Anything But Hospital Food: The Post-Birth Snacks Moms Had To Have

From Big Macs and sushi to Baskin Robbins and champagne, Rebecca Eckler discusses the snacks partners smuggled into the delivery room

From pizza and champagne to veal and Club House sandwiches, the requests from new mothers, with only hours-old newborns, for their “first” meal after popping out their baby, are just as wide-ranged (and hilarious) as pregnancy cravings (I knew one woman who needed to drive regularly while pregnant to the gas station for the smell.)

A whole lot of new fathers have snuck in food into hospitals for their baby mamas, desperate for their favourite foods, although it really isn’t sneaking, or smuggling in food if no one seems to care. (And, really, they don’t.)

After having my daughter, the very first thing I did was look at my belly to see if it had deflated at all. (Not at all.) 

But my desire to lose the baby weight was matched equally by my desire to have a Big Mac. Oh, I know, the irony!

When you think about it, after giving birth, it is possibly the best time in your life to ask for a food delivery from your partner, because your chances are very, very good that they’ll do it. How can your partner possibly respond to a request for a certain non-hospital-related meal with a “Nah. Yawn. I know you were in labour for 28 hours and then needed an emergency C-Section, but, yah know, I was up to with you too. Why don’t you get it yourself or let’s just wait to get out of here and we will pick it up on the way home?” 

Trust me, if a woman has a craving for a certain food, after nine long months of pregnancy, get her the damn order. And smile! (They’re free!)

I like the idea of a bunch of men or family members “smuggling” in food as if they were drug dealers.

Of course, my daughter’s father brought me a Big Mac and large fries the same day my daughter was born (And, yes, OF COURSE, I needed the fountain Diet Coke!) which came soggy and lukewarm. Yet I ate it as if I hadn’t eaten in months. (And boy had I eaten! The 60 pounds I had to lose proves it.) 

I’m not sure why we females crave certain foods right after giving birth, aside from not wanting to eat hospital food. Perhaps it’s because our bodies still think we’re pregnant…and are taking a pregnant pause before the cravings stop? Maybe we crave certain foods because we know we’re going to have to watch what we eat after leaving the hospital?

One of my friends who like many women refused to eat shellfish during their pregnancy, demanded her husband deliver her sushi.

She would have been happy with a couple of spicy tuna rolls, but her husband literally brought in one of those Sushi Party Trays, to be safe, as if he were catering an event. He just didn’t want to screw up. (It was a good call. My friend devoured half of the tray.)

Other mothers shared with me on Facebook that they craved food in the hospital that they could’ve eaten while pregnant, which is interesting. (With my second, I demanded my son’s father bring me Tim Horton’s Ice Cappuccino three times a day. Again, I had 70 pounds to lose, but my obsession to lose weight was matched equally with my obsession with those Ice Caps!) 

Some of those who chimed in with their hilarious and, quite frankly, interesting orders, included such foods as chocolate almond fudge ice cream for one new mommy. Her husband brought it to the hospital at 4 a.m. As she says, “Even though most of it had melted on the ride over. I loved every bit of it.” (Totally get it!)

The list continues from “Coke with lots of ice both times and I don’t drink Pop,” to veal Swiss Chalet with ice cream (Again, totally get it!) 

Another mom, a woman after my own heart, also wanted a Big Mac, but, alas, as she wrote, “Hubby brought me Ginger fried lobster, though, which went over even better. But I did get my Big Mac combo on my way home from the hospital,” she adds. 

There was the new mother who wanted a “Cream cheese bagel with fresh tomato slices on it,” the new mom who wanted ‘Maui Brownie Madness’ from Baskin Robbins, the new mommy who craved Gingerale and a Cherry Danish, the mother who craved apple juice, even though she didn’t even like apple juice, the mother who wanted Lucky Charms (HA!), and the mother who craved green grapes, to the husband who “smuggled in a pizza and a chilled bottle of champagne.."

So why do us females get these cravings for food that seem insane to have right after having a baby? Who cares, honestly. Let us enjoy those precious moments with our newborns…with a Veal Sandwich. We’re just happy that someone is getting it for us, without any complaints. I’m now wondering if UberEats makes hospital visits. And if they do, what would you have ordered?

And if they do, what would you have ordered?

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