Can Everyone Please Stop Pretending That "Chrismukkah' Is A Thing This Holiday?

Leslie Kennedy wonders why we're still celebrating a pop-culture holiday that was popularized by The O.C's Seth Cohen.

I am Jewish. My husband is Christian. Each and every year we light the menorah and the Christmas tree, open presents, and enjoy being surrounded by family.

It is important to me that my children grow up knowing the traditions that I grew up with and my parents before me. My husband loves to decorate the tree with our kids and be surrounded by family while we over eat and then sit numbly on the couch afterward, unable to move.  

A friend recently asked me if we celebrate Chrismukkah in my house. I looked at them kind of stunned. “No,” I said. “That’s not a thing. It’s what Seth Cohen made up on the O.C. It’s like made up, made up.” Surely this wasn’t a thing people celebrated? It’s like Festivus (from Seinfeld). Only worse, because at least Festivus doesn’t pretend to be real!

But apparently, it is a thing. Go to Instagram and check the hashtag and there are lots of people who celebrate (like legitimately celebrate) a holiday created by the Fox Television Network.

I try really hard to not care what other families do in their houses. Really, whatever floats your boat. Better to honour both holidays than not I guess. I just don’t get why. Like, seriously, why?

Chanukah is the celebration of the miracle of a little bit of oil that should have only lasted for one day, instead lasting for eight. Thus, the festival of lights. The traditions include eating jelly-filled donuts, playing dreidel, singing songs and lighting candles.

Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus. You decorate a tree with ornaments and sing carols and have a giant family dinner. The only tradition the two have in common is the opening of presents and the song singing. That’s it. That’s all. This year excepted, the two holidays often fall on entirely different weeks.

I don’t necessarily care that people want to invite a holiday created by a teen drama into their houses, I just can’t wrap my head around the logic behind it. Does it make it easier to explain to kids in multi-faith families? Does it make it easier to celebrate? Is it just a cute thing to do so who cares?

If you’re going pull in a holiday from TV, wouldn’t Festivus make more sense?

You get to air grievances, show feats of strength and decorate the Festivus pole! Why leave that out? Chrismukkah just frees up the syllables you’d need to use to say that you celebrate Christmas and Chanukah. Festivus at least adds some fun traditions to the mix.

I don’t celebrate Chrismukkah, even though my household celebrates Chanukah and Christmas. I don’t celebrate the one fake thing because I celebrate the two actual holidays. Maybe it’s because it’s hard enough maintaining traditions in a multi-faith family that I find it confusing that someone would want to muddy the waters even more by making 1+1=1.

The best thing about the holiday season is happy people decorating and celebrating and enjoying their families. I don’t judge how anyone chooses to do that in their households. I’ll just never understand why anyone announces and actively celebrates a holiday a fictional character made up. 

Especially one that hasn't graced our screens since the early noughties.

(Image via Bustle)

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