20 Life Hacks Every Parent Needs

Simple ways to make life easier when you have children


Being a parent is one of life’s most amazing experiences. That’s what you’re supposed to say, right? And it’s true, but sometimes it can also be hard. Really, really hard. That’s why you’ve got to try all the hacks you can to make it just a little bit easier. And maybe these hacks will help you find the joy of parenting a little quicker.


1. Road trip caddy: Hang a shoe caddy on the backseat of the car just before you go on a road trip. Fill the caddy with snacks, water bottles, books and other easily accessible activities. Then you won’t have to constantly lean over and pass things to your kids.

2. Plastic bag storage: Use old wet wipe containers to store your plastic bags. You can easily take one out at a time.

3. Increase your shower space: Put up an extra shower rod in the back of your shower. Then put up baskets with hooks for all your kids’ shower toys.

4. Turn their old crib into desk space: Take off one side of the crib and cover the inside with chalkboard paint. You can hang pencil crayon holders from the rails for a cute workspace.


5. Fix ratty Barbie hair: If your children have Barbies with really tangled hair you can let them sit in a diluted fabric softener solution. When you wash it out and let it dry, it will have acted as leave-in conditioner.

6. Clean up ink stains from fabric: Who hasn’t had their kid write all over themselves with pens and markers. You can get them out by rubbing them with hand sanitizer.

7. Getting vomit off the suede couch: Almost everyone has huge stains all over their couch cushions. But if you wipe up the excess, use a baking soda and water paste on the stain and vacuum it off as it dries; your couch will be good as new.

8. Get rid of sand after the beach: Bring a small bottle of baby powder in your beach bag. Pour it on your kids’ skin and the sand will roll off.

9. Potty train with pad: If your kids are just starting to go without diapers, line their underwear with maxi pads in case of unwanted drips.

10. Keep your rugs in place: If your kids are always playing with the edges of the rugs attach Velcro to the floor to keep in down.


11. Use muffin tins for craft supplies: Put little cups full of crafting supplies in your muffin tins. It will be easier for your kids to carry to their workstations and put away after. To keep the cups from spilling, glue magnets to the bottom.

12. Bake cookie bowls: Turn a muffin tin over and spread cookie dough over the back of the cups. After they’re baked pull them off and you’ll have little cookie bowls that you can fill with ice cream or other goodies.

13. Make a reward bowl: Instead of buying your kids treats, reward them with fun things to do. Fill a bowl with ping pong balls and write cool activities on each one. When they’re good, let them pick out a fun reward, instead of filling your house with cheap toys.

14. Make phone number bracelets: Get your kids to make beaded bracelets. Use the number beads to put in your phone number, in case they ever get lost.

15. Popsicle and ice cream protectors: So your kids don’t get all sticky, put a cupcake liner on the stick between their hands and the popsicle. The paper will catch all the drips and keep them clean. Similarly, put a small paper plate on their


16. Make teething pacifiers: put a pacifier face down in an ice cube tray. The water will freeze around the pacifier and will ease the pain of teething.

17. Make an allowance chart: Teach your kids to manage their money. Have them make a chart of everything they get and everything they spend. Make sure the first thing they do when they get allowance is put away 20% into a savings jar.

18. Exchange the Wifi password for chores: Change the password every day and only tell your kids after they’ve finished all their chores.

19. Fix loose tank tops: Even kids don’t want their tank tops falling down in the front. Fix a loose tank top by pinning the straps together at the back with a hair barrette.

20. Use “asked and answered”: If your kids are always asking the same questions over and over again, start using asked and answered. Tell them they’ve already asked, you’ve already answered and you won’t change your mind. They’ll learn pretty quick not to ask the same questions. 

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