44 Space Saving Ideas For Stylish Small Nursery

When you are preparing your home for your new baby, one of the things you need to do is get the nursery ready.

44 Space Saving Hacks For Stylish Small Nursery

But what if you have a small home? What if the room you are going to use as the nursery has limited space? 

There are lots of amazing ideas that you can use to make the most of a small space.

We have put together this list of 44 space saving ideas to help you create a stylish small nursery in your home. Keep reading to find out more. 

1 – Closet Nursery

If you have a built in closet space, using it to store baby clothes is probably not the best use of space.

Baby clothes are small and you will end up with lots of wasted space in the closet. Instead, remove the doors from the built in closet space and use the recess as a small nursery space. 

You can tuck in a crib and a narrow dresser , and build some shelving above to store diapers and other items. This will create a trendy yet practical space in your home. 

2- Mini Crib

If you want the baby to sleep in your room to start with but you are worried that you don’t have much space then you should get a mini crib.

They function just like a normal crib but take up much less room. You can use the mini crib until you are ready for your baby to sleep in their own room. 

This Mini Crib is perfect as it has a compact design and is easy to assemble. It is safe and sturdy and comes in a choice of two colors.  

3 – Wall Space 

If the room you are using as a nursery is quite small, then the last thing you want to be doing is filling it up with big bulky furniture.

Instead, you can make the most of the wall space for your storage. 

You could try some floating bookshelves, some wall mounted baskets, Or even all hanging storage bags. There are lots of options that will make the space work better for you. 

4 – Under Crib Storage    

There is a lot of wasted storage space underneath a crib that would come in very handy if you have a small nursery.

You could either buy a crib with built-in storage shelves like this one, or you could buy some storage containers to slide underneath a traditional crib. 

These SmartCube Underbed Storage containers are really easy to use and would be perfect for storing blankets or clothes that are too big for your baby.

If you have a lot of space underneath the crib you could even use some slide-out baskets to keep toys or clothes in. 

5 – Make The Most Of Every Space  

When you are planning out your nursery you need to get creative and think of it as a blank canvas.

A small alcove can easily become a makeshift storage area with shelving and a small clothes rail. 

An empty space underneath a window is a perfect place to keep a small bookshelf and create a reading corner. There are lots of opportunities to use the space well. 

6 – Use The Corners 

Corner shelving is a perfect way to make the most of a small space. It gives you more room for storage.

This Wooden Kids Freestanding Corner Storage Unit would be perfect for a nursery. You can use it for toys, books, diapers, clothes, and anything else you need a space for. 

7 – Portable Changing station 

One way to save space in your small nursery is to have a portable changing station that you can move around.

This means that you don’t need a large fixed piece of furniture and you can fold it away when it is not in use. This Sweetbaby Foldable Changing Station would be ideal. 

8 – Over Door Hanging Storage  

Using hanging storage options that you attach to the door helps you to save space but also keep useful items close to hand.

They are ideal for diapers, clothing, or even toys. This Hanging Door Organizer is made for nurseries and has clear pockets so you can find things quickly. 

9 – Storage Cubes 

Fabric storage cubes are a great way to make the most of your space. They can sit on top of a closet, underneath a crib, on a windowsill, or anywhere else where there is wasted space.

You can fold them down when they are not needed. These Storage Organizers make it easy to see where everything is so you can find things in a hurry. 

10 – Armchair Caddy 

Armchair caddies like this one are a great way to build some storage into your nursery chair or feeding chair.

You can use it to store a spare bottle, a swaddle cloth, a burp cloth, and anything else you might need when you are feeding your baby or rocking them to sleep. 

11 – Multi-Purpose Furniture  

If you are short on space then using furniture which has more than one purpose can be helpful.

For example, you can use a dresser that doubles up as a changing table, like this one, or a storage crib like we mentioned earlier on. 

12 – Color Choice  

This might not seem like a big deal, but choosing the right colors can make a small space seem bigger. Stick to light colors that are quite neutral for the walls and the furniture.

Introduce some more fun or vibrant colors with soft furnishings and accessories. This will open up the space. 

13 – Vacuum Bags  

Vacuum bags can hold a large amount of items whilst taking up very little space, as all of the spare air is sucked out.

This is great for storing seasonal items like winter blankets and coats, or summer clothes. These Vacuum Bags are ideal. 

14 – Hanging Storage In Closet

Baby clothes don’t take up a lot of space and not many items will need to be hung up in a closet. This can lead to a lot of wasted closet space.

Use this space by getting something like this hanging closet storage which you can use for anything from clothes to diapers to toys. 

15 – Storage Ottoman  

A storage ottoman can be used as a toy box and a bench to sit on, or you can use it for clothes, shoes, or anything else that you need storage space for.

This foldable leather storage ottoman comes in lots of bright colors that would look great in a nursery. 

16 – Drawer Organizers

Using drawer organizers like these can help to keep the nursery well organized, but also allow you to fit more items in each drawer. This makes the most of the limited storage space. 

17 – Narrow Furniture

 If you have a small space to work with then getting narrow furniture can make a big difference – a slimline dresser, a mini crib – these items will give you much more floor space. This narrow dresser would be ideal. 

18 – Prioritize  

 As a new parent, you will have lots of different products and gadgets recommended to you.

If you don’t have a lot of storage space then you will need to prioritize and only get the items that you think are most essential. 

19 – Take Off Closet Doors

Having an open closet takes up less room, as the doors add extra depth to the closet and you need to leave enough room for the doors to open and close.

Having an open closet space with no doors saves you room but also gives you more storage options as you can make better use of hanging shelves. 

