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For the record, it's completely acceptable to draw from pop culture when it comes to baby names. Why wouldn't it be? Our culture is absolutely entrenched in TV and movies, so it makes sense to look to those mediums in moments of inspiration. (Or more particularly, needing it.)

So that's why we've rounded up some of the most iconic names to come out of TV and movies over the last year. True, some are off the beaten path, but what they lack in available novelty keychains, they make up for in originality. And yes, Game of Thrones fans, we threw some in for you. 

1. Skyler
If you disliked Breaking Bad's Skyler White, we probably weren't watching the same TV show. The only character consistently willing to stand up to Walter despite his terrible, meth-dealing qualities, Skyler was the sole moral compass in a show defined by lost souls and damaged goods. She stood her ground when most of us would've given in — and suffered abuse from show critics because of it. Girlfriend was strong. Anna Gunn, a god.

2. Katniss
The Hunger GamesKatniss Everdeen is the 2010s equivalent to Harry Potter — and it's about time. A fighter who's named after an aquatic plant (so if she finds herself she'll never go hungry), Katniss (both the name and the person) evoke strength. Something all women should strive for.

3. Piper
The Piper Chapman of Orange is the New Black TV is different than the Piper Kerman who wrote the book the series is based on — especially since Kerman's time in prison has led to her actively working to better the prison system. The English name meaning "one who plays a pipe" may not relate to either the book or the show, but hey — without Piper, we wouldn't have Orange is the New Black. Nor the nickname "Pipes," which Larry gives her.

4. Tyrion
In Game of Thrones, Tyrion is played by Peter Dinklage (so, right away: amazing), and is also the only character with the courage to kill the evil — SPOILER ALERT — Tywin. Courage, guts, glory, Ram. But maybe without the Ram, since that is a truck that doesn't exist in the Game of Thrones universe.

5. Fitzgerald
Fitzgerald Grant may be a poor excuse for a president in Scandal, but let's be honest: his name easily helped usher him into the White House. (Also, the cheating. But in all fairness, he didn't know about it.) As for the origin of "Fitzgerald"? Son of the spear ruler. So for anyone vying to raise those who aspire to greatness or power, you've got yourself a name.

6. Sherlock
I'll keep it simple: "Sherlock" is such an iconic name that it is now the basis of not one, but two hit TV shows. Alternate name: Holmes. (Though "Sherlock" does guarantee your child will have a flair for figuring everything out.)

7. Irene
And to every Sherlock is an Irene — or in this case, a character who manages to challenge the un-challengeable protagonist at every turn. Meaning "peace," Irene dates back to Greek mythology so the name's popularity just isn't a fad. (Also, anyone named Irene will surely foil anybody who tries to cross her. These are the kind of traits that matter.)

8. Olivia
Without Olivia Benson, Law and Order: SVU would be just another crime show. But fortunately, Olivia Benson anchors the series, providing moral support, understanding, and the willingness to risk her own life to get the job done. How many other TV/movie characters can say the same? Well, probably a few. But they'll never be Olivia Benson, and I hope you know that.

9. Jax
Maybe you like the name "Jack" or "John" but feel like it's too traditional. Fortunately, if that's the case, Sons of Anarchy's Jax Teller has stepped up to give the name a 2014 touch. It still means the same — "God has been gracious" — but unlike the tame "John," "Jax" is a little rebellious. A little more motorcycle appropriate, if you will. (Or not, if you would like your son not to descend into a life of fictionalized crime.)

10. Xavier 
It all comes down to the fact that, without Charles Xavier, the X-Men would never have formed. 

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