7 Things You Need To Know When Trying To Get Pregnant (Including Sex Positions)

How much sex should you be having, which position and more . . .


You’ve made the decision to get pregnant. But before you dive into temperature charts and scheduled sex, there are a few things you should know.

The Sex Position Doesn’t Really Matter

If you Google “best sex position to get pregnant” you’ll get over 700,000 articles on the topic. But guess what? You don’t have to turn into an acrobat in order to better your chances of conceiving.

There’s no scientific evidence that there is a best position when it comes to getting pregnant. Still, there are some positions, like standing or having the woman on top, that makes it more difficult for the sperm to swim upstream. While millions of sperm are in a race against time to make it to the egg, only one is going to cross that finish line, so make life easier and keep the gravity-defying positions for another time.

Do Use Gravity to Help Move Things Along

You’ve done the deed and are basking in the afterglow. Use this time to put a pillow beneath your hips to angle your pelvis upwards and relax for the next 10 to 30 minutes. While it may not increase sperm mobility it will help keep it where it’s supposed to be.

P.S. If you want to tell your partner that it also helps if he brings you food and a book while you’re waiting, we won’t tell a soul.

Is More Better?

There is a mixed school of thought on how much sex to have when trying to conceive.  

You’re most likely to conceive the four to five days leading up to ovulation before the egg is released and the one day after ovulation when the egg has been released.

While some articles say that having sex every day while you’re ovulating will not increase your chances of getting pregnant, others state that if your partner doesn’t have a sperm count issue, every day is A-okay

We say, hedge your bets and just have sex on a regular basis. 

Be Kind To Your Body 

One of the best things you can do when trying to conceive is to be kind to your body and stay as healthy as possible.

Things you can do according to HealthyWoman.org

- Maintain a healthy weight.

- Watch what you eat.

- Participate in moderate exercise.

- Cut out some of the caffeine.

There is still no definitive answer on caffeine and difficulty getting pregnant, but there has been research about higher levels of caffeine being linked to a greater risk of miscarriage. You can still have a cup or two a day just don’t overdo it. Also, be sure to read labels as other drinks may have caffeine that you aren’t aware of. 

And definitely, stop smoking because it affects your estrogen levels and ovulation.

The Slippery Slope of Lubricants

More frequent sex may require a slippery little helper but when it comes to lubes, be sure to read the label to ensure you don’t choose one that contains spermicidal agents. And stay away from water-based lubricants as they can inhibit sperm mobility

What happens if a spontaneous session is about to happen but you’ve run out? Apparently, canola oil is a good substitute. 

But don’t just go and grab any ‘natural’ lube from the kitchen cupboard. Do your research first.

Come Again? Orgasms and Conceiving

Turns out women don’t have to worry about having an orgasm in order to conceive. While having one can help move the sperm along and is always a plus in our book, it’s not actually necessary to get pregnant.

But the more fun you have trying to conceive, the more often you’re going to want to have sex which will also increase your chances.

Your Partner Should Take Folic Acid As Well

We know it’s important for women to begin taking folic acid supplements when they decide to get pregnant in order to reduce the chance of birth defects like spina bifida.

Well, a study conducted by University of California, Berkeley, and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in 2008 discovered that healthy men who have lower levels of folate in their diets had a higher rate of chromosomal abnormalities in their sperm.

While this small study only proves a link and does not necessarily mean the sperm would cause a birth defect, it can’t hurt to add some leafy greens to his diet.  

Or better yet, have him cook it for you.


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Start Here: Introductions

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