Sharing Master Bedroom With Baby

Especially for parents who are having their first baby, a lot of people will want to be as close to their newborn child as much as possible.

Sharing Master Bedroom With Baby

This is perfectly understandable and many of these people may have smaller houses and need to place their children’s stuff in their space.

This is perfectly normal and many people can see the benefits of sharing the master bedroom with their baby.

Let’s take a look at the different reasons why parents will look to have their baby sharing the master bedroom with them, the different things that you can have in the bedroom that will benefit your baby, and the benefits of having your newborn baby in the same bedroom as you.

Reasons For Sharing The Master Bedroom With Your Baby

Saving Money On Baby Monitors

If you’re one of those people who wants to save money on baby monitors then this is something that you should consider. If you’re not using any kind of monitor now, then it makes sense why.

You might think that they are expensive but in reality, they aren’t that bad. Most of them cost around $20 – $30 which isn’t too bad when you compare it to other items that you’ll need. However, we know that everything can add up price-wise.

Keeping An Eye On Your Child

One of the biggest issues that most parents face is keeping an eye on their children while they sleep. Many parents find themselves watching over their sleeping children because they don’t want their children to be sleeping restlessly or to be turning too much.

Many will want their child to sleep on their front or to be propped up on their side so they can’t be sick and choke. Keeping them in the same bedroom will help you to enforce this.

On top of this, we all take a short trip to the bathroom at some point through the night, and having your child in the same bedroom will allow you to have a quick look at them as you leave the room.

This saves you from having to move into a different room to potentially disturb your child when you can just peer into their crib.

Having A Safe Space To Cuddle In

When you share the master bedroom with your newborn baby you get to enjoy spending time together in a safe environment. When you’re able to cuddle with your child you get to bond with him or her more than if you were to just leave them in a separate room.

This way, your baby will be able to spend time with their parents first thing in the morning and right before they go to sleep.

This can go a long way in your baby developing social skills and experiencing the love and care that they need to have. As well as this, it’s incredibly important for parents to form a bond with their baby as quickly as possible. Sleeping in the same bedroom can help to achieve this goal.

Being Able To Change Your Baby Quickly And Easily

Being in the same bedroom as your baby makes it a lot easier to change them because you can easily see when they need changing. Unfortunately for parents, they can always tell when their child needs changing, especially if it’s a stinky one!

But because you’re sharing the same space as your young child, you can easily minimize the time between telling your child needs their diaper changed and getting to change them.

No parent wants their child to sit in their mess because they were in a different room. This also means if your child needs changing in the middle of the night and they start crying, you’ll be close by to tend to their needs.

Being Close By To Feed Your Child At Night

If you’re sharing the same room with your newborn baby then you won’t have to worry about waking them up to feed them.

This will make things much easier for you and your partner. Instead of trying to coax your child out of bed and back to sleep, you’ll be able to simply give them a bottle or breastfeed them to ease them back to sleep.

Most parents will tell you how hard it can be to drag yourself out of bed at night, walk into a different room, and all around the house to feed your child, however, having your baby in the same master bedroom can allow you to see what they need straight away and have you and your child back in bed as soon as possible.

Tips And Tricks For Having A Baby In The Master Bedroom

Tips And Tricks For Having A Baby In The Master Bedroom

Make Use Of Small Spaces And Dead Spaces

A great way to ensure that you have everything your baby needs in such a limited space is to make sure you make the most of dead spaces.

For example, if your baby has a trunk full of toys or a mat that they have to play on, then why not store these under your bed or on top of the closet?

This means that those dead spaces that aren’t being used now have a new function and will allow you to maximize the space that’s needed to keep you and your baby happy.

Make Sure The Walls Are A Neutral Color

When you’re looking to decorate your master bedroom, try to stick to a neutral color scheme. It might sound like an obvious tip, but there are so many colors that could clash with each other.

If you don’t want to use white walls, then consider using gray, cream, or off-white instead. These colors will complement any style and won’t look too similar to anything else in your home.

Similarly, it can help to have decorative colors in the bedroom that are linked to the primary colors.

For example, we don’t expect you to paint the whole room red or yellow, however, you can implement little features throughout the room in these colors that can be moved or replaced should you need to. This can be anything from rugs, to mats, and toys.

Keep Things Organized

You should avoid clutter in the master bedroom. Even though it may seem like there isn’t enough space to fit everything you need, you’ll find that once you begin storing items in places where they belong, you’ll be able to move things around as required.

If you’re going to have a large shelf in the closet, then take this opportunity to store some of your baby’s clothing and footwear. Likewise, you can put toys or games away in small boxes, drawers, or baskets.

Having your baby in the same room as you will mean that you can easily access everything that you need to care for them.

However, it’s important to remember that while it’s convenient, it’s also very messy! So, when making changes to your bedroom, always aim to minimize the amount of mess that you create.

Final Thoughts

While nothing can prepare you for becoming a parent, by following some of these simple tips, you can make the experience much more manageable than you think. By keeping these tips in mind, you’ll be well prepared for the challenges ahead.

You’ll also be able to enjoy your time with your new family member and make the best of your shared space.

Of course, sharing the master bedroom with a baby might not be for everyone, and some are happy to watch their child from slightly further away with a baby monitor radio or camera.

However, there are lots of benefits to keeping your baby in the master bedroom for both the parents and the baby. Why not give it a try?

Move their crib in with you for a few nights and see how you feel. You can always move them into a different room if it doesn’t work!