Great Outdoor Baby Shower Ideas

If you are a future mom wanting to celebrate your pregnancy with your friends and family, you are already thinking of throwing a baby shower.

Inviting everyone to your place and sharing the joy of your new baby soon coming to life is an unforgettable experience.

Great Outdoor Baby Shower Ideas

However, planning a baby shower can be quite stressful if you don’t know what to do.

On a spring or summer day, however, the answer can only be to throw your party outdoors and enjoy the sun and warm weather with your beloved ones.

It might even be your friends who want to throw you a party shortly before the happiest event of your life, in honor of the new family member that is coming.

Whatever the case might be, we have some brilliant ideas for outdoor baby showers that will turn into a day to remember for everyone.

Keep It Simple

Like with recipes, it’s sometimes best to stick to the classics.

A baby shower party is about getting together with friends and family to share a special moment and have a good time before those sleepless nights that are about to come, so if you’re feeling pressured by time or are not in the mood to be extravagant, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t keep it simple.

Pick a color if you want (usually pink and blue are the predominant ones to choose from depending on the baby’s gender) and decorate your garden or porch with colored balloons and other ornaments.

Set the table and fill it up with sweet and savory treats, juices, wines, tea, and lemonades to accompany the food, and you have already made this a special event.

If you want to make an extra effort, bake shaped cookies with sugar paste, make cupcakes and decorate them, prepare cones with popcorn, and place candies in small bottles.

The Urban Jungle

Teddy bears, stuffed zebras, lions, and all kinds of cute animals you can find can create a great themed party!

Prepare a dinner table dressed in green, with tropical fake (or real if you can) plants all around!

Go for some green napkins and make sure to add decorations that will remind people of the jungle – even stickers can do a great job!

Lemonade Party

Great Outdoor Baby Shower Ideas - Lemonade Party

Remember those movies where young kids had a lemonade stall in the neighborhood on the weekends to raise money?

You can do that to bring your friends together and have a lemonade party in your garden.

That way, it will also be alcohol-free, which is great for a mom-to-be like you!

What’s even better is that you might have had your lemonade stall in the past as a kid, so you know how to recreate that moment and turn it into a fun baby shower.

Plus, it’s a great excuse to be a kid once again or prepare for the time when your kid will ask you for instructions on how to set up their stall in the future.

The Candy Store

Is it possible to have a baby shower without sweets? We don’t think so! Go for the standard blue or pink cake or, even better, be original by making homemade cupcakes with the appropriate color in the icing.

Garnish the special plates with colorful truffles and a variety of chocolates.

Make your own candy bar which besides the colorful sweets and treats will be a great accompaniment to the homemade cocktails and the cool lemonade that you will have prepared for the guests.

Botanic Gardens

You can probably guess what we’re talking about…flowers everywhere!

Create your botanical garden and get all flowery. If you also want to make it a gender reveal party, you can choose the color that will dominate the place.

Alternatively, and if you want to extend the suspense, order a flower-shaped cake and ask for it to be either pink or blue to hint at the baby’s gender.

This is a great way to surprise yourself too, in case you haven’t still found out about it; just ask one of your friends to take care of it and get ready for a big cheer!

Beach Party

If you’re throwing a baby shower during the summer, then there’s definitely no better place to do it than the beach.

You can always find a beach bar to host your party but if you want to do it all by yourself, you can get a catering van on your desired beach spot and be the hostess of your own bar for the day!

It’s up to you to decide how much effort and money you want to put into this. One option is to go all the way and rent or buy some bean bags or chaise longues for your guests to sit on, or keep it simple and original with some beach towels on the sand and some low tables.

Another great idea is to get some inflatable boats or host a party near a water sports place and have an unforgettable time with your friends playing in the sea!


No matter how far you’ll go in organizing your baby shower, at the end of the day, it’s important to remember that, even though the baby shower welcomes your new baby, this is an opportunity to meet your girlfriends and spend some time with them.

So do whatever your heart wants and have fun without feeling pressured to do something extraordinary.