21 Pretty Rainbow Nursery Ideas

Rainbow nurseries are beautiful and a great idea for celebrating a new baby.

21 Pretty Rainbow Nursery Ideas

Rainbow nurseries can be created in various colors, and the biggest advantage of them is that they are gender-neutral. After all, both boys and girls love rainbows.

You can find rainbow-themed nursery decor at most stores, but it’s also super easy to make rainbow nursery items at home. That means it’s ideal for any budget. 

Rainbow nurseries are magical and are perfect for creating a sense of happiness, wonder, and joy. They are imaginative and make the world seem special. 

In this article, we have 21 pretty rainbow nursery ideas, so you can make your baby’s nursery a magical kingdom. 

21 Pretty Rainbow Nursery Ideas 

1. Rainbow Nursery Walls

It is super easy to paint a beautiful rainbow on the walls! For those who are not great at art, you can purchase stencils online, which can help people paint a rainbow design.

This way, your baby will start the day by seeing a big rainbow! 

2. Rainbow Nursery Art 

Another way of bringing rainbows to the nursery is by purchasing rainbow art.

You can buy rainbow art in various sizes and frame the picture. If you want to add even more rainbows, you can also get a rainbow frame.

3. Rainbow Nursery Bedding

There are many ways to bring rainbows into the nursery. One way is to get bedding that has rainbows printed on them.

There are sheets with rainbows, as well as pillows and blankets. The best thing about these options is that they’re typically very affordable! 

4. Rainbow Nursery Mobile 

A rainbow mobile is another great way to add rainbows to a nursery. Plus, it means your newborn will fall asleep to a bright and beautiful rainbow, ensuring they have the sweetest dreams! 

5. Rainbow Nursery Bookshelves 

Bookshelves are always a good addition to a nursery. A rainbow bookshelf is ideal to keep all books and other baby items carefully stored away. It adds a little more color to your nursery.

This also makes the reading area more exciting, which is great for babies when they grow older, to see that reading is a colorful, imaginary world. 

6. Rainbow Nursery Wall Decals

Wall decals are a great way to bring rainbows into a nursery because they are inexpensive, and don’t take up much space.

They are easily removable, and often don’t leave marks on the wall. Decals are pretty much like stickers but designed for walls. 

Typically, they have a paper backing which you just remove, and then you can stick the decal in the spot on the wall where you want it.

7. Rainbow Nursery Rugs 

Rugs can be an important part of a nursery. A rainbow rug is one of the easiest ways to bring the many different colors of the rainbow into the nursery. Rugs are also the ideal way to keep the nursery warm and ensure your baby feels safe. 

8. Rainbow Nursery Wallpaper 

Rainbow wallpaper can be the perfect addition to a nursery. It’s easy to apply and immediately fills the nursery with pretty colors that inspire your baby.

Plus, there are dozens of different types of rainbow wallpaper on the market, so you just have to choose the one that first your nursery design. 

9. Rainbow Nursery Chairs 

Chairs can be an important feature in a nursery, not just for your child to sit in but a larger feeding chair also allows mummy to take a rest.

That’s why, a chair is something that most parents like to invest in.

Therefore, choosing a chair that matches the rest of the nursery is essential. A rainbow nursery chair is fun and unique.

10. Rainbow Nursery Wardrobe 

Wardrobes are another important piece of furniture in a nursery. A rainbow wardrobe is a wonderful way to make the nursery feel more joyful and playful.

While you are unlikely to find a wardrobe that actually looks like a rainbow, you can buy a wardrobe that has rainbow colors or even paint a white wardrobe with the many colors of the rainbow. 

11. Rainbow Nursery Dresser

Dressers are yet another essential piece of furniture in a baby’s nursery. A dresser is needed for storing baby clothes and toys.

The different colors of a rainbow dresser are guaranteed to create a cheerful vibe in the room. 

12. Rainbow Nursery Lamp Shade 

Lampshades are an ideal way to bring a soft glow into your nursery. You can choose from various styles, including a rainbow design, or a lampshade that has rainbow patterns. 

13. Rainbow Nursery Teddies 

Teddy bears are a staple item in any nursery. A teddy bear is the classic way to introduce your child to the world of cuddles.

A rainbow teddy bear is a super cute alternative to the traditional brown cuddly toy. 

14. Rainbow Nursery Decoration 

Decorations add style and personality to a nursery.  A rainbow decoration is a fun and creative way to spruce up your nursery.

You do not even have to add too much. Sometimes even small things, like rainbow magnets or little rainbow pictures, can make all the difference. 

15. Rainbow Nursery Name Art

Some parents love to paint their children’s names on the walls. Use different colors to give a rainbow effect! 

16. Rainbow Nursery Toys 

Toys are a must-have in any nursery. A rainbow toy is a great way to brighten up a room. There are many types of rainbow toys available, including rainbow-shaped cuddly toys. 

17. Rainbow Nursery Window Art  

If you want to make the nursery extra beautiful, buy rainbow art that is suitable for windows. That way, whenever your baby looks outside, they will see a rainbow in the sky.

18. Pastel Rainbows 

Rainbows don’t always have to be super bright. Adding pastel rainbows to a nursery can make the nursery look more relaxed and peaceful. 

19. Polka-Dot Rainbows 

Polka-dot rainbows are a wonderful design. They are basically polka-dots, but instead of being black and white, they are the vibrant colors of the rainbow! 

20. Rainbow Nursery Blanket

A rainbow blanket does not just keep your baby warm but it also adds a touch of color to any nursery.

Plus, it is an easy and affordable way to incorporate happy rainbow designs. 

21. Rainbow Nursery Curtains 

Rainbow curtains are a beautiful way to bring some sunshine into the room. They also help to block out unwanted light, which helps your baby sleep better at night. 


Rainbow nurseries are a wonderful idea, and there are so many ways to create one.

Whether you decide to go all-out and get everything rainbow, or buy a few accessories, it will definitely add cheer to your nursery!