Keep Your Hands To Your Self! And Other Pregnancy Annoyances

From a lack of sleep to a lack of manners, being pregnant has a special set of irritations


There are so many annoyances that a mom-to-be has to deal with over the course of her pregnancy. Swollen feet, an unstoppable urge to pee, morning sickness and an ever-expanding belly are just a few of the bodies little reminders that you are growing another human inside of you. Add that to the people around you that seem to add to your frustrations and you ask, what is it about pregnancy that turns the world into an exasperating minefield?


“Can I Touch Your Belly?” 

On any given day, would you walk up to a complete stranger and ask to touch their stomach? No, of course not, that would be rude. And yet, if you pop a baby in that belly the world seems to think its fair game. While some moms might not mind the occasional belly touch, you shouldn’t feel obligated to let people touch your tummy. So, the next time someone wants to paw at your baby bump, feel free to say no. And if someone goes in for the touch without your permission, return the favour. Having a pregnant woman rubbing their stomach is a surefire way to send a message!

Your Last Months Of  “Sleep”

The nine months before the baby arrives are often thought of as the parents’ last chance to get eight hours of quality sleep each night. And while dads-to-be may be lucky enough to indulge in uninterrupted sleep, moms-to-be unfortunely often have to struggle with a lack of sleep throughout their pregnancy. Early on, your body is adjusting to the new hormone levels, which may make you uncomfortable and keep you up. During the last few months, you will have to adjust your sleeping position, deal with nighttime wakeup calls from your baby’s kicks, tend to burning heartburn and, of course, give in to the ever-present need to pee.

“You Sure You Aren’t Having Twins?”

It is never alright to comment on a woman’s weight, and pregnancy does not change this. It is not just negative comments such as, “OMG you’re as big as a house” that are irritating. Even comments that, on the surface, are meant to be compliments can be offensive. No woman wants to be told she doesn’t look pregnant when she has put on the baby weight (“So, what? I just look fat”). Try to remember that these commentators are not trying to offend you; they probably don’t realize they are being impolite.

When A Sneeze Means So Much More 

Pregnancy will undoubtedly lead to more frequent visits to the bathroom, but the first and third trimesters come with an added awkwardness: leakage. Because of the extra pressure your growing uterus places on the bladder, it is common for a small amount of urine to leak when you cough, sneeze or, god forbid, laugh too hard.

Not Your Common Cold 

In a strange twist of Murphy’s Law, sneezing may actually be more common during pregnancy due to rhinitis of pregnancy. Causing the stuffed up, runny, itchy nose of a cold, with no other cold-like symtoms, rhinitis affects one in five expecting mothers. Not only can this affect your sleep, causing more wakeful nights, but also the increase in sneezing can result in an increase in bladder leakage.  

“When I Was Pregnant…”

As soon as your belly starts to bloom, the advice will undoubtedly come pouring in. Your mom, your sister, your second cousin twice removed, and everyone in between, will have some tidbit meant to help you along the way. Some of it may be welcome and even helpful. But the overwhelming majority is going to be unsolicited, unwanted and, sometimes, downright bad advice. By the time your reach your third trimester you’ll be ready to lock yourself away from the world just to avoid hearing about so-and-so’s forty hour birth or what’s-her-name’s agonizing morning sickness.

Just remember that no matter how frustrating the small things are, your body is doing what it needs to grow a happy, healthy baby and the world around you wants to be a part of it. So try to see the world through rose-coloured pregnancy glasses and hopefully these little annoyances will become a little less bothersome.

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Start Here: Introductions

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