Halloween Costumes Perfect For Families

The “couple” costume is a thing of the past once you become a family but that doesn’t mean the end of themed costumes


There is just something about Halloween. Maybe it’s the chance to completely reinvent yourself or maybe it is just the chance to play dress up. The sky is the limit. And once you have kids, the fun just seems to escalate. I mean, their excitement feeds your excitement and before you know it, Halloween is your new favourite family holiday (sorry Christmas!).

Dressing up as a family is a great chance to get creative and create a costume that could never be fully achieved solo (can you tell I love Halloween?).

So we took to the blogs to find the best of the best when it comes to family Halloween costumes.

Buzzing Little Bees

Sure, dressing your new baby up as a bee is pretty standard but the Zinke family to it to a whole new level when mom and dad got in on the action. Dad dressed up as a bee keeper and mom was, of course, the bee hive. While the little bee was bought, the rest of the costumes were DIYed using overalls and piping insulation from Home Depot. Even the adorable baby bees around mom and dad were made using pomp oms and pipe cleaners from a local craft store! 

Image via Zinke Family Blog

Care Bear Countdown… 4, 3, 2, 1!

See Vanessa Craft may have the coolest neighbours ever (sorry Mrs. Morris!). The whole family dressed up as Care Bears and DIYed the whole thing! Pick your colour, get a sweat suit in said colour and use felt of the same colour to make ears (that you attach to your hoodie of course). Then using more felt create your belly badge; you can choose a colour/belly badge combo that already exists or make up your own.

Images from See Vanessa Craft


The story that brought us all to tears turned into an amazing family costume? It’s almost too good to be true! Creatively Christy’s family costume is seriously next level and may take a bit of a crafty hand to achieve, but if you put your mind to it (and get started RIGHT NOW) you could totally pull it off. Bonus? There is even a costume for dad if he wants to put on some square glasses and a bit of grey hair dye.

Images via Costume Works

Baby’s First Ghostbusters Tribute

Reddit user DruNewp took his son out for his first Halloween and made the unfortunate mistake of dressing his child up as the iconic Puft Man from Ghostbusters…. Will he ever wear a cooler costume? Probably not! The child’s mom made his costume, and while there were no instructions provided, I think a white onesie with a bit of felt and glue gun action could probably pull it off! 

Image via Imgur

 Sweet Halloween Skills

I can’t even with this family. I want them to adopt me and I will bite the bullet and be Tina the Llama. Found on Costume Works, Josiah (the dad dressed as Rex) said that the total cost of all the costumes was approximately $100. Sounds like a pretty affordable October 31st for a family of five.

Image via Costume Works

Return Of The Jedi

Do you have boys? If so, this is the costume to keep them happy this Halloween. Blogger Under The Sycamore dressed her family up as Yoda, Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2D2, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and Darth Vader… all they were missing was a Chewbacca! Princess Leia aka Mom aka Ashley Ann handmade all the costumes: “They end up with really handmade looking stuff, but they seem to be thrilled so I’m good.” One piece of advice though: “When dressing your daughter as Yoda throw a bow on Yoda’s head so people don’t tell you how cute your little boy is.”

Image via Under The Sycamore

The Fairy Tale Route

While this family is missing mom and dad, this kiddie trio is too cute in their representation of Little Red Riding Hood. Submitted to Spearmint Baby by Brandy from Brandy Caradarelli Photography, the costumes are handmade and totally adorable. Brandy’s one fear? “[I] just hope they don’t go and try to decide for themselves what to wear NEXT year!”

Image via Spearmint Baby

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