The 7 Types Of People In Your Facebook Moms' Group

"Everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But yours is wrong."

I love my moms' groups on Facebook. They are some of the most wonderful and supportive women I could ever imagine meeting, even if it's just virtually.

I have met many of these people in real life, some of whom I count among my closest friends.

That being said, there is a common theme you begin to detect in these groups. Certain personalities emerge time and time again until you can confidently predict the type of comments that will appear from Cathy the Complainer and Judgy Jane.  

You know the type…

The Alternative Facts Mom 

Also known as the ‘I’m Smarter than the Mayo Clinic’ mom, these types ignore when science is presented as fact (i.e. vaccines save lives) and confess that they don’t believe that to be true. I've lost count of the number of times I’ve had to point out what peer-reviewed research is and why it matters. . . Because yes, I’m THAT mom.

The Meme Mom 

OMG LOLOLOLOL!!! @Rebecca @Sarah *crying face emoji*

No meme is too derivative or contrived for this mom, who has a seemingly endless stream of 'Moms Be Like...' posts to share with you (at all hours of the day and night). 

The Essential Oils Mom

Got a child who won’t sleep? Irritable? Headaches? Mood swings? Cancer? There’s an oil for that. It may sound crass, and I wish it wasn’t true, but in every Facebook moms' group I’m a member of, there is at least one mom (one who 'coincidentally' happens to sell essential oils) who responds to a post seeking advice of any kind with a suggestion of some medicinal herb or ointment to cure whatever ails you. Yes, even cancer. I’m not saying they have zero value in certain scenarios. But they are certainly not the miracle elixir this mom claims them to be.

The Just-Can’t-Step-Away Mom

This is so me, and I’m trying to be better about it, but I’m that mom who cannot walk away. That meme of the person sitting at the computer telling their husband they can’t go to bed because someone is wrong on the internet? It was written about me. There is at least one of me in every group. In fact, I have formed friendships with people in my moms' groups based on our united inability to just step away.

The Ranting Mom

“Sorry moms, but I need to rant!”

Who doesn’t love these posts? If I’m being honest, this isn’t a role reserved for members who constantly need to rant. This refers more to a mom needs to vent and uses their moms' group as an outlet. Sometimes it’s a post about a husband who did something they didn’t like. Sometimes though, it’s a mom ranting about something she saw another parent do that she didn’t much appreciate, which leads me to…

The ‘Everyone's Entitled To Their Opinion, But Yours Is Wrong’ Mom

Very often, ranting mom posts lead to ‘I don’t think you should be so judgemental’ responses, which usually result in the original person who posted getting their back up because they feel they're being judged for judging, and they don’t appreciate it. These posts are my favourite. Especially when the original post includes an ‘Am I wrong here?’ call out, to which people respond: ‘Yes, yes you are.’ 

These moms often follow up with a post professing: 'I’m going to say ONE MORE THING and then I’m done!’

It's rarely ever just one more thing...

The Warrior Mom

One of the most amazing things about these groups is the comradery that forms in them and the genuine friendships, relationships and desire to help each other. I’ve seen it time and time again. Usually, it’s one or two women in the group who constantly step up to throw their hat in the ring to help someone in need. Sometimes these women are silent heroes, who do it privately. Others, like us all to know that they are giving of themselves, all the time. But either way, these women are indicative of a general culture in moms groups to come together in a united effort to be each other’s village. 

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