We Asked, They Told Us: Moms Reveal Their Funniest Sleep Deprived Moments

"I washed my face...with my glasses on"

‎Who hasn’t been there? You think you have all of your stuff together. You managed to remember to eat breakfast. You showered at some point in recent(ish) memory. The bills are paid (you think. Maybe? Hopefully). Next thing you know, you’re washing your face with toothpaste and fishing your missing cell phone out of the crisper in the fridge.

The following are real examples, from real moms, in a Facebook group I’m proud to be a part of, who confess that, when it comes to having our sh!t together, we moms are lucky if we make it out of the house with our pants on the right away. Literally.

Cheryl Wilson‎ - You know you’re a tired mom when you put lip chap on as deodorant

Lisseth Cotrina -  I washed my face with my glasses on

Amy Marie – I made coffee two mornings in a row…and forgot to put the coffee in the filter. So really, I just made hot water. Twice

Camila De Nicolais – I put toothpaste on the other side of the toothbrush and still tried to brush my teeth

Roanna Guiang-Tulloch -  I tried to put the thread in the needle through the pointy part, not through the eye

Karen O'Shea  - I call my kids by the pets names. Even pets that we don't have any more

Alison Wawrzyniak - I've used my son's eczema cream as toothpaste (more than once I'm afraid)

Jodi Faria - I ate poop thinking it was chocolate...seriously

Kristina Cabra -  I wore my pants inside out all day to work. I didn't notice until I sat down at the staff meeting at the end of the day

Catherine Javier -  I'm too tired to remember my mom moments

DeeDee Mackinnon Maugeri – I baked a diamond ring into butter tart squares last weekend

Linda Fietkau Oliveira - I was searching for my glasses and they were on my head

Eva M Wolder Moncloa - I packed my son's sleepers instead of his running shoes for dance

Brittany Benoit - I had cereal. Then I put the milk in the cupboard and the cereal in the fridge.

Kathy Paulic Balaban - I have twins and when they were smaller I took them out shopping in their stroller. When we were done, I put the kids in the car, picked up my purse, diaper bag and whatever I bought from the bottom of the stroller and drove away. I left the stroller in the parking lot. I even looked out my rearview and thought "Wow, who forgets a stroller?" Me. Apparently, I do.

Lisa Chemerys - When you look down at your feet in a Superstore and realize you left home in your slippers!

E. A. - Once, I came out of the store, got into the car and closed the door—only to realize that it wasn't my car and the owner was standing right beside the window asking me, “What are you doing?”

Leia De Koning - I bought $40 in gift cards for my kiddos teachers. I thought I put them in a safe place. After tearing the house apart for three days, it all of a sudden hit me. I threw them in the garbage at the gas station.

Ashley Yaworski - I'm constantly looking for my phone...whilst I'm using it.

Ashley Chan - Just today, me and a girlfriend were walking my dog with the stroller and I asked her where my dog was. She said, "He's on the leash." Duh!

Nellie Nel Reggie Charles - I sent an unopened and uncooked pack of Kraft macaroni and cheese in my son’s lunch box. Thankfully it was pizza day—and of course, I had forgotten that it was pizza day.

Leslie Kennedy - I once parked at my kid's daycare and then took the bus to work and home afterward. I told my husband to call the cops because our car had been stolen from our driveway. It was still at the daycare.

Lea Moffatt - I wore two different shoes to work. One had a small heel—how does that even happen?

Cathy Caterina R – I went to Walmart with my three kids. Rushing out the door, I grabbed my cell phone. I got to Walmart and pulled my phone out of the diaper bag to call my husband and realized it was our cordless house phone

Cathy Caterina R - Talking on my cell, packing the diaper bag, then emptying my purse searching frantically for my cell phone. Which I was using!

Shar Khursigara - I have—not once but twice—locked my child in the car with the car running and had to call CAA to bust them out. Once was during a snowstorm and my happy baby watched me freeze my ass off from inside the warm car!

Claudia Seminario -  I grabbed the nail polish remover bottle instead of the eye makeup removal bottle and cleaned my eye with it. I was in so much pain but laughing at the same time about how absent minded I am

Jennifer Carnegie - I put my electric rice cooker on the stove and turned the element on to boil

Jennifer Lombardo - I once put my waterproof mascara on my lips as I thought I had my lipgloss in hand. I have also poked myself in the eye numerous times with my mascara wand. One time I wore two different boots to work. I could go on!

Couldn’t we all?

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