20 – Place A Dresser In The Closet

Baby clothes do not hang down very far in a closet, which could leave you with a lot of wasted space at the bottom of the closet.

You could fill this space by putting a small dresser inside the closet giving you more space to store clothes. 

21 – Floating Shelves 

Floating Shelves are a great storage solution for all sorts of items like your baby monitor, a humidifier, a radio or a sound spa, a clock, a breast pump, books, and toys. 

22 – Tiered Storage Trays   

Tiered storage trays like these are perfect for storing toys as they take up less room and it’s easy to see what is inside. 

23 – Rolling Cart

Rolling carts like this one are ideal for keeping everything you need to change your baby up together, and you can move it around the room.

This means that you can tuck it out of the way and only wheel it out when it is needed, saving you space. 

24 – Hanging Brackets  

It is really easy to add some extra hanging brackets to the wall to give you a space for more clothes or more hanging storage. 

25 – Wall Mounted Diaper Station 

 If you are struggling for space then make yourself a changing station using wall-mounted storage. You can use baskets for diaper storage and wipes. 

26 – Privacy Screen 

If you don’t have enough rooms in your home for a nursery, you can use a privacy screen to section off part of the master bedroom.

They are foldable so you don’t need to have them up all of the time. This one would also be great for blocking out some of the light in the room if your baby is trying to sleep. 

27 – Lighting 

Using the right lighting can help to make a small space feel bigger. Instead of using one overhead light, a few smaller lamps dotted around the room will create the illusion of shadow and space. 

28 – Theme

When you are choosing a theme for your nursery, go for something that uses light and neutral colors.

Perhaps white with pale yellow or pale green as an accent color. Avoid garish colors and busy patterns as this will make the space seem smaller. 

29 – Avoid Heavy Curtains  

 Thick, heavy curtains can make a room seem a lot smaller. Instead, use a blackout blind in a light color like pale gray.

If you want to create a soft appearance around the windows, use a floaty material like netting or these voile curtains.  

30 – Mirror 

Having a wall-mounted mirror can make a room feel a lot bigger, especially if the frame of the mirror is simple. This Minimalist Circular Mirror would be perfect. 

31 – Texture  

If you have used a neutral color scheme to make the room feel bigger, then using different textures is a great way to introduce depth and create a feeling of space.

Try a cable knit blanket, a fluffy rug, and some velvet cushions

32 – Use Tailored Lines    

Straight lines create a feeling of openness – keep things aligned, use a little bit of pin-stripe detailing- these things will help to make the nursery feel more spacious. 

33 – Stripes 

If you want to introduce some pattern into the room, use stripes rather than dots or any other shape.

Stripes make things seem bigger – vertical stripes will make the ceilings feel taller whereas horizontal stripes will make the room feel wider. 

34 – Artwork 

Using artwork on the wall can also help to create a sense of spaciousness. Go for a stunning, dramatic landscape or some serene scenery. 

35 – Over-sized Rug

You might think that using a big rug would make the room feel small but this is not the case.

An oversized rug will make the furniture look smaller, which will make the room feel bigger. Something like this neutral oversized rug would be perfect. 

36 – No Clutter  

Nothing makes a room feel small like having lots of clutter on the surfaces.

Only keep what you need in the nursery, don’t fill it with random items and things that you could probably get rid of.

Everything should have its place – storage boxes, etc can be used to make it look neat and tidy. 

37 – Raised Furniture 

This seems like a small detail but it will make a big difference. Go for furniture that has bare legs, such as an armchair that is raised off the floor.

The natural wood adds an interesting texture to the room, and the slight space between the furniture and the floor makes the room feel more spacious. 

38 – Built-In Furniture 

If you have an alcove or a recess in the nursery room and you can afford to buy some custom-built furniture, then getting a built-in closet could save you a lot of space.

You can customize the storage options to suit your needs and it is a good use of an awkward size or shape space in the room. 

39 – Keep It Tidy 

If you have a small nursery space then it is even more important that you keep it tidy.

Put the laundry away in the right places, make sure the storage baskets are neatly stacked, and tidy up the changing station after you have used it.

These little jobs will keep your nursery looking nice and spacious. 

40 – Zoning 

Try to split the nursery into zones in a way that makes sense. For example, the changing station should be close to where the clothes are kept. The feeding chair should be close to the crib to make bedtime easier. 

41 – Minimalist 

The minimalist decor might not be your natural style, but it will benefit you if you are trying to make the most of a small space. It also creates a clean and tidy space for your baby to relax in. 

42 – Statement Piece

You might be tempted to fill the nursery with lots of exciting and cute items. However, it is best to pick one statement piece and stick to it or the room will feel small and cluttered.

For example, you could have one oversized soft toy like this teddy bear, or a feature lamp shade. 

43 – Use Closet Dividers

Sing closet dividers will help you to keep the nursery tidy and will make sure that you make the most of the space.

You can use these closet dividers to organize the clothes by size, so you know what fits your baby and what they need to grow into. 

44 – Too Small Box    

If you don’t have much space then the last thing you need is to hang clothes that your baby has grown out of.

This can happen easily as babies grow so quickly. Keep a box in one of your storage areas of clothes that no longer fit your baby.

When the box is full, donate the contents to charity or give them to a friend or family member who is expecting a baby. 


Just because you have a small space to work with doesn’t mean that you can’t create an amazing, stylish nursery.

If you make the most of the space then you can enjoy a practical nursery that makes your life as a parent much easier, but also looks nice. Your baby needs to have a relaxing space to sleep in.