorns or leprechauns.

Space Themed Nursery

A space themed nursery is another great option.

This is an ideal way to make the nursery feel cozy and warm with dark colors on the wall to imitate space, as well as stars to bring personality and wonder.

Fill the room with toys such as spacemen and aliens and books all about space to cement the theme.

Woodland Critters Themed Nursery

A woodland critters themed nursery is a fun choice for any child. If you are looking for something cute and cuddly, then this is the ideal choice for you.

Choose woodland critters from different species to give your baby a wide variety of options.

Some examples include bears, deer, and squirrels. Place stuffed toys around and add books related to the theme.

Boho Nursery Theme

You may want your nursery to match the tone of your home, so a nice simple boho theme is a great way to do this.

Paint the walls a plain white and add some natural accessories around the room.

Fill the floor and window sills with vibrant green plants, lay down a beautifully designed boho rug for your baby to play on, and make wood your main priority (wooden cabinets, wooden crib, wooden rocking horse, etc).

Hot Air Balloon Theme Nursery

If you like the idea of having a busy nursery with lots of color and wonder, a hot air balloon theme is the right choice for you. Use balloons and bunting to cover the walls and ceiling.

Hang up pictures of hot air balloons, use them as decorations and place them in strategic places throughout the room.

Fairytale Nursery Theme

This is a very popular theme amongst parents who want their children to grow up surrounded by magic and fairy tales.

It can be done in many ways, whether it’s through painting the walls a soft pastel shade, placing fairy lights around the room or even creating a magical forest scene using a realistic wallpaper.

Alternatively, you can also place some real trees in the room to bring nature right into your baby’s nurrsery.

Your baby will be living in a magical space just for them.

Superhero Themed Nursery

The superhero theme is another popular choice, particularly because of the endless possibilities. When choosing a superhero theme, there is plenty you can do.

Wallpaper the walls to mimic a sky with clouds and place images of superheroes soaring through.

Use the classic colors of reds, blues and yellows and dress their crib in a superhero theme. This is a choice which will surely brighten up the nursery.  

Things You Will Need For A Nursery

Nursery Themes Made Simple: Complete Guide

It is essential that you are fully prepared for creating a nursery.

Although this is a fun time that allows you to be creative, it is still necessary to concern yourself with the expenses and all the things which need to be purchased.

Below, we will be taking you through all the essentials you will need to make your nursery a perfect, baby-safe place.


The first thing you will need to purchase is a crib. A crib should be chosen carefully because it will be used for years to come. It is important that you choose something which fits your budget, but is most of all safe for your baby to sleep in.

Changing Table

Having a changing table in your nursery will be very helpful. This will allow you to change your baby easily in an environment where they are most comfortable.

Alternatively, you can choose to use a changing mat as well. However, this is all down to preference and budget alone.

Changing tables and mats can be found at most baby stores ranging from $50 to $300.


You will also need some bedding for your new baby. Bedding comes in many styles and designs, so there is no shortage of options.

At this young age, your baby will likely not need a duvet or pillows, so you should only stick to a mattress, mattress cover, mattress pad and crib sheets.

You can fill the crib up with small cushions, a cozy blanket and crib bumpers too.

Storage Space

You will also need storage space. Storage space is needed for everything from diapers to clothes to toys.

There are various ways to store these items, including drawers, shelves, baskets, and boxes.

If you do not already have enough storage space, then you will need to invest in some additional furniture.

Feeding Chair

Feeding your child is one of the main things you will have to do as a parent.

Because of this, it is useful to have a feeding chair. Although some feeding chairs aren’t always used in the nursery, it can be especially convenient for those late night wake-ups when your baby is in need of milk.

Here, you can simply take your baby from their crib and sit down in the room to nurse them.

Make sure that you find a feeding chair that is comfortable for both parents whilst blending into the nursery’s theme.

We recommend a comfortable rocking chair as this will help your baby to drift to sleep too.

Play Area

A play area is vital for babies. They love to explore and learn by doing, especially when they start to get a little older and crawl around.

In order to create a safe and stimulating environment for your little one, you will need to provide them with plenty of toys.

Toys can range from soft balls to teething rings. As your baby grows older, you may want to add more toys such as puzzles, blocks, cars, and trains.

Baby Monitor

Having a baby monitor is also an essential for any nursery, whether that be an audio baby monitor or a video baby monitor.

Having a baby monitor will give parents peace of mind knowing that they are able to see and hear their baby from anywhere in the home.

These monitors are inexpensive and are definitely something worth purchasing. 

Final Thoughts 

Above, we have listed some of the best nursery theme ideas for you to choose from, allowing an easy and carefree decorating experience.

When it comes to choosing the right design, there is much to think about, and it is necessary to gather the right supplies to make this nursery perfect.

But the most important thing when choosing a nursery theme is that you pick what you love and what will give your baby a comfortable night’s sleep. 

There are no rules when designing a nursery, just enjoy yourself!