House Plants For Baby Nursery: Best Air Purifying Plants

Plants have the ability to liven up a house.

Whether you have plants in your living room, bathroom, or kitchen, you may be wondering if you could put one in your baby’s nursery, too.

Not only do they make a space look and feel more vibrant, but they also have many health benefits that you and your baby can benefit from; this ranges from purer air to reduced stress.

House Plants For Baby Nursery: Best Air Purifying Plants

Adding plants to your baby’s nursery can make for a wonderful addition to the room.

However, it’s important to choose the right plant that won’t harm your baby by selecting a non-toxic plant for your nursery.

As we all know, this can sometimes be a difficult task with such a wide range of plants available.

Therefore, we have selected and compiled a list of all the best air purifying plants that won’t harm your baby.

So the last step for you is to choose where to put it!

Spider Plant

Spider Plant

If you have a hard time keeping certain plants alive, then this plant would be excellent for you.

Not only is it incredibly low-maintenance, but it is also the best air-purifying plant around.

Preventing up to 90% of cancerous chemical formaldehyde from the air.

This plant helps to keep your baby’s nursery feeling clean and fresh!

With its green and white striped dangly leaves, it’s sure to brighten up any room, whether hung up in a corner or on a windowsill.

Money Tree

Money Tree

Although called a Money Tree, it’ll teach your little ones that money does not indeed grow on trees.

According to Feng Shui teachings, the Money Trees bring good luck and prosperity, something every mother and father wishes for their children!

This plant would make a great statement plant in any baby’s nursery.

The Money Tree enjoys plenty of shade and indirect sunlight – perfect for a nursery with less light and windows.



If you are looking for a plant to fit your jungle-themed nursery aesthetic, this may be the plant for you!

Growing in a variety of shapes and sizes, the Dracaena plant has an exotic vibe to it that looks dramatic in any room.

Even better, its wispy leaves can filter benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and trichloroethylene from the air, keeping your baby safe and sound.

While this plant is safe for humans, it is toxic for animals, so not such a good choice if you have any pets.

Parlor Palm

Parlor Palm

With its large flourish of leaves and upright shape, this big Parlor Palm plant is great for filling any large spaces in your baby’s nursery.

Its low maintenance means that it can thrive well in most situations, whether this is in direct sunlight or low light, perfect for filling any corners or empty spots in a nursery.

The Parlor Palm is also excellent for air purifying, giving you peace of mind as a mother or father.

Prayer Plant

Prayer Plant

In the evenings, the Prayer Plant folds up and resembles prayer hands, hence the name.

The most colorful plant featured in the list so far, the Prayer Plant flaunts beautiful red vein-like patterns over soft green leaves, making it an attractive plant for your baby’s nursery.

This plant loves moisture and sunlight, so the best place to keep it would be on a windowsill or in a hanging basket on the window.

This is an all-rounder plant that improves sleep, mental clarity, and air-borne toxins.



The Calathea is perfect for any nursery, no matter your style or theme – it’ll fit right in!

It features a gorgeous array of foliage patterns with a splash of red-purple undersides.

This plant is also known as a ‘living plant’ as its leaves fold up in the night, resembling sleeping.

With very little maintenance, the Calathea plant prefers spaces with indirect sunlight, so it can go anywhere from a shelf to a side table, adding liveliness to any space.

On top of that, the Calathea plant demonstrates great air-purifying qualities, filtering out harmful and poisonous compounds, giving you peace of mind that your baby is safe.

Ponytail Palm

Ponytail Palm

There’s never a bad hair day with this plant!

The Ponytail Palm is a perfect name for this plant, as it features long curly leaves atop a trunk-like base, adding a whimsical touch to your baby’s nursery.

This plant loves direct sunlight and requires very little upkeep, so anywhere near a window and your Ponytail Palm will thrive.

It is also one of the best plants for air purification.

In Italy, it is known as ‘mangiafumo’ which closely means smoke eater as the plant’s leaves absorb poisonous gasses and convert them into oxygen.

Making it the perfect plant for your baby’s nursery.

Final Thoughts

A parent’s number one priority is the safety of their children.

While decorating your baby’s nursery, it’s important to make sure your baby can’t harm themselves and nothing can harm them.

However, this can sometimes be difficult when choosing plants for your baby’s nursery as there are so many varieties.

While plants are a great way to add some greenery and liven up a room, some plants can be toxic to humans.

That being said, there are many plants that are completely harmless to us and can add a more personal touch to a room.

Hopefully, this guide will help you pick the right plant for your baby’s nursery, with peace of mind that all plants listed are non-toxic and can even improve your baby’s room with air purifying abilities and more.

So you can watch your baby and plant grow together!