13 Pretty And Practical Ways To Organize Girls Hair Accessories

Girls love to play around and try new things with their hair. So much so, that they can end up with an endless supply of hair accessories.

In all honesty, we parents probably don’t help the situation by constantly buying them more.

Storage Organizer

This can quickly lead to a messy bedroom and the need for some serious organizing. Don’t worry though, organizing girls’ hair accessories doesn’t have to be an arduous task.

There are plenty of pretty and practical ways we can quickly help our children organize their hair accessories.

Today, in this post, we’re going to show you our favorites. We will take you through 13 different ways to organize all your girl’s headbands, bows, hair clips, hair ties, and so on.

If you need some ideas fast, be sure to stick around, we’re going to cover it all!

Organize Accessories On A Cupcake Stand

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One way you can organize your girl’s hair accessories is by using a cupcake stand. This may sound like a strange choice, but trust us, your girl will love this colorful option.

A cupcake stand provides your child with a small, yet spacious place to store an array of hair accessories without having to store them out of sight.

This makes it much easier for your child to keep track of where their accessories are while keeping their room tidy in the process.

Tiered Wire Baskets

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Tiered wire baskets are a fantastic option for organizing headbands and hair bows. The beauty of these baskets is that despite holding plenty of accessories, they take up little space.

Your girl can have plenty of fun organizing the baskets too as they can store different accessories in different baskets.

Use Rods And Clips

Using rods and clips to organize your child’s hair accessories is another brilliant, straightforward option. By simply hanging some rods up in the nursery or bedroom, you can then clip different hair accessories up, keeping everything safely in one place.

Aside from helping to organize girls’ hair accessories, this method also adds to the overall decor of the room.

Purchase A Jewelry Stand

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An adorable jewelry stand can be a great centerpiece in your child’s bedroom or nursery, not just a great place to store and organize hair accessories.

The great thing about a jewelry stand is that it gives your child the opportunity to put their hair accessories on display in a way they enjoy. Personally, we love this jewelry stand sold by SRIWATANA.

Save Space With An Over The Door Organizer

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The next way to organize your girl’s hair accessories is to buy an over-the-door organizer. Over-the-door organizers are useful for a number of different reasons.

Firstly, they are very inexpensive and affordable. Secondly, they can be hidden away, saving lots of space around the house.

Finally, over-the-door organizers are capable of carrying an enormous array of accessories. They can carry anything from hair clips, and headbands to brushes, and hairspray.

Hang A Hook Rail On The Wall

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When organizing anything in our children’s rooms, making the most of every single bit of space is absolutely essential. Making use of the wall space frees up space around the rest of the room and on the floor.

Hanging a hook rail is an easy way to give your child somewhere to easily hang their favorite hair accessories up and out of the way.

Get Creative

Sometimes the best solution is to start thinking outside the box. By thinking outside the box, you’ll be able to come up with a whole host of unique and quirky ways to organize your child’s accessories without spending too much money.

One cool thing you could do is make a wreath out of hair bows. This wreath could then hang on the back of a door. Not only does this keep all accessories organized, but it also creates a lovely display.

Macrame Hair Accessory Holders

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The next option on our list of pretty and practical ways to organize girls’ hair accessories is to buy a macrame hair accessory holder.

For those that don’t know, a macrame hair accessory holder is an adorable tasseled holder that can carry hair clips, headbands, and bows. In our opinion, they are probably the prettiest way to store hair accessories out there.

Storage Organizer

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One of, if not the most practical and simplest ways to organize your girl’s hair accessories is by simply buying a selection of storage organizer boxes.

These boxes make it super easy to sort different accessories into collections, keeping them neatly organized and together.

We do recommend getting transparent boxes though so your child can see what is in each one.

Create Your Own Hair Accessory Holder

If you need to find a way to organize your child’s hair accessories, why not use it as an opportunity to get them to do something creative. Together with your child, you could both create something beautiful to hang hair clips and headbands from.

This will also give you a great opportunity to create something that really suits the room perfectly too, which can’t be said with every solution you try.

Clothes Pegs

Another very basic, yet effective way to organize girls’ hair accessories is by hanging them up using clothes pegs. As long as you have something simple to clip the pegs to, this method can be both practical in terms of storage and ease of use.

Buy An Accessory Rack

If you don’t have time to make something to clip pegs to, why not consider looking for an accessory rack. An accessory rack is a quick and easy way to store, organize, and display any hair accessories your child has.

Your child will love the rack too as they can sit it on their desk and easily organize it the way they like it.

Store Hair Accessories In A Jar

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The final way to organize hair accessories on this list is to buy a set of small jars. Another very simple way to store accessories, your child will have plenty of fun organizing their accessories into small collections ready for the next time they need them.

One thing we love about this method is that the jars can be as big or small as you want and can sit almost anywhere in the house.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from our list, there are lots of different ways in which you can store and organize hair accessories. Whether it be a small collection of headbands, or your daughter’s very own hair accessory studio, there is a solution for you on this list.

With our storage solutions, you’ll be able to keep things tidy, save space, and ensure no much-loved hair accessories go missing.

With that in mind, why not give some of our storage ideas a try.